Top Ten Best Nonfiction Books About Train Robbery

What's your favorite book about a train robbery that really happened?

The Top Ten Best Nonfiction Books About Train Robbery

1 Bedlam On the West Virginia Rails by Wilson Casey

Great interviewer tells the real story! Well worth reading. Good job, Wilson, as are all of your books.

Interesting in that the notorious train robber and America's last one didn't pass away until 2012 in Spartanburg, SC. Him and his gang robbed the B & O back in 1949. They stopped the train to rob, mug, shoot, and terrorize over 150 people. Fascinating firsthand account from the head bandit himself! - trivguy

2 The Great Train Robbery: Crime of the Century: The Definitive Account by Stewart Richards, Nick Russell-Pavier
3 The Deautremont Brothers: America's Last Great Train Robbery by Margaret Laplante
4 The First Great Train Robbery by David C. Hanrahan
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