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1 Flameheart

So? It's made up all of you guys who said it was boring or easy to come up with! Well there could be another way to say boring not just oh it's boring! I know isaid it but still

Its not boring, its creative and awesome! I mean, Erin Hunter uses 'heart' in the warrior series to, like Lionheart, Fireheart, etc. I think that it is a flame-coated tom - lilydoestopten

I like simple names. I mean please, describe the cat Phoniexstream. Yeah, it's tacky. This name rocks

How is this boring? What are your names like? Ashstrike? Phoenixflame? Frecklefire? It's easy to describe a cat named Flameheart! Maybe a broad-shouldered ginger tom with amber eyes. The suffix "heart was used many times in the books like someone said. Fireheart, Mossheart, Lionheart, and even ones from Dawn of the Clans like Pebble Heart! Flameheart sounds like a loyal, fierce cat with a kind personality! ~Mistyrain

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2 Darkheart

This is nice! Darkheart doesn't always mean that you are evil. Like Darkstripe, and others. Besides, this is other people's ideas, and I respect it. - lilydoestopten

Geez, warriors geeks these days. Can't you appreciate the beauty of simple names?! I, for one, can easily describe a cat named Darkheart.A dark gray or black tom with fiery amber eyes and an attitude. A name doesn't have to be super pretty or creative. Cheezers.

I think of a dark gray tom or she-cat with a black tail and feet. They would be brave, helpful, and kind (hence the suffix heart) - Embershine

I don’t really agree. In my opinion ( and PLEASE don’t judge ), this name sounds like an evil cat. I imagine a jet-black tom with piercing red eyes. He may seem loyal and trustworthy on the outside, but he is waiting for the perfect time to kill. Darkheart is deputy of ShadowClan, and wants to kill the leader to have all power. But, he does honor his brother, Blackflame, because of how strong he was. Darkheart is strong and clever. But watch out! Someday, he will strike at his turn and his fangs will be of blood. ( Wolfhowl )

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3 Eaglewing

Some people are saying that its not creative, but some warrior names in the books are sometimes not creative. Like Brackenfur, for example. Bracken is good prefix, but fur is normal, its not awesome. I'm not saying I don't like Brackenfur, he's an awesome cat. So why don't you just respect these ideas? - lilydoestopten

If you ask me, it's a real great name.

Umm isn't one of the ancient cats named Eagle Wing?

This is the name of one of my OCs, he has a brown tabby pelt and dark amber eyes he is deputy of thunderclan

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4 Owlstrike

This is a great name! An other good name is Emberfur. I think of a red coated tom with blue eyes.

Grate name

I have a cat called Owlglance in the roleplay.

It’s not sexist

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5 Phoenixwing

Doesn't sound nice, and cats have no idea what a phoenix is, nor do they exist.

I learnt a lot today...

6 Firestorm

This is like, Firestar/heart/paw/Rusty and Sandstorm/paw's ship name!

I think of a flame-colored tom or she-cat with pale ginger specks and deep blue eyes. - Embershine

I love this name

Firestorm is a flame colored tom with blue eyes and his mother is Firestar's cousin. Firestorm's mate is Silverstripe is silver with black stripes and they have five kits, Wispkit who is black and she-kit, Flickerkit who is fire and black tom, Shellkit who is gray and flame tom and Streamkit who is flame she-kit. all of them are courageous, energetic, kind, sweet, caring, and brave
~Swiftdawn and Doveclan

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7 Grassfur

Guess what, haters? A warrior cats name doesn't have to be super duper unique, like Eaglestrike or Ashtalon! The whole point of the name is to give you an image of what that cat looks like! I ask you, try to describe a cat named Firestream LOOKS ONLY. Hard, right? Now try to describe a cat named Grassfur. I can easily see a dark brown tabby with emerald green eyes and a matted pelt. If you think about it, many cats in the original series have names like Willowpelt, Bluefur, even MOUSEfur! That's what helps make a warrior a warrior! And if you don't appreciate the naming process, then in a way you don't appreciate warriors.

