Top Ten North American Lost Saga Players

Someone needed to make this list eventually, guys. We know it. And I'm gonna be making it. Now, first off, I will NOT be telling you who I am. If you have any arguments towards this list, please comment them throughout this list or send emails to and I promise I'll read them. THIS LIST IS ABOUT REAL, TRUE SKILL.

And to start, I know people are gonna argue about a few players, so I'll go ahead and say here what I need to say about some players I know will be argued about.

Player side-notes:
Iucifer - I know someone, if not a lot of people, are gonna say something about Iucifer not being on this list. Here's the issue... Lucy-fer, well, has very little to brag about. Yes, he's won 3 Elites as of November 3rd, 2013... But what does that prove? Anyone can win with OP gears and stats. What it is is lucy-fer has no skill outside of his Card Magician and his Iori. He does have Lucifer and his Shadow Assassin that he can do something with, but not a whole lot. Without Iori or CM, he can be taken down. I, myself, am nowhere as good as lucy-fer overall, however I can hold my own with all 18 of my heroes, as lucy-fer can only be good with 2. That doesn't show true skill.

Benedict, Puma, and other swappers - They swap combo. Anyone with gears capable of doing so can swap combo. They're not skilled, they simply have a connection that doesn't induce swap lag, a decent mind-set, and good memorization to where their heroes are located. It takes VERY little skill to do this.

Fumika, JDonte, Kairen, and other high-levels - Call these people farmers, and nothing more. They can sit and play the game for hours with no real skill, farming to be a high level doesn't make you good. It is true that farming makes your heroes high-leveled, and also induce a lot of GP so you can have nice stats, however that isn't enough to be truly good.


Honorable mentions - HeartCard, TooRaww, Honey, 21DColdWar, Chong, Presence, k4nNon, Faze, PrettyBoyTom, Rokuro, McClarren, and Nostalgia.

I will add more to the HM as they come.

The Top Ten North American Lost Saga Players

1 Takuyasugi

Nice videos, really knows the mechanics of the game, good with almost every character. But I don't know the other players enough to say he's the best...

Currently known as: TakuyaSugi - lsplayer201

Very talented skill he can beat GOLS in ILS

Has been playing the game since the very beginning, extremely good with every character. Owns a YouTube channel(daggertoface), go to his YouTube channel can check out his LS gameplays and you will see how good he really is with various characters

2 Mustang

Mustang is trash at every single game especially lost saga and super smash bros 4

Other names: Mustang

Currently known as: Mustang

EDIT: Name was supposed to be "mustang~" as that was his original name. He changed his name to "Mustang" in WeMade USA's NALS. He was known to be an amazing player as the name "mustang~". - lsplayer201

3 Clemente

Other names: Kenichi

Current whereabouts are unknown to me. It's been said he was banned on WeMade USA's NALS as Kenichi, however there's been no proof that I've seen. - lsplayer201

4 Toushi
5 Cfab

CFab has officially quit Lost Saga. Was banned on WeMade USA's NALS soon after reaching MAJ, and has announced his quitting ever since.

Upon being banned, known as: CFab - lsplayer201

6 Sonic

Known as Anthony Piggot. Possibly the ugliest person in all of Lost Saga. Sucked major too.

Anthony Piggot: Holy god that face, a face that would make Jesus vomit.

7 BigTymeR
8 Dabes

Other names: -Hans-, -Hans, Waru, Musician

Currently known as: Musician - lsplayer201

9 Iasasinate

Currently known as: iAsasinate - lsplayer201

10 Jigga

The Contenders

11 EmoGirl
12 ajk8000

God of all Zerks

He so good doe! Why he no number 1!

He should so come back to LS on z8games :(

Plays under the name of "Valediction" On WeMadeLS...
Currently inactive, sad day. Extremely good.

13 Seasons

Current whereabouts of Seasons are unknown to me. He was banned soon after reaching MAJ in WeMade USA's NALS. - lsplayer201

14 LanDxx
15 Dork
16 Eggs

Other names currently unknown to me. He was known as a name that started with a J, but I don't remember.

Hasn't been seen in WeMade USA's NALS to my knowledge. - lsplayer201

17 IZoloft

Best Robin Hood in Nals. - coolio56

Best robin? HAHAA get real.

18 Monochrome

He keeps the bitches in line

19 Kimmie

Probably best player I've ever seen

20 Viking

Man enough to main viking!

21 Senzen

Got banned recently, it seems he plays under the name "Century" now.

3-0 master, based tryone god of fedoras

He is scrub why is he here what dum cm

He will rek you

22 Mike

This guy moves like poetry

23 Lucivont
24 JollyBeans

Best laugh out loud

25 ItsYoh

He was the best Sol Bad Guy and Ragna

His shaco jungle has got to be the god tier stuff yueah

26 Rhyperion
27 Lefty

Extremely skilled Robin. Widely known as one of the best Robin players in NALS.

28 Fathom
29 Ferragamo

Hands down the best Lancer on LS. Does not need high stats and has 9-0'd plenty of players including Fumika, JDonte, Lord and iAsasinate.

30 Swoon
31 Necrophobia/Sumerian

One of the oldest and most skilled players in NA Lost Saga.

32 Lotion

The name simply makes him OP, plus he's a great Sol, mostly the name though.

33 Pavlo87

The legendary cowboy

34 Saint

Other names are unknown to me.

Currently known as: Saint - lsplayer201

35 Megaman

Other names: YouSuckBad

Currently known as: Megaman - lsplayer201

36 Zetsumi
37 FartChamp
38 Nibbles

Nibbles is good

39 BlowSith
40 PanZilla
41 c0nfusi0n

Dis guy 2 good

42 Basher


43 Hominid
44 Stratosphere

Malice brought him up to be good man.

Plays under the name of "Technician" on wemade.


Arguably the best priest main on old LS.

45 Aeia

One of the better TH's of LS, Malice taught him good.

Probably the best TH NALS, more origina than others

46 Comet

One of the best boxers NA, better than me. I look up to Comet. Ily.


47 Fools
48 Sage
49 Newton
50 Valentine
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