Best Non-Uber Battle Cats

The best cats in "The Battle Cats" excluding ubers because they would take up the whole list and pretty much no one has them.

The Top Ten Best Non-Uber Battle Cats

1 Paris Cat

Paris cat has extremely good damage, good health, good range, area attack plus a quick recharge making it spam able. Plus it has a rather low cost. Overall, if you have a level 30 Paris cat you will destroy the Stories of Legends. - Vinoperson123

Honestly a little overrated, but nothing could take her place. Not good for some situations (like Wave attacks) but otherwise just a super powerful cat. Should be made a Super Rare in my opinion

Honestly I have paris cat up to cyborg cat and just beat the 3rd moon I have to say Bahamut CAt is better

Takes down many peons and mini-bosses in an instant (with proper meashielding of course! )

2 Bahamut Cat

I have him, but Paris cat is my 2nd favorite (non-uber) cat because she help me get bahamut

Very situational cat and used in almost every stage in the Stories of Legend you will come across. True form changes his stats immensely. Both are extremely useful in their own way. Bahamut Cat definitely tops Paris Cat for me, you won't be using Paris Cat as often as Bahamut Cat.

High damage, high range, high speed when evolved. Definitely one of the best cats in the game; does more damage than ANY OTHER CAT against all enemies except metal (duh) and Blacks (Yukimura). A must-have in all lineups!

Bahumut cat is going to be on your team for 99% of levels. He costs a ton and has super slow recharge but makes up for it with his ultra powerful area attack and high health. A true MVP. - Vinoperson123

3 Eraser Cat


An undisputed champion of the cat army when it comes to usage. If we haven't clicked this cat picture more than any other we haven't been playing the game correctly.

A god tier cat. This cat is basically the definition of a spam able meat shield. With a cost of only 150 in the Stories of legends this cat is great for stalling due to its high defense and fast recharge. It will be used in practically every single level in the game. (Yes, even those Kory levels. ) - Vinoperson123

You don't really NEED any one cat to beat a stage, but if you did, this would be the one.

4 Crazed Wall Cat

It is awesome

Imagine Eraser cat. Now imagine him with a bit less hp but twice as fast. That's crazed wall. - Vinoperson123

It is one of the best meatshield!

VERY good, a really fast eraser. has more hp than eraser a long while, when eraser is +30 he has more hp, but just crazed wall, he is tanky and fast as hell. I have 21 ubers and this is still a must-have

5 Jiangshi Cat

IT IS THE BEST MEATSHIELD! Survives one lethal strike and with almost ten times attack of normal cat. Brilliant for stalling ranged enemies.

A double meatsheild that comes to your front line almost immediately. What could go wrong?

He is a really good meat shield especially with his ability to survive one lethal strike, he is also easily spammable.

Jiangshi cat is the best meatsheild in the game. Cheap to produce, fast cooldown speed one of the best cats.

6 King Dragon Cat

King dragon cat is amazing. Some set him aside as a crappy Paris cat due to his slower recharge and no area attack however what he has going for him is his damage. King dragon has amazing damage, much more than the average cat, and, if stacked, he can absolutely destroy difficult enemies such as Bun Bun teacher and Kory. - Vinoperson123

Umm normal dragon cat kinda better and the true form of Paris cat is a lot more usefull

King Swagon Cat can be one of the strongest units in game with great damage and good hp. Sometimes better in evolved form, but still amazing

7 Surfer Cat

Awesome Cat! This was my first super rare. in TF He's probably the best super rare in the game for anti-alien

Area attack, freezes aliens, survives lethal strike, not too expensive and fairly fast recharge, range sucks though

I have it and it helped be beat the stages in itF that I was stuck on.

He could be the best super-rare cat for into the future chapter 1 not only he can freeze the aliens he can even survive one lethal hit!

8 Archer Cat

That cat is super super terrible

Pretty damn good with identical stats to a unit that you need to fight a Cyclone to unlock (Space Cat)... Just kidding, it's pretty damn bad... UNLESS YOU LEVEL IT UP TO LEVEL 2 BABY!

The best cat in the game! Can kill a doge in EoC1 with one hit if you upgrade it to level 20!

Why is this cat only 7th place honestly this cat is to good for this list. I still wonder why this cat isn't a uber I have this cat at level 45 and its able to solo chapter 1 moon

9 Artist Cat

Carried me through most of the early game and will never leave my deck

This cat has a permanent place in my front line. He attacks so fast he can beat off the black doges and even face off against the anteaters. They don't recharge very fast but are very cheap. I love this cat so much. When he is levelled to 25+ he can even hold those red heads at bay whilst you fill up your cat bank.

