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21 Lounge Act

Crazy Song, but great nevertheless - bhargavsai

Oh come on! This song is way better than territorial pissings and negative creep. I know it's not very famous, but should be at least in top 15...!

I wouldn't say it was the single best ever Nirvana song, but it's up there with You Know You're Right and Scentless Apprentice. Smells like Teen Spirit is the most overrated Nirvana song and really doesn't define Nirvana as a grunge band. Probably not even worthy of the top 20.

This is so frikin good! So over looked because of smells like teen spirit

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22 Serve the Servants

This is not in the top ten? What! This song is god dude! Love it! It's way better than a lot of these other songs! Must be put in the top ten dude, must! It's one of there best! Sick rift!

An amazing opening song for an amazing album. Its basically the anti-Smells Like Teen Spirit, with its loud and exciting verses and its calmer choruses. My favorite Kurt Cobain guitar riff and one of my favorite Kurt Cobain guitar solos, just behind In Bloom and Sappy. Overall my favorite Nirvana song, it is completely underrated.

Best opening line on an album! "Teenage Angst has payed off well, now I'm bored and old." Genius. I love Nirvana and all of their songs, but this one just stands out more than the rest. Although I don't feel that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" should be number one, it's still a great song and without it, Nirvana might not have such an ever lasting legacy on music. RIP Kurt

Should be much higher in my opinion. I love this song's raw tone. - Pony

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23 Milk It

Highly underrated, milk it is by far one of Nirvana's top songs. Powerful ass, high energy chorus which gives you that 'feel awesome' feeling. Should be way up there!

I honestly don't really like the majority of Milk it. Sure, the main guitar riff is pretty cool and the lyrics are pretty complicated, but the intro, verses and the guitar solo sound like a beginner is playing them. Don't get me wrong, I love Nirvana, they're my favorite band. But Milk it just sounds like they were milking the time they had to record this song. 3/10

Want to hear REAL grunge? Look no further than this song. Nirvana were a grunge band, this song is actually worthy of the title grunge. None of that mainstream pop crap

Great song but the guitar solo made me laugh

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24 Territorial Pissings

This song is so awesome, heaps of energy.
it should be at least top 12
And why is Teen spirit at the top? Its not even that great,
most of Nevermind is better than it

Yeah, teen spirit is probably my favourite but if you've seen the video for this you'll know that it shows the TRUE nirvana!

I really hate the fist 10 sec. when Kurt's talking: come on people now... but the moment when the guitar part starts is just so powerful, I can't even describe it with words. Personally I think it should be in the top 3 along with polly and lithium. This is one of the songs that made nevermind one of the best albums ever!
RIP Kurt!

My favorite Nirvana song. Period. - Pony

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25 Lake of Fire

even though songs have better lyrics... this is still the best one for me... just... can people be so deaf? this has to be AT LEAST in the first 15!

Fantastic and underrated track

Where the bad folks go when they die
they don't go to heaven where the angels fly
la la la

Honestly this is quite a difficult list to have a top 10. Instead it should just say that almost all Nirvana songs are musical genius and could easily be swapped around on this list. In my opinion this one really hits the spot with that guitar.

According to me, this should be in the top ten. Wait.. It should be the no. 1 in fact. Liked it more than the original song.
Beautiful guitar riffs with powerful voice of Curt Cobain.

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26 On a Plain

What I like about this song is that, although Kurt wrote it in a couple minutes, and only to "fill" the album, there's something about the rhythm and the lyrics that's somehow catchy.

I'm on a plain
I can't complain

Just a fun song:) even kurt said it was just total gibberish. Always underrated with nirvana songs, along with dumb and sappy

I love this song. It isn't even the band's best effort but it still manages to make my top 10. The unplugged version is my favorite.

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27 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

Amazing song with very good lyrics. 'To come back as fire to burn all the liars and leave a blanket of ash on the ground'. Just everything in this song sounds so perfect.R.I. P Kurt Cobain

The best Nirvana song my opinion. Deep dark meaningful lyrics, powerful chores, loud distorted guitars, Kurt's haunting voice just makes this song 10x better every time you listen to it.

Wow. People need to start listening to more nirvana, this is definitely my favorite song by them. From lyrics to the melody, just perfect

Best nirvana song by far. SLTS is overrated

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28 Sappy

The greatest song I've ever heard of about a turtle.

I named my pet turtle Sappy

This is a awesome song that is about a turtle and it... ROCKS!

My favourite Nirvana song and the most underrated.

