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61 Beans

This is Kurt at his worst. His chipmunk voice alterations make the song painfully grating, and they drown out the acoustic guitar. The "Montage of Heck" version is much better, as the painfullyrics bad opening is cut, and the voice is slightly lower, making it a bit more bearable. But still, this was a mistake that should've never been dug up.

It's alright. I usually skip this one while listening to With The Lights Out as it gets annoying quickly but sometimes it is tolerable.

Kurt was just messing around when he made this song and it proves songs don't always have to be serious - Kfox101

Beans is awesome and funny it deserves to be in the top 10

62 Do Re Mi

I can't believe this song is so low. This is my favorite Nirvana song. It's so beautiful! The voice, the guitar, the lyrics. Everything in this song is perfect!

This and Old Age are so underatted! The lyrics to this song totally get me every time I hear it. I'm so glad I found this song because I know this will be played at my funeral

Everyone needs to hear this song!

Yeah this song is really great

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63 Hairspray Queen

This song is the best song by Nirvana but the reason it didn't beat smells like teen spirit is because its not on Nevermind. Most people in this world listen to Nevermind music instead of good old late 80's Nirvana

Just listen that song one more time and feel ashamed for not adding this one -this piece is clearly one of best - Trampampulis

64 Turnaround
65 Stain
66 Swap Meet

Such an underrated song with an astonishing melody and great lyrics. So underrated. This deserves to be way higher. Great song

I Believe that this is one of the best nirvana songs ever made. I listen to it when I play halo

I think this one deserves to be at least in the top 10

So undertated this should be in the top 20

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67 Mexican Seafood

Wow! 106? Should be higher! At least in the top 50's. - johnpaularguelles

My favorite Nirvana song!

68 Seasons In the Sun

I love this song, its way too underrated. - Gruunge

69 Even in His Youth

Great song. One of Kurt's deepest and tragic songs. It is a perfect song to describe rejection.R.I.P Kurt

HIGHER UP GUYS! so many underrated!

70 Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip

It's a nice improvised ditty. It's a shame that those who lived in the U.S. had to wait 11 years to hear this.

This is the hidden track on in utero. I don't much about it... But it is a pretty good song. ^_^ nirvana forever!

71 Here She Comes Now

This doesn't only deserve to be included in the top 10. It should be the first. The guitar is euphoric and the way it goes up and down gives me an adrenaline rush. Download a high quality version and you won't stop repeating it.

Lou Reed

72 Mr. Mustache

The best punky depiction of Nirvana's early (most expressive) work

Greatest and also hardest to repeat nirvana riff ever

75? What the heck!? It should be in the top 20 at least. - EDogPlaysGuitar

73 High On the Hog

This is actually a TAD song. Kurt performed the vocals for it one night during a tour with TAD in Europe because TAD's lead singer, Tad Doyle, had passed out. Look it up on YouTube - Kfox101

74 Scoff

The drumming in this song is just too awesome, the guitar riff fits it exactly.
The perfect bleach song for music lovers

This is the definition of grunge people!
"Gimme back my alcohol! "

75 Marijuana
76 They Hung Him On a Cross
77 Pay to Play
78 Clean Up Before She Comes
79 The Money Will Roll Right In

Arrogant lyrics and simplicity of melody line at its finest, it moves my rock meter to a good solid high! The grundge king lives on.

80 If You Must

Brilliant should have been on bleach

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