Top Ten Non-Existing Warrior Cats Tom Names

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1 Flameheart

Flameheart: Bright ginger tom with bright green eyes and perhaps white tail tip and belly

I think Flameheart is the brother of Fireheart because Flame and Fire is similar

I've heard this one loads, still love it though. I would say: Bright gingery-red tom with bright green eyes, a white tipped tail and a white belly. Dark ginger-brown stripes.

Ginger tom with wild green eyes and a white muzzle

2 Darkheart

I imagine him as a sleek, dark gray tom with black tabby stripes. His eyes are bright yellow, and he's mostly kind but also kind of sassy, and can't obey his leader without telling them what's wrong with the leader's plan, and has trouble submitting to his leader, even when he knows the leader is right. He's also very ambitious and could make a great leader if he listened to his Clanmates more.

This is nice! Darkheart doesn't always mean that you are evil. Like Darkstripe, and others. Besides, this is other people's ideas, and I respect it. - lilydoestopten

Geez, warriors geeks these days. Can't you appreciate the beauty of simple names?! I, for one, can easily describe a cat named Darkheart.A dark gray or black tom with fiery amber eyes and an attitude. A name doesn't have to be super pretty or creative. Cheezers.

I think of a dark gray tom or she-cat with a black tail and feet. They would be brave, helpful, and kind (hence the suffix heart) - Embershine

3 Eaglewing

Um no offense but isn't this list supposed to be for TOMCAT names? So why do I take this as a she-cat? Don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but I just think it belongs on a different list.

Some people are saying that its not creative, but some warrior names in the books are sometimes not creative. Like Brackenfur, for example. Bracken is good prefix, but fur is normal, its not awesome. I'm not saying I don't like Brackenfur, he's an awesome cat. So why don't you just respect these ideas? - lilydoestopten

If you ask me, it's a real great name.

I love this! Its sorta non-creative, but yet so unusual!

4 Owlstrike

This is a great name! An other good name is Emberfur. I think of a red coated tom with blue eyes.

Grate name

I have a cat called Owlglance in the roleplay.

It’s not sexist

5 Phoenixwing

MossClan knows what they are... one of their leaders was one.FlareandThunder

Doesn't anyone know what a phoenix is? Jeez guys, you don't have a life (don't worry guys I am just a bit frustrated.) They are these features which is like a peacock mixed with a falcon, they are a fir bird and have flame powers - BloodFang

I don't think cats know what a Phoenix is... but it could fit a kittypet named Phoenix who joined the Clan.

This name sounds amazing but they don't know what Phoenix's are and they do not exist even how much we wish they did but I'd still use it

6 Firestorm

I love the name is it okay if I use it for what I'm doing? It's a drawing

This is like, Firestar/heart/paw/Rusty and Sandstorm/paw's ship name!

I think of a flame-colored tom or she-cat with pale ginger specks and deep blue eyes. - Embershine

I think that this is a take off of the Flash.

7 Grassfur

Not very unique. That's not a bad thing though! I actually really like this name! It's pretty simple, and that's good, because I keep wanting a break from crazy stand out names like Wisheyes, (not kidding, I actually saw that name on a list like this,) wait, no, I think it was actually Magiceyes, but there was also one cat name with the prefix Wish. Sorry, I don't really remember it very well. Anyways, the whole point of this comment is to say that simple names like this are very nice, and refreshing. Actually not that I think about it, Grass is actually a kind of unique prefix, but not super duper unique like magic or wish. So the point I'm trying to get at is, I really like this name. Is it all right if I use it in a fanfiction I'm writing? - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

Guess what, haters? A warrior cats name doesn't have to be super duper unique, like Eaglestrike or Ashtalon! The whole point of the name is to give you an image of what that cat looks like! I ask you, try to describe a cat named Firestream LOOKS ONLY. Hard, right? Now try to describe a cat named Grassfur. I can easily see a dark brown tabby with emerald green eyes and a matted pelt. If you think about it, many cats in the original series have names like Willowpelt, Bluefur, even MOUSEfur! That's what helps make a warrior a warrior! And if you don't appreciate the naming process, then in a way you don't appreciate warriors.

