Top 10 Non-Musical Disney Animated Movies

One of the things that Disney movies are most well-known for is the songs that come from each movie. However, just because a movie is from Disney doesn't mean they have to have any songs. Therefore, if you are searching for a Disney movie, but don't like it when characters sing, or at least randomly burst into song, here are a few recommendations. Also, I will be counting entries that have songs, but not a bunch of them. Big Hero 6 and Meet the Robinsons will count since they contain songs, but not enough to be considered musicals. Lilo and Stitch and Bambi can be included since they have a number of songs, but they are presented in montages while they have enough songs to be considered a musical, I won't consider it one. The Great Mouse Detective won't be included either. Great Mouse Detective has songs, including one sung by Ratigan and some er, prostitute lady... However, the entry has to be fully animated, so Who Framed Roger Rabbit won't count. Lastly, the movie has to be purely Disney, so no Pixar movies, no matter how much you want to put them on. Let's be clear: almost all Pixar movies have no actual songs, other than Coco. If you want, point out if I added an entry that is a musical since I'm not a Disney super fan even if I love Disney.

The Top Ten

1 The Fox and the Hound

I don't think so, I mean it had some singing in it so it is a musical after all.

2 Zootopia

Quick question: am I allowed to add The Great Mouse Detective to this list or not? It only has three songs, while Bambi has four and The Fox and the Hound has five. I know you said this is about movies where the songs aren't sung by the characters, but in The Fox and the Hound, Big Mama sings three of the five songs, Amos Slade sings one, and Widow Tweed sings the first part of Goodbye May Seem Forever. Also, another movie with only three songs is One Hundred and One Dalmatians, and only one of them (Cruella De Vill) plays an important role in the film. And the other two are really short, with one of them being a jingle from a commercial and the last one is the closing song for the film. - Disney1994

What about One Hundred and One Dalmatians? Like I said, it only has three songs and only one of them plays an important role in the film. Also The Rescuers is another one with only four songs (like Bambi), and also like Bambi, most of the songs are sung off-screen. - Disney1994

Zootopia has the song "Try Everything" sung by one of the characters named Gizelle (Shakira IRL), but that's most of the musical elements other than parodied song titles. Also, the song is played during a concert at the end of the movie, and it's only one song. This movie is also very cool. - listotaku17

And what I mean by no actual songs is no songs that are actually song out in the movie... - listotaku17

3 Big Hero 6

The only song that Big Hero 6 has is "Immortals" by Fall-Out Boy, but this song plays during a montage. Other than that, this movie doesn't necessarily have any other songs going along with it. - listotaku17

I love that! - penis

4 Bolt

This has no songs with it. - listotaku17

5 The Rescuers Down Under

Doesn't contain any songs - listotaku17

6 Bambi
7 Wreck-It Ralph

Yey this got number four! Let's bring it to the top, it had a better villain reveal than Zootopia!

Awe why did this go down to number seven ;(

This movie contains no songs sung by a single character at all, whatsoever. - listotaku17

8 The Emperor's New Groove

This song only has one song, not a whole gallery of them. - listotaku17

9 Lilo & Stitch

You know what? It does have sings, but only one part of one song is actually sung by characters, so why not? - listotaku17

10 Treasure Planet

Contains no songs whatsoever. - listotaku17

The Contenders

11 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Pretty much the only movie that has a princess in it, but not a single song... - listotaku17

The Black Cauldron also has a princess and no songs. But other than that... - Disney1994

12 Meet the Robinsons

Has a few songs, but doesn't involve the characters themselves singing, I think... - listotaku17

13 The Black Cauldron
14 Brave

My favorite

15 Dinosaur

Doesn't contain any songs. - listotaku17

16 The Incredibles

Great family superhero movie, and none of the characters sing.

17 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
18 The Rescuers
19 The Great Mouse Detective
20 Lady and the Tramp
21 Steamboat Willie
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