Top 10 Best Non Disney Animated Movies of the 80s

The best animated movies of the 80s not made by Disney though movies made by Studio Gibli can be included as they weren't directly made by Disney.

The Top Ten

1 Akira

This movie was amazing. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 The Transformers: The Movie

Long before Michael Bay tarnished the Transformers franchise there was "THE" best Transformers movie ever made in the 80's. - egnomac

3 All Dogs Go to Heaven

Yet another masterpiece by Don Bluth that sadly was overshadowed by Disney's The Little Mermaid that follows a dog who is killed by his former partner and gets kicked out of heaven so he can get even with him and along the way help an young orphan girl, sadly it was Judith Barsi the voice of Anne Marie last voice role who also voiced Ducky from The Land Before Time who was murdered by her father before the movie was released. - egnomac

It is funny and awesome movie it should be in the top 3 best movies

4 The Secret of NIMH

Don Bluths first animated movie and it was brilliantly dark well told movie. - egnomac

5 The Land Before Time

Should be number 1. I will kill whoever stopped it from being number one.

I will find you.

You have to sleep sometimes.

Another great Don Bluth movie about a group of young dinosaurs who are separated from their families and must make there way to the Great Valley while avoid being lunch for the dangerous and deadly Sharptooth and features one of the most saddest scenes in an animated movie where Little Foot's mother dies while protecting him from the Sharptooth. - egnomac

6 Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Though I wasn't a fan of it at first (when I was younger), it is now my favorite Studio Ghibli movie next to Kiki's Delivery Service. - Sailor Sedna

7 Heavy Metal

The one animated movie that was rated "R." - clusium

8 The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones
9 The Brave Little Toaster
10 My Neighbor Totoro

It is disney

No, it's Ghibli. Disney broadcasted the movie, but that doesn't make it Disney. It's more Studio Ghibli than Disney. - listotaku17

The Contenders

11 An American Tail

The first movie Don Bluth worked with Steven Spielberg.that managed to rival even Disney. - egnomac

I love this film it is so good that I went back in time into 19th century NYC and I also love what immigration was like for Jews, Italians,Spanish,and Irish back then it must have been hard to start all over again especially in america during the mid 1880s due to the civil war and racism. the only thing I wish I could see more is that fievel and his family showing more of their Jewish culture, I love history and due to my love of Jewish tradition I really wanted to see fievel do something that is Jewish like but that is not we got at the beginning they celebrate Hanukkah and that is it and that scene doesn't give more detail about the holiday I don't even see a little menorah which is lit every year on Hanukkah, they say '' happy Hanukkah'' and give gifts and in another scene when papa and mama think that Fievel is dead they write his name in Hebrew their little memorial and that is all. But besides the part of religion and heritage the film is great and awesome I just watched it ...more

12 Watership Down

This movie was from the 70's not the 80's. - egnomac

Still don't get how this is PG - Not_A_Weeaboo


Rating system was different back then.

13 The Chipmunk Adventure
14 Grave of the Fireflies
15 The Care Bears Movie

The first and the best Care Bears movie in my opinion, and a very good movie on its own. The animation isn't as good as Disney, and has errors in it but it still has its own charm to it and is fine in its own right. The story isn't the best ever and has some writing issues, but it's still entertaining, all the characters are likable (though some of the Cousins could have been characterized better), most of the Bears have their own simple personality traits (though the two animated series showed them better) the songs are enjoyable, though not as good as the second's, and even though it can seem too saccharine and corny at times it still has a cutesy charm that makes it enjoyable, and it has a good message I believe even adults can like: no matter how alone you may think you are, there always will be someone in the world who will care for you and be your friend.

It's better than the 2017 MLP movie (even handled its whole thing with reformation better also), and most of the ...more

16 The Brave Frog

A surprisingly dark kids movie that follows a young frog named Jonathan and his family trying to make a better life for themselves in Rainbow Pond which is ruled by a ruthless King who makes life difficult fro everyone and for a kids movie there's a lot of deaths. - egnomac

17 My Little Pony: The Movie

Looks better than the Friendship Is Magic movie...oh wait its because they actually looked like ponies.

From what I read in a book based off of this film and glimpsed at it, it's not amazing, but it's quite good and whatever flaws this one might have it blows the 2017 film out of the water (one example, while this felt like a "My Little Pony" movie in tone the 2017 film DIDN'T). - Sailor Sedna

18 Rock & Rule
19 The Plague Dogs
20 G.I. Joe: The Movie
21 Kiki's Delivery Service

My first exposure to anime ever, and my favorite Studio Ghibli movie next to Laputa: Castle in the Sky. - Sailor Sedna

22 The Carebears' Adventure in Wonderland

Nah, this one was a miss. I picked this up at a used library sale, and was so excited to see this movie when it came out, I had seen the two Care Bears movie previously and loved them, and I've read, seen and loved the original Alice in Wonderland book (never read Looking Glass), saw the Disney film and the one with Martin Short, Whoopie Goldberg and Gene Wilder (the most faithful film adaptation in my eyes). I was so excited to see this and the concept sounded very awesome.

Too bad I was wrong and the actual movie wasn't as great as it sounded. This is the weakest of the Care Bears Trilogy, worse than TMNT III in fact! Great concept I'll say, but failed execution. The tone just feels too wacky for a Care Bears film, and Wonderland and Care Bears sadly don't match together at all, the story is alright but could have been done better, unfortunately only select Care Bears/Cousins are used when others could have been used (this sadly probably pushed some characters like Loyal ...more

23 Vampire Hunter D
24 NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind
25 Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth
26 Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
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