Creative and interesting! Like I said, not every warrior name has to be creative! Even in the books, sometimes they are not creative. Like think of Bluefur. Bluestar has blue fur. Not to creative, but awesome! Grass is not a common prefix, so I respect this idea! - lilydoestopten

Grassheart maybe? Good try though.

I love ( almost ) every name ending in fur, pelt, or tail. I like the simple names. It makes them sound more real than Topazgleam or one of the other dumb gem names. She'd be a dark brown and shaded brown furred cat with grass green eyes. She's lithe, a good hunter, and likes asking for advice from elders. She doesn't like taking challenges or crazy vicious cats an drew perfers arising peace. She was on a morning patrol with Dovetail, Blackstripe, and oakpelt when she smelled a tangy, lung aching scent and realized it was a deadly fire starting by the embers left by a twoleg! They ran back to camp and yowled to the cats, and they ran to the border of WillowClan. But the fire trapped her and owlflight, a mottled brown and black tom. He jumped over the flames and tried to help grassfur out but couldn't she ran against the flames but they were too hot, she saw owlflight caught in another flame and smokekit trapped too. She was out but there was only one she could've saved. She prayed to ...more

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8 Ripplefern

This is awesome! Fern is not used so often, but it is a great suffix! I think Ripplefern is a brown tabby cat with silver tabby patches, white paws, muzzle and tail tip and green eyes. Could be a med cat or a queen.

I love this name! I think of a sleek, gloss-furred she. She lives in River man (duh) and is very ambitious. She is a lot like Squirrelflight, independent and head-strong.

I love this name it is so unique and fern is not a common suffix to use which makes it even better.

.The best name yet. Wow. Dam. Good. Job. - CreekBurr

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9 Wispwillow

Sounds more like a she-cat's name

More of a she cat name.

I agree with you. Sounds a bit like a regect party. Or a homo. Either one
You choose.

10 Poopyface

Do they even know the word 'poop? ' - lilydoestopten

Okay... Definitely funny, but you serious, bro?

Wow. Just wow. Poppy face, maybe, but no.

Best. Name. Ever. - CreekBurr

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11 Twistedbranch

I imagine him as a mottled brown tom with pale blue eyes and a twisted front paw

I love this name! It sounds like this cat would be rejected by his Clan for some reason. Ooh, I feel a fanfiction comin' on!

I like it too it's unique without being absolutely crazy.

so good

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12 Blackstripe

He's kinda like Darkstripe

Nice name
Unlike SunsetShimmer
It's very simple and cool
I like it, along with DarkStripe and DanglingStar

13 Silvershadow

Black with silver stripes knew warrior already has apperintice and going to be deputy soon out cast in his family, secretive no mate or kits in love with rouge

Like the ' Shadow ' family from DotC. If Tall Shadow had a littler sister she'd be called this

A lithe, agile silver tabby tom with blue eyes. Very mysterious and secretive. Has characteristics similar to those of ShadowClan.

...I put this on a few other lists, so don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else.

I think it would be a Black tom with silver stripes and Amber eyes. Probably very kind and sweet but brave. Will protect any innocent cat.
Clan:DarkClan (My oc clan)
Sister (s): Maplefur and Nightshade
Brother (s): SilverLeaf and Ripplefur
Mom: Goldenfur
Dad: StormCloud
Kits:SprinkKit, and EmberKit

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14 Rowanflame

I Love this name!


i like it

I like it!

15 Shadowbreeze

Sounds like a dark gray tom with thick fur and amber eyes. I think he would be very fast and brave. - Embershine

No I made this name! You stole it!

He would so be wild hawks mate

Ooh - River-Reed

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16 Eagleflight

I love the prefix Eagle- and I love the suffix -flight. Put the, together and you get a GREAT name!