His true form is one of the best meatshields against angels, and can solo many of the angel stages all by itself. You should hypermax it, it will be a really reliable unit

So good man beat all 3 into the future with this alone haha

10 Crazed Dragon Cat

You have both dragons when you could have put a different unit like bomber

Basically King dragon cat but with less damage and a much faster recharge. Would be higher on the list but it has a slightly slower attack animation. - Vinoperson123

I don't have crazed dragon cat :P

The Contenders

11 Ururun Wolf

Great cat in general, you have a guaranteed knock back from 1-5 hits, good health, under average damage but the True form makes the damage about 30’000 damage at level 40, and that damage combined with the attack rate and range makes a great cat for late game players, even if the
ability is mainly luck. Ururun Cat can also carry you through crazed stages even Manics! (Awakened Ururun cat Has insane Dps, Above Decent damage Above average health, good attack rate and recharge time.

A great cat for the later stories of legends. Has decent stats with a high price but we're she really shines is her decently fast attack and nockback effect. - Vinoperson123

Decent speed and great damage plus a good range and to top it all of an awesome desing

he is op

12 Delinquent Cat

He's just the best and if you can't see that you are just stupid

Amazing damage and knock back, my friend got it at the start of the game and it wiped all the levels

Where the hood where the hood where the hood at!

Great damage and great effect fast attack and cool image

13 Dark Emperor Catdam

Some God tier range with a great slowing effect. Overall a great cat. - Vinoperson123

His awesome

14 Jamiera Cat

Compared to other cats of his strength, Jamiera's SOL price is only $1950. You can have produce this cat faster then you'd except, and with amazing health, Jamiera cat fight his way to the top. - ThatOneRacer

Level 70 Jamiera can survive a crazed cat attack 3 times

This guy has tons of health, his awesome stat and a 17k powerful attack make him a useful cat. Always use him against long-range boss. Very nice ability(30% chance knockback). Plus doesn't get knock unless he die.

At the health of 54000, his awesome stat and a 17k powerful attack make him a super useful cat. Alway use him against long-range boss. Very nice ability(30% chance knockback). Plus doesn't get knock unless he die.

15 Crazed Mythical Titan Cat

Normal mythical titan is alone so powerful able to knock back Teacher Bear

This cat is a beast. Its about the Normal Mythical Titan cat x17 but slower attack

My 2nd crazed cat and one of the coolest cats in the game. Also high health, damage and a shockwave.

Basically Jamiera cat but with a slower attack, faster movement, and instead of a nockback effect it has a 10% chance to make a 10 shockwave. - Vinoperson123

16 Ninja Cat

I just bought him because he wuz sooo cute. But he proved to be quite useful.

Best cat by far, plus his level 10 evolution makes him fast!

My favorite go to


17 Kasa Jizo

Literally the best cat in the game.
Is an Uber on a non Uber list though.

This is an Uber not a non Uber

Overpowered and very useful for such a cheap price

Best cat, should be number 1. Hands down.

18 Boogie Cat

He has a chance for his hair to eat his opponent for an insta kill on anyone

Same cost as Macho Cat, but has more attack and slower attack speed

One shots everything


19 True Valkyrie Cat

Umm that's not the true form... The true form is thw Holy Valkyrie cat. You get it by beating chapter 2 into the future

Holy is better

Good for Chapter 3 and other stuff.


20 Apple Cat

Helpful against red enemies. Love him (or her) because he helps me from not getting defeated

Stops red enemies. Incredibly useful

One of the best cats against red enemies.

Freezes red enemies like no other

21 Dancing Flasher Cat

The best cat ever dabs for tons of damage!

This cat deals about 10k damage at level 20, has decent health, only costs $450, and has an average recharge time (a lot faster than most super rares.) The only small downside is a 5 second attack animation and lots of knockbacks, but if you put it behind wall cats or something, it is very OP.

Best cost/dmg ratio

22 Wheel Cat

Solar cat is #25 and it's wheel's evolution ;-;

Can roll in the sky and crush all enemy's in 1 hit

Good for early game alien levls

23 Crazed Gross Cat

Pretty great because of 100% shockwave getting all of everything four shockwaves tyingies in front of him every time.

24 Figure Skater Cat

Like Paris but with stronger attack and faster attack rate

Carried me to victory in basically everything

Honesty, I prefer this over paris for the most part. Better stats just less spammable.

Really good against teacher bear (with meatshields)

25 Solar Cat

Wheel cat, solar's pre-evolution is higher on the list than this

Similar to Bird cat. Super dope when upgraded to final form

Yeah boy!

Does a WHOOPPING 2000 damage to the cat base, this a amazing rare cat. Combine with a macho leg,the cat with a mace, cupid cat, and paris cat and a bunch of boogie cats and


26 Aprohite

One shots the base at level 1. At level 2 she even outclasses the mighty archer cat.

