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1 Chitoge Kirisaki Chitoge Kirisaki

Nothing against Kosaki, but you gotta love this adorable tsundere Chitoge. I'll admit that even though she was kinda an ungrateful brat at the beginning, she really touched me and made me change my mind about her. Yes, I get that Kosaki is nice and shy, but think about Chitoge, who is cute, flustered, and often taken to heart too seriously even though she's just not being honest with herself. This is just my opinion, say what you want, but I will stick with the S.S. Chitoge for now.

She is blonde beauty

Beautiful and cute

I love Citoge Kirisaki, she is definitely my favourite and that will never change. For sure! Go Chitoge!

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2 Kosaki Onodera

She should be first

She's such a sweet and kind character unlike chitoge who's so spoilt and irritating at times

Kosaki is my favorite, unlike chitoge who is spoiled, she is a nice shy girl

I think raku want to marry her because she looks like more waifu stuff and all...
She looks so cute when she wears that Juliet's dress

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3 Marika Tachibana

Her pushy and very aggresive attitude towards Raku, are nothing more because she's returning Raku's favor for visiting her 11 years ago.

If Raku isn't there, she would have died, but instead, she got Raku's braveness and open hearted-ness. It's shame that particular wolf hits Raku's head and made him a dense mo-fo.

If he didn't get hurt, I'm sure Marika would be so happy.

4 Seishirou Tsugumi

I love her above all others in the series

She would make a great wife - Raku

Sweet child

I think it could’ve been interesting, this poor girl didn’t even have the luxury of thinking about loving Raku. She gave him up for Chitoge which I think is adorable and she deserves everything.

5 Haru Onodera

Even she was absolutely ridiculous at first, her development from hating the protagonist to falling in love with him is endearing. But r.i.p her screen time.

6 Shuu Maiko

Deepest Character

Should be a main character lol

7 Raku Ichijou

Raku is best girl

8 Ruri Miyamoto
9 Yui Kanakura
10 Fuu

The Contenders

11 Paula McCoy
12 Mikage Shinohara
13 Claude
14 Honda
15 Adelt Wogner Kirisaki
16 Hana Kirisaki
17 Nanako Onodera
18 Ryuunosuke Sasaki
19 Suzu Ayakaji
20 Maruusha Lu Vieh Nonbeeri
21 Gen Tachibana
22 Kyouko Hihara
23 Migisuke Aiba
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1. Chitoge Kirisaki
2. Kosaki Onodera
3. Marika Tachibana
1. Chitoge Kirisaki
2. Kosaki Onodera
3. Seishirou Tsugumi
1. Kosaki Onodera
2. Haru Onodera
3. Marika Tachibana


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