NJPW Wrestlers Who Can Win the G1 Climax (2017)


The Top Ten

1 Tetsuya Naito

After dropping the I.C. title, it seems big things are coming for Naito, but is it in the form of a G1 win? I could be. He was somewhat robbed of a win last year, so a win here could be a bit of justice. - CDShark

2 Kenny Omega Kenny Omega

While his contract is running out, I do see him and Okada running the gauntlet. I see Omega picking up a victory of Okada in the G1 Climax evening up the series to 1-1-1, then having their tie-breaker at the Tokyo Dome - CDShark

3 Kota Ibushi

I'll admit, his return is the only reason I see him winning. He is a phenomenal talent but the fan support could push him to victory. - CDShark

4 Minoru Suzuki

When I was looking up previous winners of the G1 Climax, I was shocked to see Suzuki was not a part of that list. He has a slimmer chance this year it appears, but he is a credible threat. - CDShark

5 Juice Robinson

Again, WWE slips on letting go this talent. While he is entering his first tournament, and I don't exactly see him winning, I wouldn't be shocked if the dark horse formerly known as C.J. Parker get a nice showing. - CDShark

6 Hiroshi Tanahashi Hiroshi Tanahashi

The ACE would be a nice pick if he didn't have that I.C. title around his waist. - CDShark

7 Okada

Okada's run has been one of the best I have seen. But he is the champion so he does not need this tournament. - CDShark

8 Hirooki Goto
9 Zack Sabre Jr.

A bit too early for him as he just broke into Japan, but with his talent, you never know. - CDShark

10 Michael Elgin

Elgin seems to have found his footing in New Japan, with his war with Naito over, he could be a strong contender for the Rainmaker. - CDShark

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