My OC. And my dad's warrior name. Mrrow of laughter.
Anyway... Light brown tabby tom with lighter stripes, white chest, underbelly, paws and yellow eyes.

A brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and white paws, tail tip, and belly. Strong. Fastest cat in the Clan. Loyal to his Clan and the warrior code. Father: Hawkstorm, a dark brown tabby with piercing yellow eyes. Mother: Snowbreeze, a white cat with light gray paws, dark gray ear tufts and light blue eyes. Sister(s): Smokestorm, a light gray she-cat with dark gray paws, ears, tail tip, and yellow eyes. Breezeshine, a white cat with a light gray belly and light blue eyes. Brother(s): Owlblaze, a dark brown tabby with light brown tabby paws and big yellow eyes. Mate: Frostwind, a light gray she-cat with dark blue eyes. Son(s): Loudkit, a brown tabby with light gray belly, paws, ears, tail tip, and dark blue eyes. Olivekit, a dark brown tabby with yellow eyes. Daughter(s): Icekit, a light gray cat with white paws, tail tip, and light blue eyes. Clan: ThunderClan. Rank: Deputy. Apprentice: Featherpaw, a light gray she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

A pale brown tom with a scruffy white head and dark brown eyes.
Father: HeronClaw, a black, white, and brown dappled tom with amber eyes.
Mother: WhiteWing, a white she cat with brown ears and blue eyes.
Sister: DoveNose, a pale grey she cat with dark brown spots and yellow eyes.
Brother: GorseLeaf, a dark grey tom with dark brown stripes and swirls
EagleFlight is a skilled WindClan warrior.

17 Fartrachel

I don't think a cat would have this name. - Oliveleaf

Pfft... Fart!

Lovely - River-Reed


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18 Ashfire

How is this last? This name sounds like a dark brown tom with grey spots and amber eyes. He is brave and ambitious, but is still a good cat.

Dark gray tom with deep amber eyes. Wishes to become leader, and is highly ambitious. His apprentices were Tinytail and Dawneyes

It’s amazing! His should be first place!

19 Birchwing

I think of Birchfall and Whitewing. I also think of a tom which inherited Birchfall's tabby pelt with a few flecks of white.

I like this, like a yellow cat with creamy white and black patches. - Embershine

Love this one. Normal, not too creative, and has a good ring to it.

I love how 'Birch' is in the name. Birch is not a common name, and I love it! - lilydoestopten

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20 Fireshade

I honestly love this name. I don't get it, I like, love every warrior cat names that ends with shade

The opposite of Fireshade is Waterlight

Fireshade And Silverblossom. Ship it - ApolloKitty

This name is really good. It reminds me of a sleek, tall and thick-furred black tom with orange spots, broad shoulders and big white paws. His eyes would be blazing amber or maybe green. He'd be kind but fierce. His mate would be Amberwillow, an orange and white she-cat with hazel eyes. She is expecting kits. He is a trusted warrior and has an apprentice called Lilypaw, a calico she-cat with ammber eyes. -Lupinestar
of Whirlwindclan

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21 Silverblossom

I feel like this is a she-cat name... - lilydoestopten

Everyone commenting 'this is a she-cat name' - Warrior names are not gendered. You could have a female cat named Darkclaw as much as you could have a male cat named Brightflower. Silverblossom actually sounds like a very elegant name for a tom.

This is top ten tom name not shecat names

Pelt: silver tabby with white paws
clan: river
mom: Mouseshadow
dad: Wolfears
brother: Lightningspots
sisters: Lakewing, Amberfeather
role: queen
sons: Whitekit, Goldenpelt, Windytail
daughters: Foxfur, Redleap, Bronzewhisker
mate: Hawkcloud

"Whitekit! " Silverblossom called. a kittens mew sounded from a bush. Silverblossom dashed toward it. a fox was stalking Whitekit torwards a cliff. the fox barked and Whitekit ran while looking back at the fox. Silverblossom blinked and her son was gone. the fox pelted away and the silver mother dashed towards the cliff. Whitekits little body was barely visible on the black thunderpath. "Whitekit! " Silverblossom cried. but Silverblossom knew, that her kit, was dead.

