Non Christmas Films We Only Ever Seem to Watch at Christmas


The Top Ten

1 Oliver!

I don't know why but I watch This on the First Sunday in December. I think it just makes me feel Christmasy. - Britgirl

2 The Great Escape

I love the great escape! It's one of my favourite movies of all time. Stephen Mcqueen's motorbike scene is awesome. - IronSabbathPriest

Something about the old war movies during Christmas time... - Finch

I played the game but I've never seen the movie

3 Mary Poppins

This always seems to be on the T.V. listings every Christmas and I always watch it. - Britgirl

4 Toy Story

I love this movie! And practically all of the ones here! And the listmaker! - keyson

5 Annie

This is just adorable. And just seems to fit in with the Christmas season - Britgirl

6 The Sound of Music

Even though its Springtime in the Sound Of Music.

7 Cinderella
8 Casablanca
9 Beauty And The Beast
10 Zulu

The Contenders

11 Evan Almighty
12 The Dirty Dozen

It even happens DURING Christmas. - Finch

13 Titanic
14 The Gruffalo
15 The Wizard of Oz
16 The Cat in the Hat (2003)
17 Legally Blonde
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