Best None Piece Characters

None Piece is an abridged version of One Piece and shouldn't be confused. Plus it's much funnier than the original.

The Top Ten

1 Luffy

In None Piece, Luffy is wanted by the Marines for making horrible Internet parodies and is very psychotic. In None Piece, he is 45 years old and has an insanely deep voice. Luffy has horrible memory. - bishop.moore07

"my mother is a test tube and my father a rubber band" awesome quote!

"I can't go back to prison! Me butthole can't take that abuse! " - SPMZDE

2 Spastic Colon

He is Captain Buggy's cabin boy and takes first place because of his brief appearance in Episode 4. When Spastic Colon reveals his life-story, the Straw Hats' facial expressions are absolutely priceless. - bishop.moore07

3 Zorro

In None Piece, Zorro is sometimes very childlike and screams over pretty much everything. He is obsessed with making love to Aunt Jemima. - bishop.moore07

4 Nami

In None Piece, Nami has a really perverted mind and is rebellious. Nami's intro to None Piece is priceless. - bishop.moore07

5 Cody

In None Piece, Cody is "like 6" and is a drama queen. - bishop.moore07

6 Lamb Man

This guy earns the spot because he tries to convince Kuro into eating some hay and bleats like a lamb in episode 7 - bishop.moore07

7 Captain Morgan

In None Piece, Captain Morgan is abusive to his son and is obsessed with man jaws. He says that he looks like a James Bond villain. - bishop.moore07

8 Helmoppo

I think that's how you spell Captain Morgan's son's name. In None Piece, Helmoppo is gay and hilarious. - bishop.moore07

9 Captain Buggy

In None Piece, Buggy is a space pirate who isn't that important. - bishop.moore07

10 Usopp Usopp

In None Piece, Usopp is a British boy who tickles people's butts. To me, he's not that funny. - bishop.moore07

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