22 Stormstrike

I like it! Very unique! Not very simple, very creative! - ApolloKitty

By the way, I made this name - ApolloKitty

23 Tigerblaze

I like the. The name

Its great I always come to this site when I'm looking for cats to ship with my warrior ocs. I imagine a brown tom with stripes and reddish brown eyes.

24 Reeddaze

Using this in my books - Gassystar

Cool - vx

25 Frosttail
26 FrostFall

Love this! Makes me think of a day in leaf bare where there's some huge snowstorm. I see him as a bristly, huge, strong white tom with long muscular legs and ice blue eyes. He has a strange talent of hunting in leaf bare which is helpful for his clan ( IceClan or SnowClan ) he is mated with a warrior she cat named snowsky, ( ruffled white pelt with some light brown spots and amber eyes ) His dad, cloudstorm ( white tom with some dark ginger and tabby patches ) didn't really think he'd be capable with anything because he had twisted his hind leg so he sorta hurt his feelings. But snowsky made him laugh and she soon had 3 kits. He decided to name them after things of leaf bare so he named the white with dark ginger ears she kit, Blizzardkit, the large white with blue eyes tom, Volekit, and the white tom with spiky fur and a twisted front paw, Icekit after his mother, Icesong. Volekit became a leader but Blizzardkit died at birth so they were left with the two toms. Icekit was wandering ...more

27 Oakfur

No, that's Oakheart. But yeah OakFUR already exists

Isn't this already a cat in the books?

Oakfur is Bluestar's mate - lilydoestopten

Already a name. This cat’s been in the picture since Fire and Ice. - ApolloKitty

28 Flamestrike

Not creative and overused.

I like it

Guess WHAT? All of you haters who say names like this are 'not creative' and 'overused' cannot call yourselves real warriors fans. Real warriors fans GET the concept of names. What would you prefer this name to be, PrettyFlameSparkleSkyTwinkle?

I love this name, creator, and I appreciate your love for the original naming concept. :3

29 Riverrunner

Damn son

30 Fartwhisker

This is by far the best name on here. I think if a cat had this name they would probably be bulled though.

31 Rowantail

Nice! A red tabby with a long, brown tail and daring, green eyes. His father is was Lionclaw, a bulky, ragged, golden tom with a thick ruff and green eyes. His mother was Violetclaw, a black she-cat.
Cragstar looked up from his spot at the highest point of his taken clan. He had taken the banished group of cats from NightClan. He had made these apprentices do as he said. Now he ruled what he called BlackClan. He had made this name on behalf his father's name, Blacktail, who had been killed by Blackbird, a NightClan warrior.
Lionclaw looked up at his leader's menacing eyes. He shuffled his paws, waiting for a command from his dark ginger leader. His eyes lead to the gaze of his golden furred sister, Leopardtail. She looked at him with depressed, worried eyes. He knew what she was thinking. How could one cat force a whole group of cats to turn on their birth clan? She sat by him and nudged his muzzle. Leopardtail was the only cat he could trust with his precious secret: kits, from ...more

32 Shadowstrike

A black tom with dark blue eyes and a fiery temper. He is a strong warrior, but still is kind, and is happy to help out. He is the deputy of his Clan, and is intelligent and clever. I hope you guys like my addition!

Love it! It sounds like a black tom with green eys and scar across face.

33 Flametalon

I think of a dark ginger tabby tom with a scar from an eagle attack as he was a kit. Also blue eyes. - Embershine

Over edgy and overall lame.

Just your typical ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. And, of course, he has a prophecy. At least it's a good one. Anywayyys...

34 Brownfur

Yes, yes, and if I'm not clear, YES! Simple and sweet.

So simple! I think that this is a good name. - lilydoestopten

A brown tabby with two kits, Poolkit and Leafkit. Poolkit is named after his brother, Poolpaw, who was killed by a fox when he was 8 moons old.

