Best Non-Single Songs from Green Day's Dookie Through American Idiot

These are the best NON-singles songs from Dookie through American Idiot.

The Top Ten

1 Whatsername

Why this wasn't a single, I have no idea. But it deserves number one on this list

I just love this song and I will vote this to the top on any list

2 Burnout

Opening line pretty much sums up the album: "I declare I don't care no more"

3 King for a Day
4 Stuart and the Ave.

This song is awesome

This is basically the "Basket Case" of "Insomniac". The only difference is, I find this way better. One of the catchiest, non-single, songs they've ever written. (Along with "The Grouch" and "Emenius Sleepus".)


5 Give Me Novacaine

I can't tell you why this song is so iconic for me, but I think is one of the best GD non commercial songs

6 The Grouch

So fun but at the same time has a lot of meaning.

7 Pulling Teeth
8 Homecoming
9 Armatage Shanks
10 Bab's Uvula Who?

The Newcomers

? Letterbomb

This is my favorite Green Day song!

My second favorite GD song

The Contenders

11 Take Back

It's loud and angry and I love it. Once dedicated it to a girl I hate. She didn't understand until she read the lyrics. Gold.

12 86
13 Misery
14 Church On Sunday


15 Brat
16 Platypus (I Hate You)
17 Outlaws Outlaws

This isn't between dookie and american idiot - Th3Zm0nst3r

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18 Nuclear Family
19 St. Jimmy
20 Are We the Waiting
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