Top Non-Anime Visual Novels

This list DOES NOT include any anime or Japanese Visual Novels. This includes Doki Doki Literature Club unfortunately. I find these Visual Novels more interesting and complex and therefore, I created this list.

The Top Ten

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

This openly expresses LGBT rights and gay dads. Follow your character in finding a new love after moving into a new neighborhood. I find this one of the most remarkable Visual Novels of 2017. - blxxdbrxthers

Cupid- A Visual Novel

This is a Gothic Romance with a twist. You follow Rosa in finding out what really happened to her best friend Catherine with you as Mother. I find this as one of the best Visual Novels that's not Anime. - blxxdbrxthers

Butterfly Soup

Butterfly Soup is actually one of my favorite non-anime visual novel. It's funny, heartfelt, and as a queer Asian I'm happy to see someone who looks like me in a game.

Again, another LGBT Visual Novel. This about a group of young teenage girls who sign up to play baseball, all while trading gossip about each other and finding true love. - blxxdbrxthers

Emily is Away

This Visual Novel does have varying opinions. But I love this VN. Especially as it's almost like you are talking to Emily and the other characters. - blxxdbrxthers


I seriously love the effects and the complexity of this VN! Explore the phone of a missing woman and solve the mystery of her disappearance. - blxxdbrxthers

You Left Me

This is a new VN. This game is all about loss and how the main character is dealing with it. This game is so deep and dark and it shouldn't go unnoticed. - blxxdbrxthers


This is not actually about ADHD. But this could be classed as a VN as you make choices along the way. It's a mix of everything really. This game is also a fourth wall breaking game. It's highly enjoyable. - blxxdbrxthers

Garden of Oblivion

This really reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Find out the secret about the door with your childhood imaginary friends. - blxxdbrxthers

Murder Most Misfortunate

Find out who really killed the Prince without getting yourself caught. - blxxdbrxthers

Us Lovely Corpses

I'm going to leave you to find out what this one is about. But this is truly outstanding if you look past the artwork - blxxdbrxthers

Never played it but cool name. If I had a backup account I'd name it something like this - TwilightKitsune

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