Top Ten North Korea Jokes

The Top Ten North Korea Jokes

1 Seismic data indicates that North Korea has been testing a hydrogen bomb. Either that, or Kim Jong-un repeatedly fell out of bed.

Hmm amusing indeed on physical impact - Kevinsidis

It must be LOUD when that fatso (Kim Jong-Un) falls out of bed. - PhoenixAura81

During a school logic test, a child from North Korea came for the Olympics.
I know it isn't true, cause you know, school logic, but... that is definitely school logic. - TeamRocket747

2 North Korean Humour is like food. Not everyone gets it.

Ha this is a good one! - micahisthebest

In my tweens the early 00s, I said "What's Korea? "

I've eaten North Korean food. Something called...splukhytfghjd or something which sounds very similar. At least I think it was North Korean. Not even sure if it was rightfully edible. But...yah. I liked it better than North Korean jokes, er, which I've never heard one of.. :/.
PS ~ note to the gullible: I've never actually eaten NK food. - Britgirl

3 I asked my North Korean friend how it's going. He said he can't complain.

He has to because he'd get sent to re-education camps if not - MChkflaguard_Yt

Lol this is funny - micahisthebest

4 Donald Trump recently tried to get North and South Korea to stop fighting. "What's the big deal? You're both Chinese, aren't you?"

Everything is china

How did I miss this one?! Just laughed. Loudly! - Britgirl

5 Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from North Korea's long range missiles.

Should be in top 5 - micahisthebest

6 North Korea has nuclear missiles. Watch out, the part of North Korea about two miles from the missile base!
7 Kim Kardashian's favorite movie is called Failure to Launch, and so is Kim Jong-un's nuclear weapons program.

Yeah, Kim Kardashian fails all the time and acts like a stupid brat that is only famous for her implants and money. Kim Jong-Un not only fails in his weapons program, he fails at helping his subjects. - PhoenixAura81

Best joke on this list in my opinion. - Therandom

8 How can North Korea expect their bombs to work? They were made in Korea!

Nope, they were Made in China!

9 If all the world leaders fought it out themselves and never sent their people to die for their country, you can just roll Kim Jong-un onto his back and he'd have to surrender.

Oh, and the world would be a much more humane place and all. - PositronWildhawk

10 One of America's threats is Kim Jong-un. He's so stupid and useless that he might get a seat in Congress!

The Contenders

11 North Korea shouldn't even bother firing a missile. They can just drop their chubby leader on the United States.

Should be #1

I agree

12 So North Korea has nuclear weapons. Good luck trying to find someone tall enough to push the button.

Number 1

13 Is that a earthquake or it that Kim Jong Un falling over in a wrestling match?
14 King Jong-un's Country is the size of Rhode Island

haha - PhoenixAura81

King Jong-un?
Also, it's the size of Vatican City. - TeamRocket747

15 Why are North Koreans so good at drawing straight lines? Because they have a supreme ruler.
16 Why does the North Korean Navy have glass-bottom boats? So they can see their Air Force.
17 North Korea can't go to heaven or hell cause it ain't got a S(e)oul.
18 North Korea is healthier than the United States because there are no McDonald's there.


19 Kim Jong Un's body is ready. Ready to be fatter than Donald Trump.
20 Kim Jong Un's arms are useless, so North Korea has to provide him with arms instead.
21 Kim Jong-un can't reach the launch button, that's why we aren't dead.
22 Kim Jung Un nukes the Chinese and what I mean is that he warms the Chinese takeaway from last night!
23 North Korea may not have Sonic the Hedgehog, but it has Squirrel and Hedgehog!

Apparently, the only freedom of speech in North Korea is furries. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

24 Kim Jong-un: You're a corrupt dotard. Donald Trump:?
25 You should not be friends with North Korea, considering that they consider sending pies to them as an act of war.
26 Pyongyang is so small compared to other major cities it should be called a mini big city
27 I've never had North Korean food. Neither have they.
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