Best No Doubt Songs


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1 Don't Speak

It's catchy, her voice is excellent, and the accompanying instrumentals are perfect. You can't get much better than Don't Speak. - carlito

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2 Hey Baby

To this day, one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. - carlito

3 Just a Girl

I'll never forget the first day I heard this song. - carlito

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4 New

Just a great song, and catchy too. - carlito

5 Spiderwebs

I find myself jumping up and down each time this song plays. - carlito

6 Hella Good
7 Bathwater

Something about this one is just awesome. - carlito

8 Trapped In a Box

There's something trippy but great about this one. - carlito

9 It's My Life

Their cover version is amazing. - carlito

This song rocks! - DynastiSugarPop

10 Settle Down

Something from their new album should be in the Top Ten. - carlito

The Contenders

11 Ex-Girlfriend
12 Running
13 Rock Steady V 1 Comment
14 Tragic Kingdom
15 Happy Now?
16 Simple Kind of Life
17 Underneath It All
18 Sunday Morning
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