This is an Uber and this is a not uber list. by the way it is spelled Aphordite. One of the best uber in the game.

27 Swimmer Cat

Perfect for taking out floating enemies.

Took out Teacher bun bun.

This cat does so much damage against guys like teacher bunbun and I'M. Phace!
Good price and damage. The only downside is it's range, but that is solved by it's true form. Great Cat!

Insane damage at level 30+, a very good kamakazi unit

28 Bomber Cat

True form makes any black dominated stage 1000x easier. Not necessary but youll have a lot more headaches without it. Unlock by playing the awakens stage at 2:22pm on the 2nd or 22nd of the month. Only active 2 minutes until 2:24. Stage is cake just have to wait for it

GG Razorback

29 Valkyrie Cat

Lots of damage, decent health.

Good cat all around best cat

Stay classy

30 Thor Cat

Really should be used more often and this cat helped me with bun bun A TON. Also it's true form gives Area and A lot of defense. Fast recharge and fast attack speed!

Good health, good damage, Area attack, strong against reds. Incredible cat, but we all know paris is best cat.

31 Crazed Cow Cat

Tink of a giraffe cat, now add area attack along with that and a improved sprite.


Area attack, super fast movement, good health
Amazing hitbox glitching, great at cheesing hard SoL levels

32 Crazed Whale Cat

Very cheap for a tanky powerhouse. Get this to level 30 or 40 plus ITF treasures and this does a HUGE amount of damage per hit plus tanks like a boss. Almost always my go-to cat for heavy red levels because you can spam him fast enough to be your biggest damage dealer. The crit chance is just icing.

8000 damage, 30000 health, 735 to summon, 2% crit chance and strong against red enemies, also deals well with shockwaves. A very good cat.

33 Gentleman Cat

Fast attack rate, freezes red, decent attack, but could have higher health,

A true gentleman

True Form makes him op against r cyclone, freeze is very useful

34 Space Cat

Aside from his crit, his new barrier breaker makes him good. Also he has longer range that most critical hitters making his survivability higher

He gets outclassed by tornado/hurricat and cheerleader cat, who both crit a lot quicker than space cat.

35 Zombie Cat

Zombie cat give "infected" effect that kills enemy instantly dank empower noodles and mentors butt face will die confirm he no scope kolary and he eat kapy for dinner #cyberkory confirmed

36 Phantom Thief Cat

This is so good as a rare!

Cheap to produce, fast attack speed, x2 money earned from defeated enemies but has low stamina

37 Juliet Cat

It is very godly. Area damage, massive damage, and low cost what else do you need? Nothing. Pair this up with cats in a box and consider that you already won.

It does tons of damage around level 20 at about 8000, so it is like a slower attacking delinquent cat.

Put it behind a high health cat and you pretty much win just don't let the tank die

38 Crimson Mina

Has at least quite a good range (although kinda not big range as for its enemy varient)

Long range and high damage

Cool one

39 Tutorial Cat

He have many skill like face enlarge and 1 hit fishy Jones butt ware he reely Shaines is in Hurd stages lik moon ocean and 837828337 star utopia. Because he have ability call I kill you wheecghe take knife and kill you so you no need to play gem.

40 Manic Island Cat

Very good! especially against reds. and low cost. compare with the normal island cat and see how good better than: 1: cats in a box 2: island cat 3: mola king ( collaboration event cat) and 4: mythical titan cat

41 Ring Girl Cat

I love this cat it is great at attacking blacks it should be higher then 49

Defenattaly the best anti-black cat in the game. killed shadow boxer k, le'noir, and gory black

42 Metal Macho

Metal macho is a good meatwall if you don't have eraser cat or crazed tank

43 Eggy Cat

Yeah he's good

Too op, must nerf

Best cat evah

Amazing Cat

44 Demon Cat

Great stamina and damage,Also pretty decent price and recharge. Costs 120 cat food. Overall,A great cat to scoop up.

45 B.S. Cat

Just like the rest of this list. One might even say it's like a cat.

Let's be realistic here. Most of the stuff on this list is BS.

46 Macho Legs Cat

It cool high damge and raenge

47 Commando cat

Just lousy single attack and slow attack

High damage good recharge overall good cat

48 Potato Cat

No such thing idiot

Tasted amazing in the 2014 update but was gone forever :(

49 Cup Cat

Archer has always been our lord and savior until one day Archer decided to join the dark side as he started launching thousands of arrows killing our innocent cats. Even our fiercest ubers stood no chance against Archer. In a last ditch effort the cats called upon Cat God to stop this madness. In that moment a new legend was born. Cup Cat! He overthrew Archer and became our new lord and savior. All praise Cup Cat!

Powerlevel = Gao x9000

50 Stilts Cat

Because it does so much damage and kills everything


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