Creative and interesting! Like I said, not every warrior name has to be creative! Even in the books, sometimes they are not creative. Like think of Bluefur. Bluestar has blue fur. Not to creative, but awesome! Grass is not a common prefix, so I respect this idea! - lilydoestopten

Grassheart maybe? Good try though.

8 Ripplefern

I probably should have looked at the rest of the list first but... Eh

This is just so cool there is nothing else to describe this name as

This is awesome! Fern is not used so often, but it is a great suffix! I think Ripplefern is a brown tabby cat with silver tabby patches, white paws, muzzle and tail tip and green eyes. Could be a med cat or a queen.

I love this name! I think of a sleek, gloss-furred she. She lives in River man (duh) and is very ambitious. She is a lot like Squirrelflight, independent and head-strong.

9 Poopyface

Yes. Beautiful. I imagine a ruffled-furred tom with a brown face and tan body. He always smells like crow food and he is grumpy. This is beautiful. 10/10

The creator of this probably just got mad at people calling all of the other names, "boring," and, "un-creative," so he came up with a really stupid one. That is the only explanation! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

Do they even know the word 'poop? ' - lilydoestopten

Okay... Definitely funny, but you serious, bro?

10/10 I'm using this

10 Wispwillow

I like original names. Like, you'd think this would be a she-cat's name, but I'm thinking a lithe, pale tom who's very agile and flexible. - SnowyOwl

Yus, this is like the best name I've ever come upon that is described as a shy or delicate she-cat.

Yup. Definitely a she-cat name, or maybe a skinny, cowardly tom who's always being mocked - Blossomfrost

Sounds more like a she-cat's name

The Contenders

11 Ashfire

I LOVE THIS! It shouldn't be so far down. I see a strong grey tom with black stripes like a tiger with fierce yellow eyes, as striking as his form. He is loyal to his clan, but has a dark past, with big hidden secerets. He has the position as deputy, and is high ambition

How is this last? This name sounds like a dark brown tom with grey spots and amber eyes. He is brave and ambitious, but is still a good cat.

I think AshFire would be a gray and orange tortishell cat, with deep blue eyes. He'd be first choice for deputy or leading a patrol. He would risk his life for his clan, but he still has his own will. I'm TOTALLY USING THIS NAME IN MY STORY

Why is this last? Its really good!

12 Blackstripe

He's kinda like Darkstripe

Nice name
Unlike SunsetShimmer
It's very simple and cool
I like it, along with DarkStripe and DanglingStar

He is a brave gray tom with black streaks all over and yellow eyes. He is underestimated like ashfur.

Mother- Greywillow: silver she cat with blue eyes
Father: Darkstreak- White tom with black streak all over and yellow eyes.
Sister: Silverstripe: Silver tabby she cat with amber eyes
Mate: Brightwing- Light orange she cat with green eyes
Kits: Tigerpaw (ginger Tom with black streaks all over and green eyes) Sagepaw (white she cat with blue eyes and black flecks) and Eliza Hamilton- (grey-blue she cat with blue eyes,kittypet)

Black stripe would watch Eliza Hamilton suspiciously. She was eating wet kibble. Gross! He knew why she had become a kittypet. A ginger Tom named Erin Burr forced Crystalpaw, her former name, to. Those owners are Hamilton crazy. He stalked off to see Sagepaw become Sagedapple and Tigerpaw become Tigerstreak. Eliza Hamilton ran in, and was given the name Crystalpool. Erin Burr got very mad. He was cursed by Starclan to be a Hamilton sing ...more

13 Silvershadow

Black with silver stripes knew warrior already has apperintice and going to be deputy soon out cast in his family, secretive no mate or kits in love with rouge

Like the ' Shadow ' family from DotC. If Tall Shadow had a littler sister she'd be called this

A lithe, agile silver tabby tom with blue eyes. Very mysterious and secretive. Has characteristics similar to those of ShadowClan.

...I put this on a few other lists, so don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else.

Must be from shadow clan or darkforestclan

14 Twistedbranch

I imagine him as a mottled brown tom with pale blue eyes and a twisted front paw

I love this name! It sounds like this cat would be rejected by his Clan for some reason. Ooh, I feel a fanfiction comin' on!

