Top Ten Nitro Mario Kart 7 Courses

Mario Kart 7 might be one of my favourite Mario Kart games out there. It's a childhood game of mine and one of the reasons for my love is the amazing selection of tracks, most of which I love. So I'm counting down the nitro tracks and with that being said here is the list.

The Top Ten

1 Rainbow Road

Hands down the best Rainbow Road out there (it's up there with GCN Rainbow Road). The opinions really are not exaggerated, this track is an experience itself as you race all over space, from rainbows, to Saturn's rings to freakin' the moon with chomps rolling around? And then the final lap..., it gets epic as you glide among asteroids and make your way to the finish line. It really is, one of the best Mario Kart courses ever made. The music helps a lot because it's so epic!

Such an iconic course.

2 Rock Rock Mountain

Alpine Pass (as I call it in Europe) is without a doubt one of the best Mario Kart courses of all time in my opinion. When I thought it couldn't get any better than Melody Motorway, this course came on my 50cc Flower Cup when I first got the game..., and I loved it! The setting is just downright awesome as I adore mountains, and it's covered in green, which I adore even more! I also adored gliding so that made me love it even more. And of course those green pipes halfway through. I have a weird obsession with these pipes because they look just so colourful and cool. Top it off with some pretty badass music that includes an electric guitar... I mean this course was a pretty easy choice for #1.

The music is rockin'

this course is kinda overrated, but I like it

3 Music Park

One of the most original Mario Kart courses to date and was close to being my favourite in the game. There's nothing to hate about this course and like Alpine Pass, it's one of my favourite Mario Kart tracks ever made. The fact that this is only #4 isn't saying much at all. You're racing on a motorway consisting of everything from a piano, a xylophone, bouncing off drums, tricking off bouncing notes' ground pounds..., and listening to an awesome melody..., that's Melody Motorway to you all, among the best Mario Kart tracks of all time.

Top 5 for sure

4 Piranha Plant Slide

The european name for this course replaced "Slide" with "Pipeway", which originally confused me that this was Alpine Pass. When I found out it was a different track I grew a slight bitterness towards this track, and it certainly didn't help that this was brought back for MK8 and not the other one, but hey..., when actually looking at the course objectively I absolutely love it and its remake. A course where you race inside the sewers of the underground, based on the underground from Super Mario Bros. 2? Hey, that's one of the best course concepts ever and it's handled amazingly. I adore every part of this course. I think Alpine Pass is more fun to play overall but this is not far behind.

This one's really fun. Best of the best.

Top 3 for sure

5 Daisy Hills

Now the music is a little off I must suppose but the course design itself is so nice in my opinion. You're racing in the country side alongside a giant river, across bridges, windmills and then you glide across the river and may even race on the roof of the houses in the neighbourhood. It's pretty awesome for a second track in the game and it manages to put the course outside the top 5 worst.

6 Maka Wuhu

The Wuhu Island courses were some of the most revolutionary courses in Mario Kart history as they introduced the section-gimmick in that the entire course is one big lap, but it's divided into sections. In this game there were three section courses, Rainbow Road and the two Wuhu tracks, Wuhu Island Loop and Wuhu Mountain Loop. All three are great tracks but out of the Wuhu duo, the mountain race was the most fun and epic. The music is the same but it's umbelievably epic, especially in this course. During the sunset, you race up to the top of the mountain on Wuhu Island, and at the end you make the largest jump in Mario Kart history, off the ramp and you glide to the finish line. It's so satisfying to make that jump and it really is one of the best Mario Kart courses..., in history. I adore this track.

meh this course is fine

7 Shy Guy Bazaar

This game had a pretty cool Mushroom Cup overall. I didn't dislike any of the tracks, oppositely most of them were pretty cool (even Toad Circuit managed to add some gimmicks). Shy Guy Bazaar was definitely the highlight of it though. You're racing in an arabian town nightly and the music is amazing. I mean sure this course is a little boring maybe which puts it low but come on for a Mushroom Cup it's pretty great!

8 DK Jungle

And now we begin to shift from the amazing-tier courses to the just great ones. This is without a doubt the most "DK" course we've ever had, in fact it doesn't even feel much like it belongs to Mario. It's directly based on Donkey Kong Country Returns, in fact the developers for that game designed this course and I love the atmosphere. You can even tell the music is a slight remix on the first level ever in the first Donkey Kong Country. Now what puts this course much lower on the list would probably be that it isn't nearly as interesting or fun to play as the top 6. It kinda ruins the Special Cup in its unbelievably easy difficulty. I don't have much complaints at all, but the other courses simply just are better In my opinion.

