Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Movies with the Best Opening Scene

The best opening scenes from animated movies not from the house of mouse.

The Top Ten Non-Disney Animated Movies with the Best Opening Scene

1 Shrek 2

Prince Charmin arrives at the tower only to find that not only is Fiona not there but that she's already married to non other than Shrek as we then cut Shrek and Fiona on their honeymoon with the song "Accidentally in Love" plays. - egnomac

One of the best non anime animated movie. - egnomac

Of course, Shrek 2, the greatest Anime Movie of all time. - MaxPap

I agree, one of the best of all time - darthvadern

2 Kung Fu Panda
3 Shrek

The movie literally opens with Shrek in the outhouse reading a fairy tail book before ripping the pages and using the pages as toilet paper as the song All Star plays in the background as we are shown the daily life of Shrek right before he scares the daylights out of the villagers who fail to react by running away at which Shrek whispers to them "This is the part where you run away. - egnomac


4 How to Train Your Dragon

Kicked off with action! - Cyri

5 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
6 Flushed Away

After the humans leave Roddy plays "Dancing with Myself" by Billy Idol as plans a whole day of doing activities with the dolls in the house even doing a movie premier and while he's selecting which movie to watch we see several movies that are parodies of other movies like Batman now called Ratman as well as several Dreamworks movies like Chicken Run, Antz, The Road to El Dorado and others. - egnomac

7 The Iron Giant

Oh, the squirrel and the diner scene, for those who are wondering...

8 All Dogs Go to Heaven

Movie opens with Itchy breaking Charlie out of the pound after Itchy accidentally breaks a water pipe causing the alarm to sound as the two make a break for it while being shot at as the duo argue back and forth. - egnomac

9 Rio

The movies opening sees the birds of Rio breaking out in song as we are shown a young baby Blu waking up to song as he watches the other birds while they moving to the grove all before poachers come along and start capturing them and Blu falls out of the tree as is too captured, while being transported Blu accidentally falls out of the van and ends up in Minnesota where he is found by Linda. - egnomac

10 Kubo and the Two Strings

The Contenders

11 Coraline

Surreal and gives a strong sense of danger for what is to come...also,that music.

12 Heavy Metal

This movie is so weird but so good at the same time. The whole plot is odd but unique in its own way and it features many good songs by many good bands. And I really love Taarna😎🎸🤘

13 The Rugrats Movie

The opening sees the babies with Tommy imagining himself as a Indiana Jones like character as the group in bark in an adventurer before being sent back to reality. - egnomac

14 The Lego Batman Movie

Come on, this has the second best opening scene of any movie ever, bahind and in front of two other Batman movies

15 Hoodwinked
16 Fantastic Planet

Instantly sets the tone, as well as establishing the sheer power of the Draags in this universe. Nothing short of terrifying, yet it sucks the viewer into the world within minutes. - nerffan8000

17 Bee Movie
18 The Simpsons Movie
19 Shrek the Third
20 Sing
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