I like it too it's unique without being absolutely crazy.

This is so unique, I love it! Maybe a black tom with medium brown patches, a white muzzle and chest, and blueish-violet or amber eyes(I think both suit it). Could also have a blind eye or a limp paw

15 Rowanflame

Show me him please

Cool name... I guess

I Love this name!


16 Fartrachel

Oh yes, I love this one

What?! - Blossomfrost

Pfft... Fart!

Lovely - River-Reed

17 Birchwing

I think of Birchfall and Whitewing. I also think of a tom which inherited Birchfall's tabby pelt with a few flecks of white.

I like this, like a yellow cat with creamy white and black patches. - Embershine

Love this one. Normal, not too creative, and has a good ring to it.

A brown tom with darker brown ears and hind paws. Has darker brown stripe underneath left eye. Emerald green eyes. Using it in a fanfic.

18 Eagleflight

Yes, Yes. Eagle is a great Prefix. It reminds me of a Strong, noble, great hunter and probably be a great Deputy.

I love the prefix Eagle- and I love the suffix -flight. Put the, together and you get a GREAT name!

My OC. And my dad's warrior name. Mrrow of laughter.
Anyway... Light brown tabby tom with lighter stripes, white chest, underbelly, paws and yellow eyes.

A brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and white paws, tail tip, and belly. Strong. Fastest cat in the Clan. Loyal to his Clan and the warrior code. Father: Hawkstorm, a dark brown tabby with piercing yellow eyes. Mother: Snowbreeze, a white cat with light gray paws, dark gray ear tufts and light blue eyes. Sister(s): Smokestorm, a light gray she-cat with dark gray paws, ears, tail tip, and yellow eyes. Breezeshine, a white cat with a light gray belly and light blue eyes. Brother(s): Owlblaze, a dark brown tabby with light brown tabby paws and big yellow eyes. Mate: Frostwind, a light gray she-cat with dark blue eyes. Son(s): Loudkit, a brown tabby with light gray belly, paws, ears, tail tip, and dark blue eyes. Olivekit, a dark brown tabby with yellow eyes. Daughter(s): Icekit, a light gray cat with white paws, tail tip, and light blue eyes. Clan: ThunderClan. Rank: Deputy. Apprentice: Featherpaw, a light gray she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

19 Fartwhisker

This is hilarious and really got me thinking. I don't think the cats know what farts are, because in The Sight of Power of 3, Hollykit tells Lionkit that he looks like he has wind when he's trying to do the hunting crouch, so I think the cats call farts wind. But, granted, Windwhisker doesn't sound nearly as good as Fartwhisker.

This is by far the best name on here. I think if a cat had this name they would probably be bulled though.

My newest oc- Cloudears

20 Silverblossom

A charismatic silver tom with VERY pale blue eyes. - SnowyOwl

I'd say a she-cat name - Blossomfrost

I feel like this is a she-cat name... - lilydoestopten

Everyone commenting 'this is a she-cat name' - Warrior names are not gendered. You could have a female cat named Darkclaw as much as you could have a male cat named Brightflower. Silverblossom actually sounds like a very elegant name for a tom.

21 Wildblaze

I really love this name, very nice - Ivymist

I LOVE this name!

22 Shadowbreeze

Sounds like a dark gray tom with thick fur and amber eyes. I think he would be very fast and brave. - Embershine

No I made this name! You stole it!

He would so be wild hawks mate

Black tom with blue eyes ( wears jay feathers behind his ear ) - fawnfur I posted this name

23 Frosttail

Frosttail is a grey and white tom. He is strong and cold sometimes, but he warms up to you once you get on his good side. He has icy blue eyes and his fur is a bit spikey.

