Best Non-Loud The Loud House Characters

The Top Ten

1 Clyde McBride
2 Ronnie Anne Santiago Ronnie Ann Santiago is a fictional character from The Loud House as one of Lincoln's best friends and Bobby's younger sister who was first mentioned by name in the episode "Heavy Meddle" as a girl who relentlessly harassed Lincoln in which his sisters convince him that her bullying really meant that more.

She is in Love with Lincoln.

I know this is not the ship page but it’s impossible not to ship them

3 Bobby Santiago
4 Haiku
5 Mr. Grouse
6 Agnes Johnson
7 Sam Sharp

I ❤ her and Luna they are such a beautiful couple. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

8 Mall Cop Captain
9 Rocky Spokes
10 Baseball Commentator

The Contenders

11 Giggles
12 Bobbie Fletcher
13 Dana
14 Tabby
15 Rusty Spokes
16 Liam
17 Coach Pacowski
18 Polly Pain
19 Harold McBride
20 Howard McBride
21 Carlino Casagrande
22 Zach
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