Top Ten Best Non-Canon Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Parings

The Top Ten Best Non-Canon Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus Parings

1 Tratie (Travis and Katie)

I wish this was canon...
Uncle Rick! This must become canon. Katie went missing in the hidden oracle. I also don't remember seeing a travis in that book... what if they went to college together!

Literally one of the greatest non-canon ships out there <3 I always loved them!

No, just... No.

I am SICK and TIRED of finding so many of these stupid and no-need-to-even-exist stories where these two characters with barely interaction at all are together.

I interpret both of these characters as usually remaining single. I do the same with Connor Stoll. This is a non-canon ship who so many people think is the best thing ever, when it's seriously stupid.

How was this ship formed in the first place? I you don't even know, ten the ship is already pointless.

So, to all of you whining about how it's "meant to be" and that Riordan should just "go ahead and make it canon". Well, I've got something to tell y'all.

It's not canon. It most likely will never be canon.

Get over it.

Tratie was the first ship my ten-year-old discovered after Percabeth and I still love it. I don't care what others say. They have both strong personalities you can tell from the little phrases in the book.

2 Lazel (Leo and Hazel)

Frank and Hazel are a thousand times better as best friends. Like if you agree.

This legit should have happened like OTP. Leo deserves better than a girl who falls for every guy she meets and their cemistry through Mark of Athena was so natural. I have nothing against Frank x Hazel like they are my fave ship in the series (can't think of a better one so yeah...) but like Leo just seems to have better chemistry.

Seriously? Just because of Sammy? No. Frazel cannot be separated, and neither can Caleo.

Hazel is 13 and short, Frank is 16 and giant. They are cute but were better as friends. Leo, is a year younger, and a lot smaller. They have different personalities yet a strong connection and complement eachother well. It's a little strange considering the whole Sammy thing but I don't know, I just love this ship so much and jate that it didn't happen.

3 Jeyna (Jason and Reyna)

Uh, have you guys even read ToA book 4? because Reyna says, "Everybody was always trying to ship me with somebody. Thalia. Jason. Gwen. Even Frank. Oh you'd be perfect together! That's who you need! But I was never really sure if I wanted that, or if I just felt like I was supposed to want it. People, well-meaning, would be like, Oh you poor thing. You deserve somebody in your life. Date him. Date her. Date whoever. Find you soul mate." If that's not a message from Reyna and Rick Riordan himself, I don't know what is. I mean, Reyna literally says that she doesn't want to be shipped with people, so respect her, and respect what Rick Riordan wrote. They are HIS books after all.

These two actually KNOW each other, unlike Jiper or Jasper.
They've been friends since they were kids. Basically, Roman Percabth.

They can and will only be FRIENDS
Jasper is so much BETTER

I like them as friends, but not as a couple.

4 Pothena (Poseidon and Athena)

That would be fun to watch! Athena watching discovery channel, while Poseidon accidently keeps flushing the toilet every time he looks at Athena.

I love this ship. After Percabeth, Pothena is my favourite OTP. And there was a time where I equally shipped Pothena and Percabeth.

Okay, this is like the only non-canon ship I actually like.

Sounds like it might be cool.

5 Percico (Percy and Nico)

When Percy finds out Nico had a crush on him it was so OMG. Why could'nt they have ended up together.

Haha nope! Solangelo is like the best ship in the whole thing (no offense to the people who ship them)

This one sucks because percabeth and solangelo are way better - aplayer_8

I like this one more than Nico and Will because Percy and Nico have built a relationship while going on quests together. Plus, they have known each other longer.

6 Lukebeth (Luke and Annabeth)

Luke is in evil maniac who relies on a titan to find joy. All he did was stab himself! Percabeth 4 ever

Annabeth loves him as a brother! She even said so!

Ahem. I personally don't approve of this ship since I love Percabeth and semi-ship Thaluke but you have no right to call him that! You are entitled to your own opinion but please. Don't broadcast it so offensively in public.

Luke is awaome why do for hate him do you expect every character to be as perfect as Percy."All he did was stab himself" I bet u would not stab yourself I would not.

7 Liper (Piper and Leo)

This is probably me just hating Jason but like if he didn't appear or he wasn't Piper's bf in their memories they probs could have ended up together.

Where in tartarous did this come from?

8 Brason (Jason and Brick)

This is totally the best. Although it should be Cason - Concussion and Jason. - CalebPro

Why isn't this at the top?!

Yay! Finally here!

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

9 Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth)

This is canon, but I had to vote for it because I love Percabeth.

