Top Ten Non-Bollywood Indian Songs

Indian pop and rock songs other than film music that's usually prevalent and preferred by the masses.

The Top Ten

1 Pal - KK

I alway and all time in any mood like this song

2 O Yaara Re - Agosh
3 Krishna - Colonial Cousins UListen to Sample
4 Dooba Dooba - Silk Route
5 Arranged Marriage - Apache Indian
6 Kandisa - Indian Ocean UListen to Sample
7 O Sanam - Lucky Ali
8 Nada Nada - Avial UListen to Sample
9 Karmah - Punkh UListen to Sample
10 Ganga - Mrigya

The Contenders

11 Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao - Anupam Roy
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