Top Ten Non-Japanese Songs that Should Be Theme Songs of Anime Series

Japanese music has a very distinctive sound but sometimes certain songs by artists from other countries have a resemblance. You don't know what but something reminds you of the opening or closing themes of anime series (the original ones, not the altered dub for Western audiences).

The Top Ten

1 Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
2 Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs
3 Engel der Nacht - Blümchen

Would fit for a magical girl anime. - Martin_Canine

4 Cut You Up - Peter Murphy
5 Being with You - Smokey Robinson
6 Fallen World - Dragonforce

Would fit for an epic fantasy or adventure anime. - Martin_Canine

7 Bus Stop - The Hollies
8 Written in Blood - Beyond the Black

Would fit for an epic dark fantasy anime. - Martin_Canine

9 Devil Inside - INXS
10 Reise durch die Zeit - Blümchen

Would fit for a magical girl anime. - Martin_Canine

The Newcomers

? L'autruche - Lee Maddeford
? Chez Le Coupe-Tifs - Lee Maddeford

The Contenders

11 Save a Prayer - Duran Duran
12 Fight - Natalia Barbu Fight - Natalia Barbu

Would fit for a dark fantasy anime or a horror anime. - Martin_Canine

13 Take On Me - a-ha
14 Frei Wie Der Wind - Nena

This song would fit for about any anime that is more dramatic and epic in tone, and not so much comic.
The lyrics are about a revolutionary, but it could be as well be interpreted as being about a fighter as well, maybe a chosen one who wants to free mankind of some kind of evil powers or something like that. - Martin_Canine

15 Things We Said Today - The Beatles
16 Under the Milky Way - The Church
17 Eisenwind - StrawbellyCake

This will definitely be perfect for my favourite anime Cory In The House! - TwilightKitsune

Would fit for a romantic anime or a magical girl anime. - Martin_Canine

18 The Throne - Blind Guardian

Perfect for a very epic dark fantasy anime. - Metal_Treasure

19 Play Dead - Björk

This song sounds so much like Megumi Hayashibara but with English lyrics and a different sounding voice... the strings in the background, the beat, the tempo, the melody, everything reminds me of her slower music. - Martin_Canine

Would fit for a closing song of just about any anime. - Martin_Canine

20 Dead to the World - Nightwish Dead to the World - Nightwish

Would fit for a dark fantasy anime. - Martin_Canine

21 Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
22 Sautecroche - Marie Henchoz

Ending Theme (2004)

23 Le Rap de Séraphine - Annick Caretti

Opening from "Lucky Star" (2007).

24 Hellracer - Vanilla Ninja

Okay, the lyrics kind of make this very specific, but the music alone would fit for an action anime. - Martin_Canine

25 Ride Into Obsession - Blind Guardian

For epic dark fantasy or adventure anime. - Metal_Treasure

26 Come Cover Me - Nightwish

Would fit for a dramatic fantasy anime. - Martin_Canine

27 Feed the Machine - Nickelback

Would fit for a cyberpunk anime. - Martin_Canine

28 Duck Tales Theme - Ducktales

If there was a Duck Hunt anime, this should be the theme as a joke!

29 Shrine - The Dambuilders
30 Orinoco Flow - Enya
31 Major Tom - Peter Schilling
32 Monsieur Fil-De-Fer - Marie Henchoz

Opening Theme (2004)

33 Cartoon Heroes - Aqua
34 Barbie Girl - Aqua
35 Bumblebee - Bambee
36 Baby Baby - Bambee
37 Typical Tropical - Bambee
38 Les Chaussettes Perdues - Marie Henchoz
39 Le Chewing-Gum - Lee Maddeford
40 Le Moustique - Lee Maddeford
41 Les Petits Bobos - Lee Maddeford
42 L'automne - Lee Maddeford
43 Le Pingouin - Lee Maddeford
44 Les Sorcières Et Cie - Annick Caretti
45 Saute-Mouille la Grenouille - Lee Maddeford
46 Les Ballons - Marie Henchoz
47 Charabia - Lee Maddeford
48 Le Rock Des Casseroles - Lee Maddeford
49 Tropique Chanson - Lee Maddeford
50 Le Kangourou - Lee Maddeford
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1. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
2. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs
3. Cut You Up - Peter Murphy
1. Engel der Nacht - Blümchen
2. Fallen World - Dragonforce
3. Written in Blood - Beyond the Black


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