Top 10 Non-Dreamworks Computer Animated Movies

The Top Ten Non-Dreamworks Computer Animated Movies

1 Wall-E
2 Monsters, Inc.
3 Finding Nemo
4 Up

Yep. I love this movie. Favorite Pixar movie.

5 Toy Story
6 Igor
7 Big Hero 6
8 Frozen

This is hell

9 The Incredibles
10 Cars

The Contenders

11 Toy Story 2
12 Toy Story 3


Everything is going reverse here! Good movies are going at the last and average movies are going at the top! WHAT IS THIS?
I know that Wall-E is also a nice movie but, Toy Story 3 is an awesomely awesome movie!
Toy Story 3 has got 99% that films at the top of this list didn't get!
So this movie should be at the top. It deserves that place!

13 Bolt

Best Disney movie ever!


14 Inside Out
15 The Ant Bully
16 Wreck-It Ralph
17 Monsters University
18 The Peanuts Movie
19 9

Haha nine is number nine lol

20 Shrek
21 A Bug's Life
22 Rio
23 Free Birds
24 Rio 2
25 Chicken Little
26 Finding Dory
27 The Secret Life of Pets
28 The Little Prince

This was better than rio by a mile

29 The Emoji Movie
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