Best Non-Uber Battle Cats

The best cats in "The Battle Cats" excluding ubers because they would take up the whole list and pretty much no one has them.

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1 Paris Cat

Paris cat has extremely good damage, good health, good range, area attack plus a quick recharge making it spam able. Plus it has a rather low cost. Overall, if you have a level 30 Paris cat you will destroy the Stories of Legends. - Vinoperson123

Paris Cat is a very good cat for most levels and very good when stacked, but it's attack rate could be better.

Once you spam in a big wall of them they're unstoppable, worth leveling to the max


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2 Bahamut Cat

Very situational cat and used in almost every stage in the Stories of Legend you will come across. True form changes his stats immensely. Both are extremely useful in their own way. Bahamut Cat definitely tops Paris Cat for me, you won't be using Paris Cat as often as Bahamut Cat.

High damage, high range, high speed when evolved. Definitely one of the best cats in the game; does more damage than ANY OTHER CAT against all enemies except metal (duh) and Blacks (Yukimura). A must-have in all lineups!

Bahumut cat is going to be on your team for 99% of levels. He costs a ton and has super slow recharge but makes up for it with his ultra powerful area attack and high health. A true MVP. - Vinoperson123

It's the best cat noobs

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3 Eraser Cat

An undisputed champion of the cat army when it comes to usage. If we haven't clicked this cat picture more than any other we haven't been playing the game correctly.

A god tier cat. This cat is basically the definition of a spam able meat shield. With a cost of only 150 in the Stories of legends this cat is great for stalling due to its high defense and fast recharge. It will be used in practically every single level in the game. (Yes, even those Kory levels. ) - Vinoperson123

Most decently difficult stages will absolutely REQUIRE this unit. No doubt about it.

I've literally never done a battle without the eraser or some other form of it (e.g. tank cat, crazed wall cat, etc.)

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4 King Dragon Cat

King dragon cat is amazing. Some set him aside as a crappy Paris cat due to his slower recharge and no area attack however what he has going for him is his damage. King dragon has amazing damage, much more than the average cat, and, if stacked, he can absolutely destroy difficult enemies such as Bun Bun teacher and Kory. - Vinoperson123

King Swagon Cat can be one of the strongest units in game with great damage and good hp. Sometimes better in evolved form, but still amazing

5 Crazed Wall Cat

Imagine Eraser cat. Now imagine him with a bit less hp but twice as fast. That's crazed wall. - Vinoperson123

VERY good, a really fast eraser. has more hp than eraser a long while, when eraser is +30 he has more hp, but just crazed wall, he is tanky and fast as hell. I have 21 ubers and this is still a must-have

6 Crazed Dragon Cat

Basically King dragon cat but with less damage and a much faster recharge. Would be higher on the list but it has a slightly slower attack animation. - Vinoperson123

7 Ururun Wolf

A great cat for the later stories of legends. Has decent stats with a high price but we're she really shines is her decently fast attack and nockback effect. - Vinoperson123

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8 Archer Cat

Best cat in the game by far. His damage output is over 9000. he has better range than anything. Warship archer cat or u will die

DPS? Got It. Range? Better than cosmo. Sexual appeal? I jerk to archer cat every night. Archer is a must have for any set up! 11! 1! 11!

He's extremely powerful and so far I haven't run into a stage where he couldn't defeat it on his own. There are rumors for this cat to be nerfed, so upgrade and use it now!

He is way to op he has a bow and noscopes everything, a must have

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9 Dark Emperor Catdam

Some God tier range with a great slowing effect. Overall a great cat. - Vinoperson123

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10 Jamiera Cat

Compared to other cats of his strength, Jamiera's SOL price is only $1950. You can have produce this cat faster then you'd except, and with amazing health, Jamiera cat fight his way to the top. - ThatOneRacer

Level 70 Jamiera can survive a crazed cat attack 3 times

This guy has tons of health, his awesome stat and a 17k powerful attack make him a useful cat. Always use him against long-range boss. Very nice ability(30% chance knockback). Plus doesn't get knock unless he die.

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11 Delinquent Cat

Great damage and great effect fast attack and cool image

Helped me get through the hard stages.

He's just the best and if you can't see that you are just stupid

Super useful

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12 Surfer Cat

Decent range and damage, slows aliens, and has a 50% chance to survive a lethal strike. Incredibly useful

I got this on my first rare capsule I destroyed chapter 1 and finished it in 5 days

Quite good but nothing compared to delinquent cat

It is just awesome

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13 Crazed Mythical Titan Cat

My 2nd crazed cat and one of the coolest cats in the game. Also high health, damage and a shockwave.

This cat is a beast. Its about the Normal Mythical Titan cat x17 but slower attack

Basically Jamiera cat but with a slower attack, faster movement, and instead of a nockback effect it has a 10% chance to make a 10 shockwave. - Vinoperson123

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14 Nekoluga

I personaly have him a very decent cat if you know how to use him plus his true forms makes him even more OP

A very big cat that has not that high health but massive range

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15 True Valkyrie Cat

Umm that's not the true form... The true form is thw Holy Valkyrie cat. You get it by beating chapter 2 into the future

Good for Chapter 3 and other stuff.

16 Boogie Cat

Same cost as Macho Cat, but has more attack and slower attack speed

17 Apple Cat

Helpful against red enemies. Love him (or her) because he helps me from not getting defeated

My face cat (on pop, not regular) is amazing. high health, good attack, and that's not 30 yet (its either 23 or 24)!

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18 Artist Cat

So good man beat all 3 into the future with this alone haha

Can sweep the enemies with just this alone.

Fast attack and good damage. Amazing meat shield, especially against Angels. Also very spammable and cheap

Strange no one've ever list this one yet. A Cow Cat that moves slower, less health, but way more damage plus He ONLY GET KNOCKED BACK WHEN HE DIED and ONLY COST 315$, fast recharge too!
Also strong agaisnt Angel

19 Solar Cat

Similar to Bird cat. Super dope when upgraded to final form

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20 Dancing Flasher Cat

The best cat ever dabs for tons of damage!

This cat deals about 10k damage at level 20, has decent health, only costs $450, and has an average recharge time (a lot faster than most super rares.) The only small downside is a 5 second attack animation and lots of knockbacks, but if you put it behind wall cats or something, it is very OP.

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