I see a fluffy brown tom with amber eyes and white paws. he has many brothers and sisters, and was born in a litter of four.

35 Fallenbranch

I love this name, maybe he fell out of a tree as a kit? - Frostcloud

White she cat with brown stripes from head to her tail. Her mother was FlurryNose, a pure white she cat with one white eye and one pale blue eye. Her father was DarkOak a dark brown tom with lighter brown stripes down his back. She has a sister named MorningSong, a pale gray she cat with with tips of fur and dark blue eyes. MorningSong died in a battle with FlameClan. FallenBranch has a brother named PineLeaf, a pale brown tom with white patches over his blue eyes. PineLeaf nearly died in an accident of a falling ravine but survived. FallenBranch has a mate named HollowedBirch, a white tom with black stripes around his body. Together they had 3 kits. Heronkit, Brightkit, and Iriskit. Heronkit was a grayish white tom with white paws and bright yellow eyes. Brightkit was a yellow she cat with white blotches of fur. Iriskit was a dark blue gray kit with one white paw and dark ginger eyes.

36 Flamewhisker

This is one of my favorites!

37 Thunderpelt

A muscular brown and white tom with amber eyes

38 Birdwing

Clan: ShadowClan
Eye Color
Mother: Larkfur
Father: Crowstar
Sister(s): Songbird, Doveflight
Brother(s): 0
Mate: Owlpelt
Kits: Finchkit, Eaglekit, Ravenkit
Death: died of greencough/sickness
Appearance: A light grey tabby she cat with a white chest, orange/coral markings near her face, and blue eyes.

39 Birchcloud

Brown and white tom with green eyes

40 Hawktalon

Hawk isn't a talon-Anon E. Mouse

41 Featherpelt

Already a name of a SHE-CAT in the books. Sorry. - IcetailofWishClan

Ok, I added this one because the "Feather" preffix is SO uverused for she cats that people never pay attention to how good it is for toms. Boys can be elegant, too. Thinking that "elegant", "beutiful" (Feather, Mist, Shine, Moon, Silver) and "cute" (Fern, Ginger, Sweet) names are only for girls is kinda sexist and very stereotypical. Feather is awesome for toms. Also, "pelt" works very well - Ivystar

42 Fernpelt

So sweet!

43 Cedarwhisker

A dark gray tom with white fur around his whiskers

44 Snaketail

I imagine a light beige color tom with grass stains on his pelt to make it look like scales

45 Jaggedstone
46 Eagleclaw

Bold, ambitious, and furiously fighting for WindClan, Eagleclaw faught the ShadowClan deputy Flamewing with the power of Tigerstar. Ducking, snarling, and threatening, he never backed down the battle he had been waiting for.

His secret was kept hidden in the deepest shadows of his heart. Flamewing was his brother, a traitor! He left to join ShadowClan with his whole desire. Flamewing was now powerful than ever, but Eagleclaw would protect his own clan, even if that meant he had to die for it.

Our character, for once, stood frightened by his brother’s limbs and strong muscle. Eagleclaw unsheathed his short claws and held it in front of his face. Flamewing suddenly hit him with his bare paws, tearing up a partial of his flank. Eagleclaw bared his fangs as he bit furiously the tail of the ShadowClan deputy. He bit down, but Flamewing leaped away in time for Eagleclaw to only get air into his smelly mouth. Eagleclaw rose to his anger, his pawsteps touching the ground like ...more

47 Wildwind

A little edgy, but sounds nice.

Golden-Brown tom with blue eyes - fawnfur I posted this name

48 Shellspot

Muscular gray tom with darker gray spots and emerald green eyes. Using it in meh fanfic.
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

49 Musclepelt


Pfft... I'm imagining a cat head Photoshopped on a bodybuilder's body 😝

50 CinnamonBundle

Lol LONG story just for getting food - SnowThunder

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