Top 10 Best Non-USA Battlebots

Battlebots is the USA's top robot fighting show. Over the years though it's frequently been having more competitors from other countries competing, and a good number of them are decent to say the least. This list is for the best competitors who aren't from the USA.

As I'm more familiar with the ABC/Discovery series they will be my main focus.

The Top Ten

1 Minotaur

Team RioBotz takes the top spot with the Brazilian Bull itself Minotaur. It's drum spinner is one of the most feared weapons around, and when Daniel Freitas is in concentration mode he doesn't let up.
The team have won just about everything else involving robot combat, but they want a Battlebots Giant Nut to be the creme de la creme of their robot combat trophy collection. - SuperSonic17

2 Beta

One of several UK machines to compete. John Reid has always been one of the best robot drivers around, and Beta shows that a hammer bot can still be competitive and see success. It got to the quarter-finals and even took Tombstone to a judges decision. - SuperSonic17

3 Monsoon

The spiritual successor to Tauron from Robot Wars (it's basically Tauron Mk III with an asymmetric bar spinner), Monsoon made such a strong impression in it's debut series. The bar spinner caused so much damage with only a few hits, and it did good enough to reach the quarter-finals. It still has some kinks to iron out (the weapon would sometimes break down), but once they are it'll be a genuine title contender. - SuperSonic17

4 End Game

A young team from New Zealand, End Game boasts a powerful vertical spinner similar to Aftershock. It came out roaring in it's first two fights, but then fell afoul of reliability issues. I hope they return for next series, as I feel we've only got a taster for what this team is capable of. - SuperSonic17

5 Cobalt

This machine is the precursor to Carbide (which would later go on to become Robot Wars Champions), only with an asymmetric bar spinner. With this in mind it's surprising Cobalt didn't do better (though this was before Series 9 Carbide). Who knows how well Cobalt could've done had the team returned? If Carbide is anything to go by they could've gone all the way. - SuperSonic17

6 Reality

A drum spinner from the Netherlands. This machine had teething issues in it's first two fights, but once it had found it's footing it was quite a destructive machine. The drum isn't the most reliable, but it does pack a lot of weight to it, and the construction is pretty solid. Definitely a robot with potential. - SuperSonic17

7 Warhead

An old favourite from the Razer team, Warhead proves to be both a magnificent feat of engineering and an entertaining robot to watch. It's a little lower down because I don't think it's as great as everyone says, and it's not the most practical for winning fights. Personally I much prefer the spinner to the dinosaur head. - SuperSonic17

8 Petunia

The first robot from the Netherlands to compete in Battlebots, and a good one to start out with. Crushers are a rarity these days, but Petunia boasts a well armoured wedge, good maneuverability, and a crusher that actually does damage, even causing a LiPo fire in one of it's fights. - SuperSonic17

9 Lucky

Despite it's namesake Lucky really hasn't been all that lucky. This Canadian robot has a powerful flipper, probably second best to Bronco, and some strong armour, but reliability always seems to be it's biggest problem. At least the team do have a couple of wins with this bot, including an impressive victory over Gigabyte. - SuperSonic17

10 Death Roll

A robot built by a team from Australia, we didn't really get to see much of it. It only had two fights where it lost to Captain Shrederator and Skorpios. Shame to, because the robot looks great, and if it's King of Bots counterpart Great White is anything to go by that spinner has a lot of destructive potential. Maybe if the team doesn't get into King of Bots 2 they can return to Battlebots with an improved Death Roll? - SuperSonic17

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