24 Fireshade

Name: Fireshade
Appearance: ginger tabby tom with long white legs and bright blue eyes
Personality: cheerful, care-free, witty
Rank: senior warrior
Mother: Sageflower
Sisters: Cloudtuft, Dewdrop
Brother: None
Mate: Gingerspark
Kits: Light kit, Fern kit

I honestly love this name. I don't get it, I like, love every warrior cat names that ends with shade

The opposite of Fireshade is Waterlight

Fireshade And Silverblossom. Ship it - ApolloKitty

25 Birchcloud

This is an amazing name-- I imagine him as a brown tom with a white patch on his chest, and blue-green eyes. Perhaps a bobbed tail.

Brown and white tom with green eyes

26 Jaggedstone

Yes! I was looking through this list and found jagged stone!
Is it ok if I use it for a oc?
It would be a gray tom with ragged fur a twisted paw a little bit battle scarred and have amber eyes.
Thanks for the name!
I just wanted a grey oc

Awesome name

27 Marshmeadow

Misread this as Marshmallow


28 Reeddaze

Using this in my books - Gassystar

Wow! This is a really good name, I'm definitely using this in my books!

Not bad, I like it

Cool - vx

29 Musclepelt

Seriously which joker thought this one up? - Blossomfrost


Pfft... I'm imagining a cat head Photoshopped on a bodybuilder's body 😝

Muscle, a cat probably doesn't know what a muscle is, but it actually could fit in more much ‘Fantisie’ section. Like: “StarFall” or “MusclePelt” there’s nothing wrong with this, it just has more fantisie in it

30 FrostFall

Love this! Makes me think of a day in leaf bare where there's some huge snowstorm. I see him as a bristly, huge, strong white tom with long muscular legs and ice blue eyes. He has a strange talent of hunting in leaf bare which is helpful for his clan ( IceClan or SnowClan ) he is mated with a warrior she cat named snowsky, ( ruffled white pelt with some light brown spots and amber eyes ) His dad, cloudstorm ( white tom with some dark ginger and tabby patches ) didn't really think he'd be capable with anything because he had twisted his hind leg so he sorta hurt his feelings. But snowsky made him laugh and she soon had 3 kits. He decided to name them after things of leaf bare so he named the white with dark ginger ears she kit, Blizzardkit, the large white with blue eyes tom, Volekit, and the white tom with spiky fur and a twisted front paw, Icekit after his mother, Icesong. Volekit became a leader but Blizzardkit died at birth so they were left with the two toms. Icekit was wandering ...more

A cat was racing through the forest.
wind whipped past him: leaves brushed his leg. as fast as can be, he pounced on a mouse, who squeaked in terror as it saw his fate land on top of him. and then the toput to the test. m sighed in a that was relief all over.
frostpaw picked up his prey and ran again. his white pelt shined against the sunlight: soon he'd be back to thunderclan, having his warrior ceremony...
a cat smacked into his side.
frostpaw yowled in surprise. who dared attack him? shadowclan? windclan? but he smelled strongly of rogue. frostpaw leaped up, starring at his enemy. black and white clashed: skill put to the test. and then before he knew it, before he could catch his breath-
another figure charged at him. this figure was smaller, but faster. the cat darted around, slicing frostpaw whenever she got the chance. frostpaw stumbled back. blood slipped down his nose. the world went blurry, but then the figure was tackled. a thunderclan cat was there in a ...more

31 Flamestrike

Why do all names have to be super original? What's the big issue with simple names? I'd rather read a fan fiction with the main character named Flamestrike than a fan fiction filled with cats named Jumpwhisker or Snakeleap or whatever. Not to say I don't like the odd names, I definitely do, but there's nothing wrong with a simple name. - TheCrystalWolf

Not creative and overused.

I like it

Guess WHAT? All of you haters who say names like this are 'not creative' and 'overused' cannot call yourselves real warriors fans. Real warriors fans GET the concept of names. What would you prefer this name to be, PrettyFlameSparkleSkyTwinkle?

I love this name, creator, and I appreciate your love for the original naming concept. :3

We are just saying... its too not creative jeez give us a break if we don't like the name and like EVERYone uses it so... - CreekBurr

32 Stormstrike

It reminds me of a light grey Tom with green eyes I like it.

I like it! Very unique! Not very simple, very creative! - ApolloKitty

By the way, I made this name - ApolloKitty

33 Tigerblaze

I like the. The name

Its great I always come to this site when I'm looking for cats to ship with my warrior ocs. I imagine a brown tom with stripes and reddish brown eyes.

