Top Ten Non-Metal Albums with One Metal Track


The Top Ten

1 Burn - Deep Purple

Burn is a technical heavy metal song, but the rest songs from the album are heavy blues rock songs. - somekindofaguy

2 Fireball - Deep Purple

Fireball is an early speed metal song, but the rest songs from the album are heavy blues based rock songs. - somekindofaguy

3 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Technically the only metal song from the album is the self-titled song. - somekindofaguy

4 Love at First Sting - Scorpions

Coming Home after the soft part. - somekindofaguy

5 Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

Stone Cold Crazy - somekindofaguy

6 Very 'eavy... Very 'umble - Uriah Heep

The U.S. version - Bird of Prey - somekindofaguy

7 Slip of the Tongue - Whitesnake

The Self-titled song. - somekindofaguy

8 Van Halen - Van Halen

Well, Eruption actually is an early neoclassical metal solo - somekindofaguy

9 Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

Well, I'm always thinking so much about Immigrant Song is hard rock or metal, but it's heavier than simply hard rock songs (mostly because the riff) and isn't really blues based song. I'm not saying it's viking metal as some people say, but I think it's easily an early metal song, and the only metal song by Led Zeppelin. - somekindofaguy

10 Sweet Fanny Adams - Sweet

Set Me Free.
There's also a song named "Sweet F.A." with a pure metal riff, but the vocals are only hard rock on this track. - somekindofaguy

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