Top 10 for sure

9 Wuhu Loop

Well would you look at that, Wuhu Island Loop managed to get into the list as well as its sunset counterpart? It's definitely a lot weaker than its counterpart but for its purpose, it's so fun racing around this little island. It's like a highway course but at the same time, it's also just an overall breathtaking nature course, like Shroom Ridge from the DS. The shortcuts are pretty cool and I really like the music, like I said on #4. Not much else to say, but I really enjoy it.

sorry, but I don't like it. It's super glitchy for no reason, and the whole track is straightforward and feels very flat.

10 Bowser's Castle

It appears a lot of people call this the weakest Bowser's Castle excluding the SNES/GBA ones. While I could possibly understand that, I think it's one of the best ones. The music..., oh man is it awesome. It's a remix on the GCN Bowser Castle but instead of being spooky, it's more badass. It's like a doomsday-sort of feel and it flows especially well with this course. Here you actually explore most of the course outside the castle, the hot mountanous-type terrain. The castle itself has a lot of varied paths and it makes for a fun ride. I will admit the underwater section is a bit..., off. But hey it's a game! Maybe it's not one of the best courses ever, but for MK7 standards it's amazing!

The Contenders

11 Cheep Cheep Lagoon

This has one of my favourite Mario Kart songs ever. I have a huge love for the steel drum. The sound reminds me a lot of a childhood game, Freddi Fish 3, and it with this song sounds just legendary. Most people despise this track but that music really boosts my opinion on this course. And I mean, this course introduced the underwater driving which revolutionized the entire series and the course design is interesting, albeit short. I mean first you're in a coral reef, then you're in a cave gliding out of it? Count me in! This course is awesome!

hahahaha no this course sucks

12 Wario Shipyard

Wait, WARIO course of all available stuff made it onto the bottom? I mean, since when did Wario have a bad course at all? The answer is never. Just because a Wario course is #2 on a worst list, it doesn't signify that it's bad. Maybe Rosalina's Ice World is the only course I did not like in the game? If you thought so, then you're absolutely correct. However, I certainly must say this is the weakest Wario course by far. The concept is very original, racing on a galleon shipwreck in the middle of a thunderstorm is incredibly cool and it makes for an interesting ride. However..., I thought it was underwhelming. The music is just..., boring. It's got this heavy metal theme but it falls flat and in the end looks like an Alpine Pass knock-off. I do have some fun playing the course but overall..., naah, I prefer to play something else.

13 Neo Bowser City

Having the best music in the entire game does not save you from the worst list. I gotta say they did a great job remaking this track in MK8 as the visuals were stunning there and the physics were non-existent. In this game though? Well if you ever wanted to have ice physics on a non-ice course, then here you go. I always screw up on this course online, either because the turns are too sharp, someone knocks me off-stage or the road is super slippery, or the combination. It does not make for a very pleasant ride and sadly puts this course high up the worst list. It's sad because such a great song was wasted on irritation.

14 Mario Circuit

Yes, a Mario Circuit is really good in my opinion, specifically the 3DS one. This is a lot more than just another Mario Circuit, the song is awesome, you bounce off a mushroom, race through a pipe and freakin' race inside Peach's castle! What else could you ask for? For this type of course it's legendary!

15 Toad Circuit

Congratulations, Toad Circuit, you're not in the top three worst. Surprising to many as it's considered the worst circuit track of all time aside from Figure 8-Circuit. Well it does have some saving graces like the toad balloons creating an atmosphere. And it does introduce gliding quite decently I must say as well... Did I mention the awesome soundtrack? It's so nostalgic to me. But in the end it's just another Wii Luigi Circuit after all so you're on the list.

This race was not bad at all and I think people should stop complaining about basic circuit tracks. It’s not a bad thing to have a normal race track every now and then. This map was great and very underrated. Just because you’re not racing in an unrealistic environment doesn’t make it a bad track

16 Rosalina's Ice World

This is the only course I really do not like at all in the game. It's the hardest Mario Kart 7 course (even surpassing BC and RR) but it's not fun at all. It's a snow level based on Super Mario Galaxy, but unlike that fun game, this is just depressing in its soundtrack. And it's so annoying! I usually don't feel ice physics but it's clear that they're in this course and it sure downgrades this course. I can't tell you how many times I keep bumping into those ice spikes, or hit the edge of the floating ice, slowing me down and sending me to the ice water. There's nothing likeable about this course, in all honesty. It's just so dreadful.

17 Cheep Cheep Beach
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