Best Non-English Language Pop/Punk Songs

The best pop-punk (ish) songs that are sang in languages other than English.

The Top Ten

1 No Mas de Ti - Allison

Spanish language song from a Mexican pop/punk band. - andweweredreaming

2 Une Seule Vie - Wide Load

French language song from a Canadian pop/punk band. - andweweredreaming

3 Salvami - Melody Fall

Italian language song from an Italian pop/punk band. - andweweredreaming

4 Se Vuoi Andare - Vanilla Sky

Italian language song from an Italian pop/punk band. - andweweredreaming

5 Perdido - Allison
6 Последний новый день - Ber-Linn
7 Sismo - División Minúscula
8 Generation Rock - Revolverheld
9 Punk Hari Ini - Superman Is Dead

Not just punk hari ini, but the whole album just rock my brain, plus it has deep meaning, unlike most modern punk songs. it's like a soft protest song

This song sound more punk rock than pop punk but yet still catchy and fun to hear and play on guitar

S.I. D is the greatest Punk Rock Band in Indonesia... I think their sounds like MxPx...

10 Goodbye Logik - Madsen

The Contenders

11 Kita Perang Kita Menang - Bunkface
12 ΟΛΟΙ ΠΙΟ ΚΟΝΤΑ - Mpliax166
13 Telescope - Sugar Donuts
14 Alphabiram - Albatross

Man this song is way to low in this list! Its at least top 3 material!

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15 Si Demain... - Minimum Serious
16 D Vir Dans En L Vir Leuens - Straatligkinders
17 拯救世界 - 831
18 Za Nju - Kinoklub
19 Religion - Slime
20 Alle Gegen Alle - Slime
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