Good ship but this is canon lol

It is canon who added this? - aplayer_8

This is the best but its cannon has of Battle of the Labyrinth

10 Thalico (Thalia and Nico)

Yes, it would never work but it's still cute - AnnaOfArendelle332

Just gross. I know they're both dark and punk/emo but no. Just no - Oreo_xo

Honey he gay - RizaLovato

I like this one even though I KNOW THAT SOME PEOPLE THINK he's GAY BUT WHAT CAN I SAY?

The Contenders

11 Thalercy (Thalia and Percy)

I shipped them when I first read titan's curse. They'll probably fight a lot as a couple but if they get over it they'll make a cute couple. Probably also the strongest - Oreo_xo

Heh its just a cute ship. It wouldn't be the most stable of relationships though, but it could work: definitely not the weirdest ship on this list.

Not likely but would definitely be cute since they're always fighting like a couple. Yes, I know they're technically cousins but who cares?

Thought it was Perlia?

12 Nicleo (Nico and Leo)

Crackship of 2019

1: leos straight
2: nicos gay
3: they hate each other

13 Pipabeth (Piper and Annabeth)

This feels like it would actually work! I'm not sure about annabeth, but piper gives me major bi vibes

Oh MY GODS I love this. Obviously, percabeth is meant to be, but JUST THINK of the CHEMISTRY between them, ITS PERFECT. This is my non-canon OTP.

Pipabeth is my favorite ship out of the whole Percy Jackson series.

I'm sorry this is my OTP, and also it was never confirmed they were straight, bisexuality is a thing

14 Jercy (Jason and Percy)

Here's the thing: they both seem super straight to me. but let's say they weren't, and I wasn't such a huge percabeth shipper (jasper's fine, but whatever). they would have a lot of chemistry

So cute! They complete each other! ( even though I totes ship percebeth) Annabeth said they had a Bromance in MoA!

It's "Two brooos chillin' in the hot tub, five feet apart 'cause they're both straight", but still

This is a cute ship (even though I still ship Percabeth, don’t kill me) and they actually would be adorable together

15 Percalypso (Percy and Calypso)

I thought it was quite well done in book 4. Then Rick had to ruin it in Heroes of Olympus. She should have been that what if that everybody wonders about

To be honest, I rlly like this ship, I also ship Percy and Thalia, to be honest, I think Percy and calypso should b together! I also kinda hate Leo, please don't hate me, I'm just saying, I hate how he teases frank.
"Imean, I understand not being as pricey as Percy or Jason, but am I worth like two Frank's or three Franks? "I just don't like him very much for that,don't hate me, I still don't think calypso is so cool, she's mean 2apollo,zoe and Percy is also a rlly fave ship of mine, I think Percy and zoe would b a cute couple. So my top ships for Percy are Zoe calypso and Thalia,and again, please don't hate me for hating Leo

I shipped them for like two minutes before I slapped myself... - Rye

ik right

16 Percthena (Percy and Athena)

This ship is messed up as hell. Just saying'

1) Athena hates Percy
2)Athena hates Percy
3)Do I have to say any more? - Oreo_xo

WHAT IN HADES? Percy and ATHENA? Annabeth's mother? I mean, sure, it's a list of non canon ships but an immortal godess plus a teen demigod? JUST NO. IT'S MESSED UP.

No just no

17 Solangelo (Nico and Will)

1 word to describe solangelo : inseparable
2 word to describe solangelo : gay percabeth

This needs to be higher

Why is this not #1?

This is canon - aplayer_8

18 PerBlue (Percy and Blue Food)

YAS the best ship ever! Have known each other longer than percabeth

Best ship ever.

Great ship! lot better than percabeth! - aplayer_8

Lmao this is just funny

19 Reynico (Reyna and Nico)

I SHIP THIS SO MUCH! REYNA AND NICO FOREVER! Reyna deserves so much better than some scumbag like Jason,he sucks.Reyna and Nico deserve each other, this would be such a cute couple if only Nico wasn't a homosexual.Reuna deserves love! #Reynaisthebest!

In the books I thought will and nico were going to become friends and will was going to make nico ask Reyna out because he had a crush on her. When nico and will started dating I was a little surprised, but mostly discussed

THey should definitely be a couple

If there is no Solangelo, Reynico would be the most famous

20 Octachel (Octavian and Rachel)

LOL I have no idea I just ship it

My favorite opt!