34 Brackenflame

Oh I've used this name! And don't worry, I'm not going to try to claim it as mine. I just think that this is a cool name, and great minds think alike! - ILuv2ReadAndWrite

I actually love this, although I prefer Brackenflame

I picture Brackenflame a bright ginger she-cat with bright green eyes and dark ginger ears. Her mother was Blazedfeather, a ginger she-cat with a long haired pelt. Her father would be Bramblestorm, a black tom. She would be from ForestClan and the leader recently died. The deputy, Sweetflower (named after Blazedfeather's mother, Sweetblaze), and Brackenflame's sister became leader. Brackenflame becomes deputy. Her mate is Cloudfur. Her mother dies in battle. Sweetstar takes in a few rouges, and they become BlazedClan, in honor of Blazedfeather. Sweetstar starts turning evil. Sadly, Sweetstar starts killing cats that don't obey. Brackenflame hates this, as her litter of kits were just becoming apprentices. Sweetstar kills Tigerpaw (Brackenflame's son) in cold blood. Brackenflame is furious. She lives her last moments attempting to reason with Sweetstar. Sweetstar and Brackenflame start to fight. Sweetstar wins, and Brackenflame dies. Her two remaining kits, Silverpaw and Twigpaw live ...more

35 Flametalon

I think of a dark ginger tabby tom with a scar from an eagle attack as he was a kit. Also blue eyes. - Embershine

I have an oc by this name. He is a ginger tom with dark ginger tabby marks with very sharp claws. He has amber eyes and a few scars from battle and one large scar from a badger attack

Over edgy and overall lame.

Just your typical ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. And, of course, he has a prophecy. At least it's a good one. Anywayyys...

36 Oakfur

No, that's Oakheart. But yeah OakFUR already exists

Isn't this already a cat in the books?

Oakfur is Bluestar's mate - lilydoestopten

No, Oakheart is Bluestar's mate. Oakfur is a warrior of ShadowClan

37 Thunderpelt

I don't see how "Thunder" and "pelt" fit together, but it sounds nice, so I'll take it. - TheCrystalWolf

A muscular brown and white tom with amber eyes

THIS IS ALMOST LIKE MY OC THUNDERSTAR! Her warrior name was Thunderclaw! - Thunderstrike

38 Rowanstripe
39 Riverrunner

I like this name! It sound so cool.
I was thinking of a : Gray, tabby tom with amber eyes

Damn son

40 Fernpelt

Already exists! I think in Code of the Clans - Blossomfrost

Yeah I think she's in SkyClan.

So sweet!

41 Stoneshade

This is one of my warrior cat's names. When I hear the name, I imagine a dark gray cat with amber eyes, being brave, muscular, and handsome!

He’s one of my oc’s!

I see this:
Pelt: gray with darker patches
Eyes: Very dark amber
Age: 22 moons
Clan: RiverClan
Mother: Ashwisp
Father: Skunktail
Mother Pelt: light gray with swirls of black
Mother Eyes: stone gray, with tints of deep blue
Clan: WindClan
Father Pelt: Black with a white tail stripe
Father eyes: amber
Clan: BloodClan
Mate: Flamesong
Mate Pelt: ginger with black paws, and darker ginger specks.
Mate Eyes: Russet amber
Clan: Riverclan
Kits: Redkit (ginger she-cat), Lilackit (silver she-cat with dark gray stripes), Shadekit (black,gray and ginger tom) and Strikekit (White tom)
Redkits Clan: Riverclan
Lilackit's Clan: StarClan
Shadekit's Clan: RiverClan
Strikekit's Clan: RiverClan

42 Sunsnake

I love this name! I think of a pale ginger tom with a long tail. He’d be slightly wiry and slim, but his Appearence is fooling. His personality would be a sly, mischievous tom with a backbone. Perhaps WindClan or ShadowClan.

43 Shadowstrike

Could I use her, or him? Please tell me which is it!?! -FlareandThunder

A black tom with dark blue eyes and a fiery temper. He is a strong warrior, but still is kind, and is happy to help out. He is the deputy of his Clan, and is intelligent and clever. I hope you guys like my addition!

