Top Ten Non-Playable Races In The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


The Top Ten

1 Dwemer (Dwarf)

They aren't actually short it says they were Bigger than Nords, But anyways, They are really Interesting, They have so many different quests or Quests involving themselves and there is just something I find really cool about them, I Enjoy going throughout any Dwemer ruins I can find because sometimes there are Really Awesome Quests that can be started in them, They are also a big part of the game seeing as how there are a lot about them and are somehow involved in like 40% of all Quests. Not to mention there Lore is one of the biggest and most mysterious of them all.

Now come on who wouldn't want to be a dwarf you would be cute and when enemies are swinging high you are swinging low

You know what's ironic? The Dwemer are actually a race of elves. - LordDovahkiin

2 Snow Elf
3 Maormer (Sea Elf)
4 Ayleid (Heartland High Elf)
5 Chimer
6 Reachmen
7 Aldmer (First One)
8 Akavir
9 Atmoran
10 Falmer

Falmar are the coolest looking and have magick

No. Falmer are retarded. - LordDovahkiin

The Contenders

11 Tsaesci
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