ITs ok, but Octavian dies and all...

i just do

21 Pertemis (Percy and Artemis)

How on earth did this even start? - Oreo_xo

I know, I know. impossible. Yet for some reason this is my favorite non-canon ship

I don't know how this started but its cute

This ship seems so random, but it’s actually really cute, and the fanfics for it are some of the best. A personal favorite.

22 Theyna (Reyna and Thalia)

In Trials of Apollo, book 4, Reyna literally says that she doesn't like it when people ship her with Thalia. RESPECT REYNA'S FEELINGS.

They are amazing! ( I know hunters can't be in any relationship but still...) They are perfect, They're both strong, independent woman who have been left by a guy ( Luke, Jason/Percy). Also they're cute.

The hunters' rules never say you can't be with a woman...

They both swore off boys. they never swore off girls...

23 Puke (Percy and Luke)

You know by the name it won't work out

Well they got he name right.

LOL Love the name! - Oreo_xo

just because of the name

24 Peyna (Percy and Reyna)
25 Reybeth (Reyna and Annabeth)

Who in the underworld put this on here?

26 Jercico (Jason, Percy, and Nico)

Umm ok I guess I do0 sorta ship them

+ thalia - aplayer_8

27 Pipeyna (Piper and Reyna)

Interesting ship - aplayer_8

How was this not on here already? Seriously my OTP.

28 Thaluke (Thalia and Luke)

Is this already on the list? I don't know

Ship ship shippity ship - aplayer_8

29 Lukethan (Luke and Ethan)

I absolutely LOVE Luke X Ethan! Way better than almost ANY ship on this!

I don't know. Just bootiful. The people with eye problems.

30 Pazel (Percy and Hazel)

umm - aplayer_8

Why is this even a thing.
Please let this not be canon.
Please let it never be canon.
Just no.

31 Jasery (Jason and Percy)

This is my brotp. I ship it in a bromance kind of way. I used to ship it romantically, but I stopped after I thought, "This is getting weird". So, yeah.

It's also called "Jercy" or "Person", not "Jasery". Who in the gosh diddly heck decided to call it "Jasery"? It doesn't roll off the tongue quite right.

32 Thapollo (Thalia and Apollo)

She did say he was hot - Oreo_xo

Ew that's her brother

No longer in ToA - aplayer_8

Yeah I, know that Thalia is an huntress, but I ship them so much. They're cute together😍😍

33 Annaseidon (Annabeth and Poseidon)

This one is interesting...
I ship poseidon and athena and percabeth, but meh

WHaT iS tHiS

Why. Just why.

34 Gruniper (Grover and Juniper)

This one is canon, they have been together Juniper was first introduced in Battle of the Labyrinth.

just cute

35 Conisse (Clarisse La Rue and Connor Stoll

NOOO! CONNOR IS TOO GOOD FOR HER! NO JUST NO! (Okay, Clarisse is okay, but Connor deserves so much better! )

I ship this so much! I can't find any fics for it, but Clarisse needs a wild edge and Connor needs some sanity.

It's perfect! Nobody ships it... But Clarisse needs her wild edge and... Connor needs some sanity. Otp! (think about it for a while, it'll grow on you.

what ever it okay

36 Annataviabeth (Octavian and Annabeth)

I don't really like either of them, so I thought they might be cute together. - Penelope_DOP

37 Ocpipavian (Piper and Octavian)


38 Thluke (Thaloa and Luke)
39 Groper (Grover and Percy)
40 Tharemis (Thalia and Artemis)

" I know it will never happen but they're cute!

41 Wilico (Will Solace and Nico)

This is already on here under a different name... but no one cares!

This is canon.

... This is canon, though - RizaLovato

I voted this again

42 Perachel (Percy and Rachel)

The What If
World not have been mad had this been Canon

I know Percabeth is my OTP but why did no one add this to the list?! I actually shipped them in the battle of the labyrinth because annabeth was falling for Luke too much

43 Reyneo (Reyna and Leo)

Cute! but will never happen - aplayer_8


44 Fraper (Frank and Piper)

Makes sense, children of war and love - aplayer_8

45 Clariseus (Clarisse and Percy)
46 Hazey (Hazel and Percy)
47 Frannabeth (Frank and Annabeth)

I don't know. I just think that Annabeth would find some way to help Frank through all of his problems, and they wouldn't fight very much, only over stuff like: What is the best marsupial? and What is the best butterfly?

48 Friper (Frank and Piper)

Okay I know it's impossible but just imagine it!

49 Octason (Octavian and Jason)

LOL what

50 Perlia (Percy and Thalia)

They are so cute together, they would fight a lot but I ship it.

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