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61 Sad

It's just an early demo of Sappy. No need to vote for it.

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62 (New Wave) Polly (New Wave) Polly
63 Very Ape Very Ape

Personally, this is not my favorite song on this list, but I am voting for this to restore balance. This is a fantastic song by Nirvana, and defiantly deserves to be higher on this list.

If you have not heard this song before, I defiantly recommend listening to it.

Great riff, and the only nirvana dong with a synthesizer. I don't know why this is so low, just listen and you will love it. It has a great beat to dance to.

64 Turnaround Turnaround
65 D-7 D-7

It starts off quite slow and about a minute and a half into it, it becomes amazing.

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66 Stain Stain
67 Do Re Mi Do Re Mi

I can't believe this song is so low. This is my favorite Nirvana song. It's so beautiful! The voice, the guitar, the lyrics. Everything in this song is perfect!

This and Old Age are so underatted! The lyrics to this song totally get me every time I hear it. I'm so glad I found this song because I know this will be played at my funeral

Everyone needs to hear this song!

Yeah this song is really great

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68 Moist Vagina Moist Vagina

Found this song through Yelawolf's Marijuana song. Didn't realise it was actually Nirvana's!

Love how he gets so intense in this song. And describes Mary Jane so amusingly.

I like it better than teen spirit. You rock kurt

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69 Swap Meet Swap Meet

Such an underrated song with an astonishing melody and great lyrics. So underrated. This deserves to be way higher. Great song

I think this one deserves to be at least in the top 10

I love this song, it's so nice, this should be on top 20.

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70 Mexican Seafood Mexican Seafood

Wow! 106? Should be higher! At least in the top 50's. - johnpaularguelles

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71 Seasons In the Sun
72 Downer Downer

Why is this #74? Really? This song is great! It should at least be in the top 20! WHY

This is actually an excellent song. It is the paragon of grunge.

Sickening pessimist
Picketing masses
Conservatist communist
Apocalyptic bastards

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73 Scoff Scoff

The drumming in this song is just too awesome, the guitar riff fits it exactly.
The perfect bleach song for music lovers

This is the definition of grunge people!
"Gimme back my alcohol! "

74 Spank Thru Spank Thru

Listen to this song live at Rome!

Insane song only hardcore nirvana fans know this song so don't vote poofs

75 Here She Comes Now Here She Comes Now

This doesn't only deserve to be included in the top 10. It should be the first. The guitar is euphoric and the way it goes up and down gives me an adrenaline rush. Download a high quality version and you won't stop repeating it.

76 Mr. Mustache Mr. Mustache

The best punky depiction of Nirvana's early (most expressive) work

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77 They Hung Him On a Cross They Hung Him On a Cross
78 Even In His Youth Even In His Youth

Great song. One of Kurt's deepest and tragic songs. It is a perfect song to describe rejection.R.I.P Kurt

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79 High On the Hog
80 Opinion Opinion

I love Opinion. It's a shame it never got put onto a studio album. It goes along great with lithium.

This list is plagued with fake fans

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