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29 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Really underrated! At least Top 20 surely! Listen to this song from their Live and Loud Concert, it's brilliant!

Why is this # 40? The lyrics are awesome & it is very heavy and loud. How can you guys rate this #40.

Definitely underrated. Only Cobain could create an intro from distortion.

Not the best but at least much better than endless nameless come on laugh out loud

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30 Negative Creep

many people don't know about this one, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM! - rock2metal

Great song, I listen to it when I'm angry and I turn into a 'Negative Creep' laugh out loud

Seriously underrated, should be in the top ten at least

If your a true Nirvana fan you should know this one! - flippermafatpatty

A classic; this is the song I go to when I'm pissed. - Pony

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31 School

School in 54th place. you mad or something? This is the third best song of Nirvana after Lithium and Come as you are (Smells like teen spirit is 4th :))

Pretty amazing song. One of the best opening riffs ever. Not the best of all time, but certainly higher than 42nd place.

23!? This song is so bad ass! Sure there is only 10 words but it is more of a instrumental thing. I love this song especially the live at reading version. If you are a Nirvana fan and you haven't heard this song, I would definitely check it out

This song has Kurt's best riff, ever. - Pony

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32 Plateau

You must be kidding me! This song is one of the best songs I've ever heard! There are so many qualities, I can't even dare to pretend that I can list them all. The most obvious are: Kurt's incredible voice, great lyrics (the chorus sounds SO GOOD), and mind blowing guitar... just listen to it!

Yes, I agree. This song IS very good, however, it's not theirs. They covered it from a band they admire called "The Meat Puppets". If it was theirs, I would say it deserves a top 10 spot. The song is very catchy and awesome.

Smarten up kids. This is top 5. If he wrote the list

33 Love Buzz

It's underrated. Should be in top 3. Nothing more to say. UNDERRATED!

Such an awesome song.. Why is it, for God's sake, numer 31? It should be at least top ten. Especially the riff is really good and catchy. As said already, it is amazingly underrated.

Second best song (after Smells Like Teen Spirit). Enough said.

Gosh I love this cover. And that bass line! - Pony

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34 Dive

How is this not in the top 10, or 20 even?

Some amazing songs in their discography haven't even got a single vote! I suppose that's testament to how many great songs they had. Still, as great as it is, 'Smells like teen spirit' is their only song that I can't even listen to anymore. Very surprised to see that at no. 1.

This should be number 1. It's really great.

The best Nirvana song along with Aneurysm and Endless Nameless

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35 Downer

Why is this #74? Really? This song is great! It should at least be in the top 20! WHY

Absolutely great song. So heavy and dark! Best nirvana song

Masta writiiih!


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36 Paper Cuts

Kurt said that paper cuts and smells like teen spirit are the two songs that describe nirvana. Definitely one of the best songs of nirvana!

An intense combination of a badass drum rhythm, distorted guitars and a killer chorus, certainly better than the majority of Nevermind

What a crazy song, I'll admit it took some time to grow one me. When it does grow on you, you'd love it's pure grunge. - Pony

" The lady whom I feel maternal love for cannot look me in the eyes. But I see hers and they are blue and they cock, and twist, and masterbate! " One of Nirvana's heaviest songs.10/10! - Kfox101

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37 Marigold

One of the best songs and its history which shows the respect and affection Dave has for Kurt makes this even more special

The song has a very good (a bit sad) vibe to it that always gets me thinkin'

Great song. Really reflects how awesome of a musician Dave is. - MontyPython

Shut up it's good but not the best in history idiotic retard

38 I Hate Myself and I Want to Die

Oh my god this is the top song of nirvana..46th you guys kidding me.. Listen to this song man!... Then you'll know the truth of Kurt Cobain...

This one should rate higher, but it's not the most well known.

Not much talk.. just thinking..

Maybe that's why you did die.

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39 Blew

Blew on 38th position? Really? This song should be at least on the 15th position, where it's more deserving.

"If you wouldn't mind I would like to blew
If you wouldn't mind I would like to lose
If you wouldn't care I would like to leave
If you wouldn't mind I would like to breathe"

Come on dudes, this song rocks!

Wow 43?! SHAMEFUL! This song embodies Nirvana! M/ Someone using this site to find good Nirvana songs would completely overlook this song with it being buried all the way down here at 43. Come on people! Kurt would be disappointed.

One of the best Nirvana songs and the best from Bleach in my opinion, Kurt's voice is so powerful in this song...

The song that introduced many of us into Nirvana. - Pony

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40 Oh the Guilt

One of the hardest songs of Nirvana, and one of the best.

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