Love it! It sounds like a black tom with green eys and scar across face.

Shadowstrike played a major role in my first fan fic, years ago. He was a long-legged smoky black tom with green eyes, deputy of ShadowClan - Blossomfrost

44 Fallenbranch

I love this name, maybe he fell out of a tree as a kit? - Frostcloud

Cool! I actually love it - Blossomfrost

It’s nice- has a nice twist. -Honeypaw

White she cat with brown stripes from head to her tail. Her mother was FlurryNose, a pure white she cat with one white eye and one pale blue eye. Her father was DarkOak a dark brown tom with lighter brown stripes down his back. She has a sister named MorningSong, a pale gray she cat with with tips of fur and dark blue eyes. MorningSong died in a battle with FlameClan. FallenBranch has a brother named PineLeaf, a pale brown tom with white patches over his blue eyes. PineLeaf nearly died in an accident of a falling ravine but survived. FallenBranch has a mate named HollowedBirch, a white tom with black stripes around his body. Together they had 3 kits. Heronkit, Brightkit, and Iriskit. Heronkit was a grayish white tom with white paws and bright yellow eyes. Brightkit was a yellow she cat with white blotches of fur. Iriskit was a dark blue gray kit with one white paw and dark ginger eyes.

45 Hawktalon

Hawks have talons, people! That's what their feet are called. - SnowyOwl

Good name-ish...
Though like the other post...
(I think)

Hawk isn't a talon-Anon E. Mouse

46 Shadeflame

Pretty, dark gray/ginger she-cat, or tom, I guess.

This is a gray and ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes. He is the father of the main character in my book. His mate is Leafstorm. They have many kits. Their first litter is three she-cats and one tom. Sunblaze(ginger tabby tom with white belly and green eyes oldest), Honeybreeze(pale ginger tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes), Embershine(tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. medicine cat MAIN CHARACTER), and Cherrysplash (tortoiseshell she-cat with bright ginger splashes and blue eyes VERY shy Youngest). The second litter is Echolight( tortoiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes), Flamekit(ginger tabby tom DEAD), and Creekheart(looks just like Embershine). They have another litter with six kits but five of them are stillborn and the one that survives is blind. Her name is Goldenstream(golden ginger she-cat with a gray streak on her back and pale blue eyes) Shadeflame dies protecting Goldenstream(Goldenpaw then) in a battle. - Embershine

47 Cedarwhisker

A dark gray tom with white fur around his whiskers

48 Tigerfrost

Mine! don't steal my things, or I will sue you!

Wait a second, not to make fun of the name, it’s awesome 😎, but it just makes me think that Tigerstar and Hawkfrost fused together to make one evil cat! (Again I’m not trying to make fun of the name,it’s awesome and creative! ) - Thunderstrike

49 Eagleclaw

I already have a oc of this cat, just female and a really hateful cat to her kit, LostLeg.

Bold, ambitious, and furiously fighting for WindClan, Eagleclaw faught the ShadowClan deputy Flamewing with the power of Tigerstar. Ducking, snarling, and threatening, he never backed down the battle he had been waiting for.

His secret was kept hidden in the deepest shadows of his heart. Flamewing was his brother, a traitor! He left to join ShadowClan with his whole desire. Flamewing was now powerful than ever, but Eagleclaw would protect his own clan, even if that meant he had to die for it.

Our character, for once, stood frightened by his brother’s limbs and strong muscle. Eagleclaw unsheathed his short claws and held it in front of his face. Flamewing suddenly hit him with his bare paws, tearing up a partial of his flank. Eagleclaw bared his fangs as he bit furiously the tail of the ShadowClan deputy. He bit down, but Flamewing leaped away in time for Eagleclaw to only get air into his smelly mouth. Eagleclaw rose to his anger, his pawsteps touching the ground like ...more

50 Moleclaw

I think of MoleClaw to being a dusky brown and grey tailed and black ear tipped big tom, with a small muzzle and big yellow eyes of shadow clan-@HeatherFall

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