Top Ten Non Legendary Fire Pokemon

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41 Combusken Combusken

Yay though its design is horrible it is powerful and is any grass types nightmare!

42 Quilava Quilava
43 Oricorio
44 Fire Castform

The weather pokemon is awesome!
Here I'm gonna demonstrat what I did with my two castforms in a double battle.

Castform 1 (the castform with higher speed)
Moves: rain dance, sunny day, hail, sandstorm.
Castform 2 (the attacker)
Moves: thunder, solarbeam, blizzard, weather ball

Strategy: castform 1 being faster, changes weather. Then castform 2 uses the move that will benefit from the weather change. So if I want to use thunder then I change weather to rain for 100% accuracy. Solarbeam to sunlight for no charge up, blizzard for hail fo 100% accuracy again, and weather ball for all weather so I have a very diverse set of moves

Types matchup:
-Normal: nothing
-Fire: weather ball in rain or sandstorm
-water: thunder or solarbeam
-electric: nothing
-grass: weather ball in sun or hail and blizzard
- ice: weather ball in sun or sandstorm
-poison: nothing
-ground: solarbeam, blizzard, or weather ball in rain or ...more

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45 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Not always fire but has a form of every type you need the respective plates

Best Pokemon ever seen

I can't believe you didn't vote Arceus

Arceus can control the Pokémon universe he can beat anything he can put every single Pokémon by his side that ever lived he is the best

46 Torchic Torchic

Since when was torchic not on his list he should be because its not only the best Pokemon in history it is so cute!

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47 Heatmor Heatmor

I like him. Poor forgotten anteater...

Come on he's got powerful moves good stats and destroys Pokémon for lunch

48 Magcargo Magcargo

Magcargo is amazing. He is almost twice as hot as the surface of the sun. This means water that would normally be super effective against fire would instantly turn to steam. Everyone around this cut, little Pokemon would die.

Might not be that good but its Much better than some pokemon on this list like Chimchar and Charmander

49 Turtwig Turtwig V 2 Comments
50 Camerupt Camerupt

Best fire type Pokemon easy! Has two great types. Has both great attack and special attack with pretty good defense only thing holding him back is speed but it's still the best fire type him and arcanine are the top two easy!

Camerupt is the BEST! Among the REST!

Nobody like a cow with volcanoes on it back

Hey guys I got a free Camerupt from the battle resort after defeating the elite four in Alpha Sapphire. It knew NO ground or fire moves, which sucked so bad, but now I've taught it some great TMs like overheat and earthquake, its actually pretty good. By the way I got a Sharpedo with it too

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