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1 Flameheart

So? It's made up all of you guys who said it was boring or easy to come up with! Well there could be another way to say boring not just oh it's boring! I know isaid it but still

Its not boring, its creative and awesome! I mean, Erin Hunter uses 'heart' in the warrior series to, like Lionheart, Fireheart, etc. I think that it is a flame-coated tom - lilydoestopten

A ginger tabby tom with a nice personality - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan


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2 Darkheart

This is nice! Darkheart doesn't always mean that you are evil. Like Darkstripe, and others. Besides, this is other people's ideas, and I respect it. - lilydoestopten

Geez, warriors geeks these days. Can't you appreciate the beauty of simple names?! I, for one, can easily describe a cat named Darkheart.A dark gray or black tom with fiery amber eyes and an attitude. A name doesn't have to be super pretty or creative. Cheezers.

I think of a dark gray tom or she-cat with a black tail and feet. They would be brave, helpful, and kind (hence the suffix heart) - Embershine

That's kind of offensive. Like your clan leader saying that you're evil.

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3 Eaglewing

Some people are saying that its not creative, but some warrior names in the books are sometimes not creative. Like Brackenfur, for example. Bracken is good prefix, but fur is normal, its not awesome. I'm not saying I don't like Brackenfur, he's an awesome cat. So why don't you just respect these ideas? - lilydoestopten

If you ask me, it's a real great name.

Nice for a simple cat!

(Eaglewing is a good name! I'll just write a (COMPLETELY NON-LIVING story of him.)(the characters are completely fake and never-living! NEVER-LIVING, okay? Thanks for knowing) Now enjoy this story)
Eaglekit is born to Feathershine and Silverpelt of WindClan. he has two sister called Hawkkit and Birdkit. Silverpelt is his father, and Feathershine is his mother.
One day Eaglekit decided to go out of the nursery, alone.
Eaglekit? Eaglekit...! Mom where is he? Where did he go? Birdkit squeaked. She was only a few moons old, and she had no idea what a fresh-kill pile was, and did not know what danger lies outside the camp. She can easily sneak out of camp, and try to find her brother.
Feathershine always took great care for her kits, and hoped they would become strong, fine warriors, like their father. Right now she was very afraid; her hackles up with fear.
Eaglekit s...lost? Feathershine asked, and started to tremble, but tried to stay ...more

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4 Owlstrike

Grate name

I have a cat called Owlglance in the roleplay.

Uhm, I have a question.
On the female one, all the cats are named, like, Feathermist or Silversong.
On the male, it's like, Wolfstrike or Flameclaw.

5 Phoenixwing

It's a great name, but a cat doesn't know what a phoenix is - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Doesn't sound nice, and cats have no idea what a phoenix is, nor do they exist.

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6 Firestorm

I think of a flame-colored tom or she-cat with pale ginger specks and deep blue eyes. - Embershine

This is like, Firestar/heart/paw/Rusty and Sandstorm/paw's ship name!

7 Grassfur

Guess what, haters? A warrior cats name doesn't have to be super duper unique, like Eaglestrike or Ashtalon! The whole point of the name is to give you an image of what that cat looks like! I ask you, try to describe a cat named Firestream LOOKS ONLY. Hard, right? Now try to describe a cat named Grassfur. I can easily see a dark brown tabby with emerald green eyes and a matted pelt. If you think about it, many cats in the original series have names like Willowpelt, Bluefur, even MOUSEfur! That's what helps make a warrior a warrior! And if you don't appreciate the naming process, then in a way you don't appreciate warriors.

Creative and interesting! Like I said, not every warrior name has to be creative! Even in the books, sometimes they are not creative. Like think of Bluefur. Bluestar has blue fur. Not to creative, but awesome! Grass is not a common prefix, so I respect this idea! - lilydoestopten

Where is creativity Answer: up your kitty butt!

I have to say, DOES EVERY CAT NEED A NAME LIKE "pretty sparkles" or "dark blood"? Really guys, this is an AWESOME name. DON'T YOU DARE CONTRADICT ME!

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8 Ripplefern

I love this name! I think of a sleek, gloss-furred she. She lives in River man (duh) and is very ambitious. She is a lot like Squirrelflight, independent and head-strong.

Gray tabby with green eyes, - Oliveleaf

9 Wispwillow

Sounds more like a she-cat's name

More of a she cat name.

I agree with you. Sounds a bit like a regect party. Or a homo. Either one
You choose.

10 Twistedbranch

I like it too it's unique without being absolutely crazy.

