Top Ten Non-Heterosexual Relationship Related Songs

This is a list about songs that focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual or any other sexuality themed songs. The songs are supposed to Not be songs supporting diffrent sexualities but more of songs that have a same sex relationship or any other sexuality that isn't heterosexual in focus of lyrics or music video or songs sung by a non heterosexual.

The Top Ten

1 She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert
2 Closer - Tegan and Sara

The video includes same sex couples + I think the singers are lesbian or something, so it counts. - JelloLife

3 Jenny - Studio Killers
4 If I Had You - Adam Lambert
5 Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

This song is more supportive I guess but the video features a same sex romance so it counts. - JelloLife

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6 My Boots - Lights

I know the girl she sings about is just a big metaphor for winter in Canada but if you ignore that and imagine it's a real girl then it's obviously a song about a girl who's in love with a popular girl. - JelloLife

7 Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the Disco
8 Die Young - Ke$ha

This song has nothing to do with homosexuality I don't think. I think it's a song about either partying or living your life like you're going to die tomorrow so you better make the most of it. If it is about homosexuality however I can always look up the instrumental version on YouTube or something. - RiverClanRocks

Like I said. There's always the instrumental. Besides, I never liked the lyrics. - RiverClanRocks

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9 Don't Let Me Go - Harry Styles

Harry is bi so it counts - JelloLife

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10 Ghost - Halsey

The video features a same sex couple + Halsey is bisexual. - JelloLife

The Contenders

11 I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry
12 Hey Ya - Outkast
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