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41 Fire Castform

The weather pokemon is awesome!
Here I'm gonna demonstrat what I did with my two castforms in a double battle.

Castform 1 (the castform with higher speed)
Moves: rain dance, sunny day, hail, sandstorm.
Castform 2 (the attacker)
Moves: thunder, solarbeam, blizzard, weather ball

Strategy: castform 1 being faster, changes weather. Then castform 2 uses the move that will benefit from the weather change. So if I want to use thunder then I change weather to rain for 100% accuracy. Solarbeam to sunlight for no charge up, blizzard for hail fo 100% accuracy again, and weather ball for all weather so I have a very diverse set of moves

Types matchup:
-Normal: nothing
-Fire: weather ball in rain or sandstorm
-water: thunder or solarbeam
-electric: nothing
-grass: weather ball in sun or hail and blizzard
- ice: weather ball in sun or sandstorm
-poison: nothing
-ground: solarbeam, blizzard, or weather ball in rain or ...more

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42 Heatmor Heatmor

I like him. Poor forgotten anteater...

Come on he's got powerful moves good stats and destroys Pokémon for lunch

43 Torchic Torchic

Since when was torchic not on his list he should be because its not only the best Pokemon in history it is so cute!

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44 Houndour Houndour

Awesome design and very underrated. Houndoom is awesome, but Houndour is cute as well as badass looking, great for any type of trainer. Plus, my Lv 20 Houndour was able to take out Sabrina entirely by itself in Heartgold, type strength, yeah, but it still wrecked, especially due to it's low level

45 Turtwig Turtwig V 2 Comments
46 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Not always fire but has a form of every type you need the respective plates

Best Pokemon ever seen

I can't believe you didn't vote Arceus

Arceus can control the Pokémon universe he can beat anything he can put every single Pokémon by his side that ever lived he is the best

47 Tepig Tepig

Tepig is pretty cute, I have to admit, but when it evolves into its final evolution Emboar it is so boss! I have one in Alpha Sapphire (I got it from trading on the GTS) and now its an Emboar, believe or not, and although it hasn't really learnt any fighting type moves yet its still pretty good. Besides, mine learnt Assurance, and it's a good dark type move.

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48 Combusken Combusken

Yay though its design is horrible it is powerful and is any grass types nightmare!

49 Quilava Quilava
50 Oricorio
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