Best Non-Weapon Fortnite Items


The Top Ten

1 Med Kit

Rare but not too rare, can carry up to three, refills your entire health, definitely something you always want to carry with you if you can - LarrytheFairy

2 Chug Jug

It's super rare and takes forever to drink, but it is the most powerful healing item by far - LarrytheFairy

3 Mini Shield

The fact that you can carry around several and take shorter to drink make these overall better than the big shield - LarrytheFairy

4 Remote Explosives

One of these days in going to get a kill with these. Even if they aren't exactly the most useful to be this high up, I think they are a really cool addition and alternative to having a gunfight - LarrytheFairy

Underrated, I actually have kills with it and it's great for blowing up opponent buildings.

R.I.P. they got vaulted

5 Boogie Bomb

I'm basically a noob, so these aren't useful to me since I can't aim to save my life. But to better players they are basically a free kill, and they are one of the things that set Fortnite apart from other battle royals games to give it a unique tone - LarrytheFairy

It sucks

6 Port-A-fort

I just think it's a really handy item, especially if you aren't a building god. You still need to built obviously but it gives you a basis - LarrytheFairy

7 Big Shield

Extra health is nice - LarrytheFairy

8 Launch Pad

It's useful for getting away from players or the storm - LarrytheFairy

9 Bush

People say bush camping is a terrible play style and the bush item should be removed. Personally I put a bush on every time I get it. The cool is that you don't nessecarily have to play a campy game, but it gives you the option if you need to - LarrytheFairy

10 Slurp Juice

Makes you immune to the storm early on - LarrytheFairy

The Contenders

11 Spike Trap

Not considered a weapon because you build with it and are not directly killing players with it. It's their fault usually.

12 Jetpack
13 Bouncer
14 Grappler

Ok gun, should have a much better range though - B1ueNew

15 Pickaxe

VOTE THE PICKAXE because you can carry it for the whole game lol

16 Rift To Go
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