Top 10 Non-Black/Death Metal Songs with Tremolo Picking

Now, what the hell is a tremolo picking? To understand this, you need to know about the alternate picking. An alternate picking is when you play guitar with both downstrokes (down-strumming) and upstrokes. And when you perform alternate picking on one note (or one string you could say) very fast, that is tremolo picking.

If you are a fan of black metal, then you have definitely heard this technique. But I have decided to leave black metal and death metal songs. Because then there wouldn't be any difference between this list and list of "Best Black Metal Songs" list. Death Metal also use a lot of tremolo picking with palm muting. So, I am mentioning only those songs which aren't death or black metal.

The Top Ten

1 Eruption - Van Halen

Starts from 00:31 and lasts until the dive bomb. - zxm

2 Misirlou - Dick Dale

A lot of tremolo picking in this song. - zxm

The tremolo picking was done on Low E, bass string. But it looked like he was picking it on High E. He was probably using upside down, or his custom made guitar. Cause it was the sixth string of the guitar. - zxm

Oos, actually it came before Highway Star. - zxm

3 Knights of Cydonia - Muse

A lot of tremolo picking in this song. - zxm

4 Highway Star - Deep Purple

Ritchie Blackmore is always good at what he does. - Userguy44

Ritchie Blackmore was such a pioneer in many different areas but he's still criminally underrated. He's been always overshadowed by less talented and less innovative musicians in rock and metal. His numerous contributions to metal music are still underappreciated by the metal fans. - Metal_Treasure

Funny thing is that Ritchie Blackmore is the one who does metal tremolo picking and Tony Iommi gets the credit for creating black metal. - zxm

The earliest tremolo picking on the list. You could hear the fast picking of Ritchie Blackmore at the end of the solo, on High E string. - zxm

@zxm - haha, yes. It's funny that Tony Iommi gets the credit for creating black metal when tremolo picking is very typical in black and death metal, and actually Ritchie Blackmore did it first.
Also, Black Babbath get credits for creating death metal with the song 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', LOL. Just because the word "dying" is mentioned twice in the lyrics, it doesn't mean it's a death metal song.
I made a list - Top 10 Reasons Why Black Sabbath's Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Didn't Create Death Metal - Metal_Treasure

5 Soothsayer - Buckethead

Its hard to check Buckethead's guitar techniques, since he uses a lot of unique techniques. But the tremolo picking is from 7:59. - zxm

6 Beat It - Michael Jackson

The tremolo picking is in the solo. - zxm

7 New Born - Muse

Tremolo picking in the solo. - zxm

8 Play with Me - Extreme
9 Fast As a Shark - Accept
10 Exciter - Judas Priest

The Contenders

11 Victim of Fate - Helloween

The riff is tremolo picking.

12 Summertime Blues - Blue Cheer

There's a fast riff around 2:23 which is tremolo

13 AOV - Slipknot

Almost the whole song is tremolo picking and it has such a metal effect - this is from a 10 year old

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