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1 Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki is my favorite, unlike chitoge who is spoiled, she is a nice shy girl

Kosaki is so nice, she really cares for raku

Adorable - Glauberson

She is the best, the cutest and wayyy bettr than chitoge

2 Chitoge Kirisaki Chitoge Kirisaki

Beautiful and cute

One word: Tsundere

Tsundere power

I hate her

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3 Marika Tachibana

Her pushy and very aggresive attitude towards Raku, are nothing more because she's returning Raku's favor for visiting her 11 years ago.

If Raku isn't there, she would have died, but instead, she got Raku's braveness and open hearted-ness. It's shame that particular wolf hits Raku's head and made him a dense mo-fo.

If he didn't get hurt, I'm sure Marika would be so happy.

4 Haru Onodera
5 Seishirou Tsugumi

Sweet child

6 Shuu Maiko
7 Raku Ichijou V 1 Comment
8 Ruri Miyamoto
9 Yui Kanakura
10 Fuu

The Contenders

11 Paula McCoy
12 Mikage Shinohara
13 Claude
14 Honda
15 Adelt Wogner Kirisaki
16 Hana Kirisaki
17 Nanako Onodera
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1. Chitoge Kirisaki
2. Kosaki Onodera
3. Marika Tachibana
1. Chitoge Kirisaki
2. Kosaki Onodera
3. Yui Kanakura
1. Kosaki Onodera
2. Haru Onodera
3. Marika Tachibana



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