Top 10 Non-Split Minecraft Pvpers


The Top Ten

1 DeatoDreames

Jitter guy

2 ImBarelyTrying

Great at getting combos

A God at non split(Natural-mode to us w10 users) and superb at aim and combos.

3 Elmayor30
4 12wesley13

This guy always says he is the best of all but he isn't

Dude, I did never say I'm the best.


5 MichPlayz

LOL just checking the list and found this full of excuses and crap on my page and his page but he's decent can be improved -Fantastic

Lol he got exposed by a tweet of him having bug slat

The one who posted him is a jealous guy who tryed to expose saltiness

HqceZ I don't think Fan will do that

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6 ChaoticSynergy
7 FeiTJinxy

Wait he left lol

8 Zach4444

I always beat zach -Mich

9 FantasticToast

I ain't here for drama but fantastic is better than me but he should stop targeting -.-

Wow HeroMonster is posting these hate comments

Underrated sometimes and excused sometimes

Toast is win10 lol

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10 jkorn10

The Contenders

11 FjerdanWaffles

He so good he kill me in a best of 5 and he get 5 kills! He killed 12wesley13 too.

He is good but HealableCoast35 beat him


Really good

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12 LixhSkillz

Lixh rekted ImBarelyTrying. should be on top of him

13 Insan1ty

I Never Remembered Calling People Hacking...Whats Your IGN/Username - Insan1ty

Lol, first I was at last now I'm at 11th how?! - Insan1ty

Nvm I'm back to play mcpe...but I like using split now even though I'm super rusty... - Insan1ty

Why is mich 4e dude, he called me a hacker because I GG7 him...

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14 iPureInsanity

Lol he isn't non split he is split lol!

HE is split man

Sorry I just ran out of ideas ;-; - Insan1ty

15 HeroMonster

Too overrated doesn't deserve -The1Nicknames

Your good lol but salty

This guy sucks.. should be top 100

Lol Monster will deserve,you guys Wrong, tell him change is attitude lol

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16 GqdLik3
17 Ziaxite

Both good at split and non-split, a talented give a thumbs up for him - Insan1ty

18 Sykzi/Brixn
19 PocketGaming
20 xChqrlez
21 Loqical
22 Josegamer_5

Very good PvPer

23 SodiumGameZ

Logical is SodiumGameZ...

Very good PvP'er should not be underrated

24 Esleunam

This guy is skills like deatoDreamz_ He always comboing people

25 MartinJeanZ_
26 Minifiregamer

Mini is ezzz jk

27 PapayPuppy
28 Arylles92_
29 Rezotiq
30 FqdeTheLoner
31 LuckyHits
32 UnknownExemption

Almost hacker like. A skilled pvper. Hard to comprehend.

33 Acoylze

God at getting combos and it seems like he is reaching whenever I 1v1 him he has beaten many top players before

34 ImBad7w7

Decent up-and comer

35 Shizide

He was bad at past but I think he is really good now - Shizide

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