Top 10 Non-Split Minecraft Pvpers


The Top Ten

1 DeatoDreames

Jitter guy

2 Elmayor30
3 ImBarelyTrying

Great at getting combos

A God at non split(Natural-mode to us w10 users) and superb at aim and combos.

4 12wesley13

This guy always says he is the best of all but he isn't

Dude, I did never say I'm the best.


5 MichPlayz

LOL just checking the list and found this full of excuses and crap on my page and his page but he's decent can be improved -Fantastic

Lol he got exposed by a tweet of him having bug slat

The one who posted him is a jealous guy who tryed to expose saltiness

HqceZ I don't think Fan will do that

6 ChaoticSynergy
7 FeiTJinxy

Wait he left lol

8 Zach4444

I always beat zach -Mich

9 FantasticToast

I ain't here for drama but fantastic is better than me but he should stop targeting -.-

Wow HeroMonster is posting these hate comments

Underrated sometimes and excused sometimes

Toast is win10 lol

10 jkorn10

The Contenders

11 FjerdanWaffles

He so good he kill me in a best of 5 and he get 5 kills! He killed 12wesley13 too.

He is good but HealableCoast35 beat him


Really good

12 LixhSkillz

Lixh rekted ImBarelyTrying. should be on top of him

13 Insan1ty

I Never Remembered Calling People Hacking...Whats Your IGN/Username - Insan1ty

Lol, first I was at last now I'm at 11th how?! - Insan1ty

Nvm I'm back to play mcpe...but I like using split now even though I'm super rusty... - Insan1ty

Why is mich 4e dude, he called me a hacker because I GG7 him...

14 iPureInsanity

Lol he isn't non split he is split lol!

HE is split man

Sorry I just ran out of ideas ;-; - Insan1ty

15 HeroMonster

Too overrated doesn't deserve -The1Nicknames

Your good lol but salty

This guy sucks.. should be top 100

Lol Monster will deserve,you guys Wrong, tell him change is attitude lol

16 GqdLik3
17 Ziaxite

Both good at split and non-split, a talented give a thumbs up for him - Insan1ty

18 Sykzi/Brixn
19 PocketGaming
20 xChqrlez
21 Loqical
22 Josegamer_5

Very good PvPer

23 SodiumGameZ

Logical is SodiumGameZ...

Very good PvP'er should not be underrated

24 Esleunam

This guy is skills like deatoDreamz_ He always comboing people

25 MartinJeanZ_
26 Minifiregamer

Mini is ezzz jk

27 PapayPuppy
28 Arylles92_
29 Rezotiq
30 FqdeTheLoner
31 LuckyHits
32 UnknownExemption

Almost hacker like. A skilled pvper. Hard to comprehend.

33 Acoylze

God at getting combos and it seems like he is reaching whenever I 1v1 him he has beaten many top players before

34 ImBad7w7

Decent up-and comer

35 Shizide

He was bad at past but I think he is really good now - Shizide

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