Best NPCs In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

NPC means non-playable character for those of you who don't know. Basically every character in the game apart from the Dragonborn.

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41 Hircine
42 Vilkas
43 General Tullius

He knows what's best for skyrim! He's very practical and just in my opinion

General Tullius is hell of a lot nicer than Ulfric Stormcloak

44 Sofie

When I heard about her, I felt so sad for her when her dad died in the war and when she ended up being homeless. I couldn't help but adopt her. - aldwych94

45 Belethor

"I'd sell my sister to you, if I had one."

46 Festus Krex
47 Delvin Mallory

He has a funny sort of appeal, he is very helpful, and he does a lot of work around the thieves guild. Plus, he called "the curse"

How is he so low, he is Jason Statham!

48 Faendal

1. He's the only wood elf follower (I think)
2. He's one of the first available followers
3. He's a really good early archery trainer
4. He's a great shot with a bow (saved my life a few times)

49 Savos Aren
50 Elisif the Fair
51 Gwilin

"Gwilin's just bizarrely optimistic. He's like a lovely elderly couple living above a meth lab"

He's just so cheerful in a world full of assassins, thieves and apocalyptic dragons.

52 Falk Firebeard
53 Vaermina
54 Blaise

This name that's why

55 Lucan Valerius
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