Top Ten Nitro Mario Kart Cups

What are the best Mario Kart cups showcasing nitro and brand-new courses? Vote and read on this list to find out.

The Top Ten

1 Wii U Star Cup

Not just the best nitro cup all of Mario Kart, but also the best Mario Kart cup of all time. We've had tens of cups throughout this franchise but it wasn't until Mario Kart 8 when we got a cup where every single track in it was a flawless masterpiece! Sunshine Airport and Mount Wario are both in my top ten Mario Kart tracks of all time because of how gorgeous and original they are as courses. And Electrodrome and Dolphin Shoals, I'd say are solid masterpieces too because they're also super original and interesting courses. I doubt any cup will ever be better than this one. - darthvadern

Electrodrome and Mount Wario are great.
Sunshine Airport is overrated and Dolphin Shoals sucks - DKartWoomy

2 3DS Flower Cup

Now this cup is just slightly weaker than Wii U's Star Cup, due to one of the tracks not quite reaching legendary category. The weakest track, being Mario Circuit is still really fun though and happens to be the best Mario Circuit track of all time in my opinion. And the rest of this cup is just a blast too! Wuhu Island Loop started the section-gimmick in Mario Kart in which the entire race is one big lap, but divided into sections. Not to mention it's really fun too! And Melody Motorway and Alpine Pass, are simply two of the best Mario Kart tracks ever, especially the latter! There's not a single major flaw in this cup. - darthvadern

Wuhu Loop sucks tbh - DKartWoomy

3 Wii Star Cup

It does contain Daisy Circuit, which is a bit of a simple track, but even then it's not a bad track at all, in fact it's pretty great and my favourite circuit track of all time alongside 3DS Mario Circuit. It's a nice town under an orange sunset and you can't go wrong with it! Then we have three tracks I think we all can agree are mastepieces. Koopa Cape is in my top ten favourite tracks of all time because of its unique course setting and music. Maple Treeway and Grumble Volcano are both super difficult yet super original and fun tracks which although might be a TAD overrated, are still awesome. Obviously it deserves a high spot here. - darthvadern

Daisy Circuit is generic - DKartWoomy

4 Wii Flower Cup

The Wii Flower Cup is in my top ten favourite cups in Mario Kart and for good reason I'd say, because it also has two of my favourite Mario Kart courses of all time. Coconut Mall is a super original and fun course where you're racing inside of a mall! And Wario's Gold Mine is my favourite Mario Kart track of all time so yeah. Other than that, there's also DK's Snowboard Cross which si a really fun winter-version of DK Mountain from Double Dash. And Mario Circuit is pretty fun actually, despite the simplicity. So obviously, I adore this cup. - darthvadern

Mario Circuit kinda sucks - DKartWoomy

5 Wii Special Cup

I'll be honest, a lot of the newer Special Cups we've seen in Mario Kart aren't that great or interesting. Most of them are kinda bland or simply just not interesting at all. Mario Kart Wii's version of the Special Cup though really broke the barriers on how to make an interesting and epic Special Cup! It starts off with Dry Dry Ruins, without a doubt the best desert track in the entire franchise, with its upbeat music and clever use of halfpipes inside of those ruins! Moonview Highway is the best highway course in the franchise too, because of its hectic atmosphere, with cars moving fast and switching lanes every now and then. And I'm happy to say that Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road in this game are some of the best this franchise has to offer! The former is super chaotic and hectic while at the same time retaining a cartoony atmosphere, and Rainbow Road is difficult yet just so beautiful! Super great! - darthvadern

6 N64 Flower Cup

When Flower Cups aren't very good, they tend to be bland. When they are good, they are REALLY good, as is the case with this game. I love all courses in the game. Toad's Turnpike and Frappe Snowland are among my favourite courses in the game and Choco Mountain isn't far behind either. Mario Raceway is one of the much better circuit tracks out there so there's that as well. Overall, a very awesome cup. - darthvadern

no N64 cup should be here In my opinion - DKartWoomy

7 GCN Special Cup

I like all of the tracks here as they're all fun, interesting and original. It has my two favourite tracks in the game, which are two of my top 20 favourite tracks ever, those being Wario Colosseum and Rainbow Road (my favourite RR in the franchise). Dino Dino Jungle is also an incredibly fun ride through the jungle. However, Bowser's Castle is a little basic in my opinion, which brings this cup down a few spots. - darthvadern

8 N64 Special Cup

This cup is quite special. Not special in a good way necessarily though. But I didn't say it's bad, did I? It starts off with one of the best courses in the game, DK's Jungle Parkway, which looks stunning with its jungle enviroment and music. Yoshi Valley and Banshee Boardwalk are fairly great tracks too, but Rainbow Road is the biggest snorefest ever. 6 minutes on 50cc but there are guardrails everywhere? No, thank you! Music is good, so I don't despise the track, but still. - darthvadern

nope Rainbow Road sucks - DKartWoomy

9 3DS Star Cup

While this cup isn't in the top two, it's still pretty fun, Pirahna Plant Pipeway is my fifth favourite course in the game! It reminds me of Level 1-2 from Super Mario Bros and Wuhu Mountain Loop is my 4th favourite from the game. Wario's Galleon is also a solid and interesting track, however what brings this down a little is Koopa City, a bland and slippery track with super tight turns. So it's not a great cup particularly. - darthvadern

Maka Wuhu kinda brings it down tho - DKartWoomy

10 Wii U Mushroom Cup

Mario Kart 8 showed us what a Mushroom Cup really should be like, simple and easy, but still and interesting! Every track of this cup was at least fun in my book with no bad tracks. Mario Kart Stadium is way better than your average start-up track with its night-stadium setting, great music and showing off anti-gravity well. Water Park is a bit boring but it's still interesting, driving through a water-themed amusement park. Sweet Sweet Canyon is an incredibly original course and concept, but Thwomp Ruins is the real winner here. Racing on an abandonded temple in the sky? Count me in! This cup is just great to be honest! - darthvadern

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