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1 Till I Collapse

This is rap at its best. It's a pity Nate Dogg isn't around anymore. His voice complements Eminem's rap perfectly.

The beats are just awesome.. addicted to the chorus..

"Why is space bound on here, it's the fourth single for recovery and why is white america here too it's also a single on TES.

This is a single

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2 Rock Bottom

Early Eminem talking about the problems in his life. The soft side of his voice is perfect for the song and he compliments it with simple but interesting beat. - bobsmith

Most underrated song ever! Whenever I get down, it reminds I really have a lot and should be thankful. But also great lyrics and beat. This is by far his best song of the 90's.

This song is sad but it makes you feel good

This song is definitely best Non-Single Eminem song.

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3 Renegade

Jay-Z and Eminem together on the blueprint album just going full out. It is probably one of the most under appreciated Eminem songs out there. Listen too it once and you will fall in love with there music, its that good! Cause I'm a renegade!

I m also renegade great beat and flow

It is a blast of a song

Awesome song, but not an eminem song...

4 No Apologies

Absolutely brilliant! Sick beat and Em still kills it. This is easily his most underrated work and also could be a legitimate candidate for his best song period! Just listen to it! You have to!

The most underrated Eminem songs are No Apologies, Soldier, & So Bad... And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few since basically ever Eminem song is dope.

This song and the album deserves more respect.

This track is insane

5 Bad Guy

Bad Guy indeed the best song on the album and a great sequel. Its like a story in which I can picture Matthew saying stuff and doing it like killing Eminem. A great story and the flawless link that it makes with the single stan. One must surely listen to it

This song shows Eminem picking up where Stan left off, and hoo boy, it might be his most cleverly thought out song since that. - WonkeyDude98

This should be second after Till I Collapse.

Possibly Em's best song

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6 Marshall Mathers

He discussed some personal issues, the guitar was very good and the lyrics were very good.

Best song on the marshall mathers LP the majority of his classic songs are on the marshall mathers LP and some good ones on the slim shady Linkin Park the Eminem show also has good songs Linkin Park Linkin Park Linkin Park

His most underrated song, it's just so good.

Why do you keep on saying Linkin Park. I know most of people call Linkin Park in short form LP. But there is another meaning of LP which means album.

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7 Kill You

Awesome track! One of my favorites. - EMBIGNASPAC

This was released as a single in 2001…

8 Kim

One song I will always remember, so much anger in this song. One of the best

In terms of music, this song isn't good. However, Eminem's performance is purely amazing. - kempokid

This song sucks

9 8 Mile

Better then Lose Yourself in my opinion.

Easily the best track Em has ever done!

Great song! Very underrated!

Down this 8 mile road

10 Cinderella Man

Not just the most underrated Eminem song but the most underrated song of all time

EMINEM...enough said!

This one is great pump up song just like Till I Collapse
Recovery rules!

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? Killshot

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11 Scary Movie
12 97 Bonnie and Clyde

Talks about his issues with his wife and talks about killing her with halie easily one of the songs that stands out on the slip shady ep or the slim shady lp and if the song stands out most of the time it's a single - burningninja06

13 25 to Life
14 Still Don't Give a F***

One of the best song out! Deserves awards, a video and is extremely underrated! Great to listen to when chilling. Classic Eminem at the top, and staying at the top

Oldschool at its best. A really classic beat, also dope lyrics, if you are a fan of eminem and classic rap you got to love this song! The best song on the SSLP!

Sequel to just don't care and saying you know - burningninja06

15 Brain Damage

One of Eminem's best songs! How is this not higher in the list! After hearing it one or 2 times you will realise how AMAZING this song is! Vote this up!

Top 5 best on sslp

16 Hailie's Song

Em thinks he can't sing but he is so wrong, plus the hook is so catchy.

Great song. Raw emotion, last verse is just great.

17 Rabbit Run
18 Yellow Brick Road

What is wrong with you. Needs to definitely be in the top 10. It has such a fantastic beat to it. It is also very inspirational. You will be hooked the first few times you listen to it, and forever after that.

In my opinion, its one of the better songs on Encore, totally should be in top 10!


19 Cold Wind Blows

This is one of the best and smartest song's Em has ever written, easily his best non-single!

20 A**hole
21 One Day at a Time

Eminem is at his best in this song. Being on the same song as Tupac really brought another side of Eminem.

Great song thank you

22 Desperation
23 Stay Wide Awake

Insane beats, crazy rhyme specially second verse, every sentences are all rhyme

24 White America
25 Legacy

Great track off MMLP2

26 Drug Ballad
27 Evil Twin

Incredible song!

Badass beat, great lyrics, killer wordplay. Honestly I think this is one of Eminem’s best songs if not the best!

28 Criminal

Why is this so low? One of the best songs by Em

How is this so low?

Rhyme and flow is all perfect


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29 I'm Back

Great lyrically and really exemplifies the Slim Shady persona. Definitely should be in the top 10 non-single Em tracks

You kidding? This is my third favorite Eminem song of all time, and it's down here? - cachu

Great song but it's a single

It was the 4th single.. - Midevilnight

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30 Under the Influence
31 Love Game

This song is fantastic and hilarious! Em tells a great story, Kendrick tops that, then Em tops THAT!

Best song ever besides kings never die

32 Public Enemy #1
33 Stronger Than I Was

Very soft, also great attempt at singing from Eminem - Hotheart123

Focuses on Eminem and Kim divorcing

34 Remember Me
35 Seduction
36 My Mom

I love this! Perfect mixture of funny, anger, and catchiness.

37 Won't Back Down


38 Bully

The greatest song in Eminem's entire discography. I heard THIS song being played at a ride in a theme park. What the heck? Lmao.

39 Monster

This song deserves to be in first 3.

Oh my god! This is a single.

This is a single - burningninja06

sigh - Midevilnight

40 Groundhog Day
41 Say Goodbye Hollywood
42 Square Dance
43 My 1st Single
44 Bad Meets Evil
45 Rhyme or Reason
46 Welcome 2 Detroit

You should hear this song, talks about Detroit and troubles and is a very catchy.

47 You're Never Over

Great song probably best Eminem non single song

This is one of the best recovery song

Best Song From Recovery

48 Business
49 Untitled
50 Forgot About Dre

You guys are kidding me right? 50? Yes I know this is technically a Dr Dre song but Eminem does absolutley phenomenal.

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