Top Ten North American Lost Saga Players

Someone needed to make this list eventually, guys. We know it. And I'm gonna be making it. Now, first off, I will NOT be telling you who I am. If you have any arguments towards this list, please comment them throughout this list or send emails to and I promise I'll read them. THIS LIST IS ABOUT REAL, TRUE SKILL.

And to start, I know people are gonna argue about a few players, so I'll go ahead and say here what I need to say about some players I know will be argued about.

Player side-notes:
Iucifer - I know someone, if not a lot of people, are gonna say something about Iucifer not being on this list. Here's the issue... Lucy-fer, well, has very little to brag about. Yes, he's won 3 Elites as of November 3rd, 2013... But what does that prove? Anyone can win with OP gears and stats. What it is is lucy-fer has no skill outside of his Card Magician and his Iori. He does have Lucifer and his Shadow Assassin that he can do something with, but not a whole lot. Without Iori or CM, he can be taken down. I, myself, am nowhere as good as lucy-fer overall, however I can hold my own with all 18 of my heroes, as lucy-fer can only be good with 2. That doesn't show true skill.

Benedict, Puma, and other swappers - They swap combo. Anyone with gears capable of doing so can swap combo. They're not skilled, they simply have a connection that doesn't induce swap lag, a decent mind-set, and good memorization to where their heroes are located. It takes VERY little skill to do this.

Fumika, JDonte, Kairen, and other high-levels - Call these people farmers, and nothing more. They can sit and play the game for hours with no real skill, farming to be a high level doesn't make you good. It is true that farming makes your heroes high-leveled, and also induce a lot of GP so you can have nice stats, however that isn't enough to be truly good.


Honorable mentions - HeartCard, TooRaww, Honey, 21DColdWar, Chong, Presence, k4nNon, Faze, PrettyBoyTom, Rokuro, McClarren, and Nostalgia.

I will add more to the HM as they come.

The Top Ten

1 Takuyasugi

Nice videos, really knows the mechanics of the game, good with almost every character. But I don't know the other players enough to say he's the best...

Currently known as: TakuyaSugi - lsplayer201

Very talented skill he can beat GOLS in ILS


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2 Mustang

Mustang is trash at every single game especially lost saga and super smash bros 4

Other names: Mustang

Currently known as: Mustang

EDIT: Name was supposed to be "mustang~" as that was his original name. He changed his name to "Mustang" in WeMade USA's NALS. He was known to be an amazing player as the name "mustang~". - lsplayer201

3 Clemente

Other names: Kenichi

Current whereabouts are unknown to me. It's been said he was banned on WeMade USA's NALS as Kenichi, however there's been no proof that I've seen. - lsplayer201

4 Toushi
5 Cfab

CFab has officially quit Lost Saga. Was banned on WeMade USA's NALS soon after reaching MAJ, and has announced his quitting ever since.

Upon being banned, known as: CFab - lsplayer201

6 Sonic

Known as Anthony Piggot. Possibly the ugliest person in all of Lost Saga. Sucked major too.

Anthony Piggot: Holy god that face, a face that would make Jesus vomit.

7 Dabes

Other names: -Hans-, -Hans, Waru, Musician

Currently known as: Musician - lsplayer201

8 BigTymeR
9 Iasasinate

Currently known as: iAsasinate - lsplayer201

10 Jigga

The Contenders

11 EmoGirl
12 Seasons
13 LanDxx
14 Dork
15 Eggs

Other names currently unknown to me. He was known as a name that started with a J, but I don't remember.

Hasn't been seen in WeMade USA's NALS to my knowledge. - lsplayer201

16 IZoloft

Best Robin Hood in Nals. - coolio56

Best robin? HAHAA get real.

17 ajk8000

Plays under the name of "Valediction" On WeMadeLS...
Currently inactive, sad day. Extremely good.

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18 Monochrome

He keeps the bitches in line

19 Kimmie

Probably best player I've ever seen

20 Viking

Man enough to main viking!

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