Top 10 Most Normal Fetishes

There's nothing really wrong with having a fetish as long as you keep it to yourself because no one wants to know about them. These fetishes listed below are at least better than being attracted to boogers, feces, vomit, eyeballs, children and animals (those weird and bizarre fetishes that I think no one should have).

The Top Ten

1 Mazophilia (breasts)

Men in a nutshell.

There's an actual name for that? - TwilightKitsune

This is a list I didn't expect from you. - Skullkid755

Lots of people have it, though I don’t. But it can get a little too far. I once googled ‘man’s ideal woman’ and saw a (most likely photoshopped) image of a lady whose body was COVERED with breasts. Almost made me want to puke. 😑 - TopTenTed

2 Pygophilia (buttocks)

Huh didn't know there was a name for it...

3 Podophilia (feet)

Feet have a direct correlation to arousal. They share the same part of the brain as sexual arousal, sometimes the foot part will cross into the arousal portion. That is the basics of it. Nothing unnatural really.

One of the less disturbing fetishes too. - SpectralOwl

Not a fan of it but at least it's less disgusting than BSDM.

4 Pictophilia (viewing porn)

I had this fetish without even knowing it

It's basically Deviantart.

5 Trichophilia (hair)
6 Neurophilia (Brains)

@xandermartin98 is almost as much of an lolcow as Chris-chan. Why can't he just kill himself already?

Chris Chan is worse and wishing Xander killing himself over his fetishes is just stupid and immature! It's a lose-lose situation!

We'd rather have him log in to Rule34 or other fetish websites, so that would be a big win-win for all of us. - BorisRule

We all know who added this. - MrCoolC

I'll be honest: I want to bust my nuts into Rocko's brain (yes, the Modern Life character's) - xandermartin98

Yeah no... not normal at all...

7 Quirofilia (hands)
8 Nasophilia (noses)
9 Knismolagnia (being tickled)
10 Stigmatophilia (tattoos)

The Contenders

11 Alvinophilia (belly buttons)
12 Macrophilia (Giants)
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