Top 10 Non Studio Album Def Leppard Songs

These are the best songs by Def Leppard that weren't on any Studio album.

The Top Ten Non Studio Album Def Leppard Songs

1 Two Steps Behind

Probably the most well known of all these songs but it was originally from Last Action Hero soundtrack

But its also on Retro Active with another electric version of the song - christangrant

2 Miss You In a Heartbeat

One of their most beautiful songs

Also 3 versions of this song all 3 were on Retro Active

1. Acoustic Version (Most well known)
2. Electric version (best version if you ask me)
3. Piano Version - christangrant

3 Good Morning Freedom

From the Hello America single it's the B Side and this song is 100% Heavy Metal - christangrant

4 Ride Into the Sun

Its from the Def Leppard EP and Retro Active but was never on a studio album.

The one on Retro Active came from the Hysteria single. - christangrant

5 Ring of Fire

On the Armageddon It Single. - christangrant

6 Me & My Wine

Was never on any studio album it's a b side to Bringin on the Heartbreak the remixed version of this song would later be added as a Bonus track along with Bringin on the Heartbreak's remix. - christangrant

7 Fractured Love

Outtake from the Hysteria album - christangrant

8 I Wanna Be Your Hero

On Hysteria Single - christangrant

9 Action

On Make Love Like A Man single - christangrant

10 She's Too Tough

On Heaven Is single - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Only After Dark
12 Desert Song
13 From the Inside
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