Greatest Non-Offensive Ways to Get Revenge


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1 Make them pee the bed
2 Ignore their existence

My sister often screams "don't talk to me, I hate you" so I completely ignored her for almost two days

Did that to my older sister for a long time because she was being mean.

My younger brother started to think I am imposter since I normally talk so much.weird right

3 Pull their pants down

Also extreme

4 Cruelly insult them in front of their crush

Some insults are never forgotten- by both, one who witness and one who face - yatharthb

Well, that's one way of taking the revenge, but beware of his/her crush! - Kiteretsunu

Okay! Okay! That's too far...

I think 'Revenge' is something one shouldn't take..It's absolutely useless, you aren't going to gain anything from that...It'll simply destroy your soul, I dunno about others...But I don't hate, If I observe an inimical or negative feeling from an Individual for me, I'll just ignore that person...As I know talking won't do a thing and I don't have interest in being back stabbed either...
Revenge is for fools. - Ananya

5 Trip them up
6 Put a used Condom in his/her room when his/her partner visits

Well, this is certainly less elaborate than amputating their limbs while they sleep. - PositronWildhawk

7 Humiliate them
8 Steal their credit card and give it to someone

This won't even put you in trouble - yatharthb

9 Bribe the waiter to put some insects in his/her food
10 Make fun of them

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11 Put maggots all over their home

This is worse than death if the person is a maggot hater - yatharthb

12 Make them feel guilty
13 Get them fired
14 Play a trick on them

My crush does this to me so many times! Time for payback

I'll try this on my sister.

15 Decrease their self-esteem

Way too far! This kinda crap leads to suicide!

16 Hide their underwear

My grandma was over! lol

17 Annoy them, and see how they like it

I tried it, and I am now grounded. -Reviewed by Cera

Gonna do this to my crush

18 Destroy their favourite stuff
19 When they clean up, make a mess

This worked so well

20 Ruin everything for them

Tried it on my 9 year old like a charm

21 Puts panties in their bags
22 Tell their crush that he/she wants to break up
23 Force him to listen to Justin Bieber
24 Force him to watch Dora The Explorer
25 Throw food at them
26 Attract cockroaches

To scare them!

27 Put make-up on him while he's asleep
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1. Make them pee the bed
2. Pull their pants down
3. Ignore their existence
1. Cruelly insult them in front of their crush
2. Put a used Condom in his/her room when his/her partner visits
3. Steal their credit card and give it to someone


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