Brown tom with a twisted leg, senior warrior of his clan. - ShadestrikeOfDarkClan

I agree with @ShadestrikeOfDarkClan.

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? Shadeflame

This is a gray and ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes. He is the father of the main character in my book. His mate is Leafstorm. They have many kits. Their first litter is three she-cats and one tom. Sunblaze(ginger tabby tom with white belly and green eyes oldest), Honeybreeze(pale ginger tabby she-cat with leaf green eyes), Embershine(tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. medicine cat MAIN CHARACTER), and Cherrysplash (tortoiseshell she-cat with bright ginger splashes and blue eyes VERY shy Youngest). The second litter is Echolight( tortoiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes), Flamekit(ginger tabby tom DEAD), and Creekheart(looks just like Embershine). They have another litter with six kits but five of them are stillborn and the one that survives is blind. Her name is Goldenstream(golden ginger she-cat with a gray streak on her back and pale blue eyes) Shadeflame dies protecting Goldenstream(Goldenpaw then) in a battle. - Embershine

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11 Blackstripe

Nice name
Unlike SunsetShimmer
It's very simple and cool
I like it, along with DarkStripe and DanglingStar

12 Shadowbreeze

Sounds like a dark gray tom with thick fur and amber eyes. I think he would be very fast and brave. - Embershine

No I made this name! You stole it!

He would so be wild hawks mate

Ooh - River-Reed

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13 Silvershadow

Black with silver stripes knew warrior already has apperintice and going to be deputy soon out cast in his family, secretive no mate or kits in love with rouge

A lithe, agile silver tabby tom with blue eyes. Very mysterious and secretive. Has characteristics similar to those of ShadowClan.

...I put this on a few other lists, so don't be surprised if you see it somewhere else.

14 Poopyface

Okay... Definitely funny, but you serious, bro?

Wow. Just wow. Poppy face, maybe, but no.

Do they even know the word 'poop? ' - lilydoestopten

Just stop. - Spottedtail

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15 Birchwing

I like this, like a yellow cat with creamy white and black patches. - Embershine

Love this one. Normal, not too creative, and has a good ring to it.

A brown tom with darker brown ears and hind paws. Has darker brown stripe underneath left eye. Emerald green eyes. Using it in a fanfic.

I love how 'Birch' is in the name. Birch is not a common name, and I love it! - lilydoestopten

16 Eagleflight

I love the prefix Eagle- and I love the suffix -flight. Put the, together and you get a GREAT name!

My OC. And my dad's warrior name. Mrrow of laughter.
Anyway... Light brown tabby tom with lighter stripes, white chest, underbelly, paws and yellow eyes.

A pale brown tom with a scruffy white head and dark brown eyes.
Father: HeronClaw, a black, white, and brown dappled tom with amber eyes.
Mother: WhiteWing, a white she cat with brown ears and blue eyes.
Sister: DoveNose, a pale grey she cat with dark brown spots and yellow eyes.
Brother: GorseLeaf, a dark grey tom with dark brown stripes and swirls
EagleFlight is a skilled WindClan warrior.

17 Fartrachel

I don't think a cat would have this name. - Oliveleaf

Pfft... Fart!

Lovely - River-Reed

Fartachel... Wait so its Fart Achel? - lilydoestopten

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18 Fireshade

Good - Oliveleaf

Ok. He has fiery fur and amber eyes. He has also a littermate, Flamelight. As an apprentice, Firepaw didn't seem to have an "identity", it seemed to be never "Firepaw", but "Flamepaw's brother", while his sister got a lot of attention and was better than him at everything. Flamepaw became warrior before Firepaw, being renamed as "Flamelight", for her light shining so bright (this is a metaphor, means that she became so great). Without having his sister in the den, Firepaw became truely invisible, until the day a fox invaded the camp. It killed the leader, and the deputy and his mother, Hazelfern, who always supported him, got the leadership. Firepaw was the one to kill the fox, so Hazelstar made him warrior. Fireshade was his warrior name, for always being like Flamelight's shadow. His best friend was a cream she cat with reddish orange eyes called Berryflower. She had a sister, Sweetfrost, who was mates with a tom called Sparkfang. Flamelight was in love with him, so she killed ...more

19 Rowanflame


i like it

20 Flamestrike

Not creative and overused.

I like it

Guess WHAT? All of you haters who say names like this are 'not creative' and 'overused' cannot call yourselves real warriors fans. Real warriors fans GET the concept of names. What would you prefer this name to be, PrettyFlameSparkleSkyTwinkle?

I love this name, creator, and I appreciate your love for the original naming concept. :3

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