RustyNails Rock/Metal Album Reviews #6- Band/Artist: Nirvana, Album: Nevermind

This is the first Album Review that was taken from a suggested album. That person is The Top Tenner "FettiMC ". We were messaging each other when he suggested this album. So this ones for you bro.

Band/ Artist - Nirvana
Album - Nevermind
Genres - Grunge / Alt Rock
Members -
Kurt Cobain - Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Dave Grohl- Drums / backing vocals
Chris Novoselic- Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals

Track Listing -
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. In Bloom
3. Come As You Are
4. Breed
5. Lithium
6. Polly
7. Territorial Pissings
8. Drain You
9. Lounge Act
10. Stay Away
11. On A Plain
12. Something In The Way

Selling over 30 Million copies worldwide so far, Nirvana's " Nevermind" has become very famous and popular in many ways. Being called the best Grunge album ever/ best album of the 90s. And Containing the bands most famous and most known song. That song has been called the best song of the 90s numerous times on different lists. Now what is that song im talking about? I don't have to say anything, you know what I'm exactly what it is.

Track Dissection

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Genres - Grunge/ Alt Rock
The Nirvana song everybody knows. A light guitar part lasting 4 seconds before an onslaught of Rhythmic guitar with faint bass guitar. The verses are very alt rocky with nice bass lines and twingy guitar lines. Kurts vocals in the verses are also twingy. The chorus is pretty aggressive, with the opening guitars in it. Along with Kurts abrasive vocals makes it a great chorus. Kurts guitar solo ( and in almost every solo on the album) are rhythmic and follow the bass guitar and drums excellently.

2. In Bloom- genres- Grunge / alt rock
Some semi heavy guitar and bass in intro. Deep bass in the verses. Great drumming. Cool chorus, some backing vocals in it. A guitar solo that's pretty creepy and Erie, along with some nice bass.

3. Come As You Are- genres- Grunge/ alt rock
my personal favorite on the album. cool verses with Daves rhythmic pattern drumming. A nice groovy bass and guitar in the chorus and bridge. The bridge is the best part, pretty heavy and amazing abrasive vocals. Kick ass Guitar solo. "No I Swear I don't have a gun" remains engraved in my brain. Fun fact - a sign outside Aberdeen Washington says " Welcome to Aberdeen Washington: Come as you are" as a tribute to Kurt.

4. Breed - genres- grunge
Some kick ass drumming intro and amazing grunge sounding verses. Very underrated song. Some hooky guitar and bass. Very catchy.a fast paced song with a edgy feeling.

5. Lithium - genres- grunge / alt rock
Bass driven song. Peaceful and abrasive vocals by Kurt. Excellent drumming and bass in the chorus. A fan favorite. A grunge song if I ever heard one. Another amazing bridge, the bass, the drumming, The vocals. Recommend song hear.

6. polly- Genres - grunge / alt rock
Nice peaceful song. Cool acoustic sound. Edgy lyrics. Semi good backing vocals. Great bass. sounds like a shower song, not being creepy, but it does to me.

7. Territorial Pissings- Genres- Grunge/ Rock
Chris has intro vocals. The fastest song on the album. Kick ass drumming and vocals. In the final chorus, Kurt sounds like he's about to burst into tears. Pretty underrated.

8. Drain You - Genres- Grunge / alt rock
Abrasive vocals. A very catchy song. Erie backing vocals. Classic grunge guitar and bass. Great melody in the chorus, along with the drumming. The bridge is a creepy build up of deep bass and twingy guitars.

9. Lounge Act- Genres - Grunge/ rock
Nice bass and light guitars. Rhythmic drumming. Melody is the strong suit for Kurt in his vocals. The last chorus has Kurt pretty much yelling the lyrics. Underrated.

10. Stay Away - Genres- grunge
Rhythmic Deep bass and drums in the intro. Great backing vocals. Twingy guitar. Abrasive and intense chorus. Amazing bass throughout the whole song. Excellent drumming in the ending.

11. On A Plain - genres - grunge
Great grunge feeling song. Good backing vocals. Excellent chorus, not sure why I love it so much but I do. Its pretty mesmerizing. Melody type bridge with great drumming. " I'm on a Plain/ I can't complain".

12. Something In The Way - Genres - Grunge / alt rock
Beautiful song. Peaceful bass and drumming, along with Kurts vocals. Softest song on the album. Just listen to it. A sing along song. Incredible .

Track Scoring ( 1-5)
1- Ok song/ sucky/ pretty bad
2. Good song / could be better
3. Average / pretty good / cool song/ Great song / not a favorite but up there
4. Damn Great Song
5. Favorite / Pure awesomeness / Turn up and rock

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Score - 5
2. In Bloom- score - 4
3. Come As You Are - score - 5
4. Breed - score - 4
5. Lithium - score - 5
6. Polly- score- 3
7. Territorial Pissings- score -4
8. Drain You - score- 3
9. Lounge Act- score- 3
10. Stay Away - score - 3
11. On A Plain- score- 4
12. Something On The Way - score -4

Album Score ( same thing as Track scoring)
( out of 5)

5 is my score ( 100%)

5 out of 5 is true, this album deserves it. It revolutionized grunge, its amazing. You can definitely hear Kurts pain in his vocals, he had a voice like no other. Nirvana would released one more album ( In Ultra) before tragedy happened on April 5th, 1994. Now I'm sure 99.9 percent of you know what happened that day. If you don't know, google it. I'm not trying to be mean but I just don't like talking about that day. Everybody watch the movie" Kurt Cobain: Montage of heck". Its about kurts life, mainly through old video tapes. But has interviews. Kurt had a horrible ( I mean HORRIBLE) life, you'll be crying. It changed my image of him forever.

Rest in peace Kurt
" Its better to burn out than fade away"
Kurt D. Cobain Forever

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Smells Like Teen Spirit is the most overrated Nirvana song. Listen to the whole Nevermind album instead people. - visitor

Great Review Man - FettiMC

Firstly, great review, great album. Secondly, my suggestion for an album to review is Blood from the band In This Moment - Shake_n_Bake13