Top 10 Non-Instrumental Yngwie Malmsteen Songs

Yngwie Malmsteen is known for his neo-classical metal instrumentals but he also released many songs with vocals that are less known.

The Top Ten

1 Rising Force

Joe Lynn Turner got himself mixed into neoclassical metal. - zxm

One of the top guitar shredding masterpieces, moreover it's with vocals. Great riffs, dueling solos guitar-keyboards, chorus, vox, lyrics.
vox and lyrics: Joe Lynn Turner (he was in Rainbow and Deep Purple) - Metal_Treasure

2 Liar

Power metal of 1986 with incredible vocals by Mark Boals and of course, solos. - Metal_Treasure

3 I Am a Viking

Vox: Jeff Scott Soto - Metal_Treasure

4 Dreaming (Tell Me)

One of the best and most beautiful metal ballads.
vox: Joe Lynn Turner - Metal_Treasure

5 As Above, So Below

One of the first power metal songs (1984). Helloween didn't invent power metal as many believe. And Rainbow had power metal songs even before Yngwie.
vox: Jeff Scott Soto - Metal_Treasure

6 You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
7 Dream On

Amazing Aerosmith cover, one of the best in metal.
Vox: Dio - Metal_Treasure

8 Crystal Ball
9 Faster Than the Speed of Light
10 Anguish and Fear

Vox: Jeff Scott Soto - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Heaven Tonight
12 Riot in the Dungeons
13 Deja Vu
14 Dark Ages
15 Fury
16 The Sails of Charon
17 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

ABBA cover, one of the top 3 metal covers of pop songs.
vocals by Mark Boals - Metal_Treasure

18 Queen in Love

One of his poppiest songs but many people like it.
vocals by Mark Boals - Metal_Treasure

19 Magic Mirror
20 Seventh Sign

Vox Mike Vescera - Metal_Treasure

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