Top 10 Non-Extreme Metal Bands Formed in the 21st Century

The Top Ten Non-Extreme Metal Bands Formed in the 21st Century

1 Theocracy Theocracy is a Christian progressive power metal band founded in 2002 by Matt Smith of Athens, Georgia.
2 Epica Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from After Forever.
3 Skull Fist

Songs: Get Fisted, Hour to Live, Head of the Pack, Heavier Than Metal - Metal_Treasure

4 Unisonic Unisonic is a German hard rock/power metal supergroup, founded in 10 November 2009 by Helloween singer Michael Kiske alongside Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou from Pink Cream 69 and Mandy Meyer, formerly in Asia and Gotthard.
5 Traveler

Formed in 2017, in 2019 they released a pretty good debut album, self-titled. Songs: Starbreaker, Mindless Maze - Metal_Treasure

6 Alestorm Alestorm is a heavy metal band originally from Perth, Scotland. Their music is characterized by a pirate theme, and as a result they have been dubbed a "pirate metal" band by many critics and their fanbase.
7 Kobra and the Lotus Kobra and the Lotus is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and songwriter Kobra Paige.
8 Flametal

Brilliant! - PhoenixAura81

9 Equilibrium Equilibrium is a German folk metal band. The band's music combines elements of folk music, power metal, black metal and symphonic metal with various other influences.

They use harsh vocals so it's debatable whether they are extreme or not - Metal_Treasure

10 TesseracT Tesseract are a British progressive metal band from Milton Keynes, England. The band, formed in 2003, consists of Daniel Tompkins, Alec "Acle" Kahney, James Monteith, Amos Williams, and Jay Postones. The band is currently signed to Kscope.

Not exactly metal - they are prog rock - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Eluveitie
12 Visigoth
13 Earthside

Widely considered as progressive rock/metal. But they aren't on Metal Archives so they are perhaps only rock for now. - Metal_Treasure

14 Teräsbetoni Teräsbetoni is a Finnish power metal band formed in 2002. They got their first recording contract thanks to a petition, started by excited fans who wanted a recording contract for the band and sent it to several record companies. In 2008 Teräsbetoni represented Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest more.
15 Trollfest
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