Top Ten NPCs In Splatoon

The Top Ten

1 Judd

Thanks judd for all youve done

Why he's number 1? He's EA cat.

2 Agent 2

He's great and congratulates you

She's actually Marie. I swear!

We all know she's Marie

3 Crusty Sean
4 Spikey

He is a great guy hanging out by the alley

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5 Captian Cuttlefish

He's so great and funny I wish that dj octovain would die in green blue or orange ink before I went to fight him

6 Sheldon
7 Callie Callie

I like her optimism and how she never makes good jokes but still tries. She reminds me of myself.

I'll admit, the "Stay fresh! " thing she does is adorable - ShyGuySwag

Why do so many people, prefer Marie over her. At least Callie's better at rocking a new hairstyle.

She's prettier that Prostitute Marina

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8 Jelonzo
9 DJ Octovan

I sang happily to the heavens when I beat this annoyingly difficult boss with a charger.

His name is DJ Octavio for crying out loud!

His name is DJ Octavio. Hello?

HA HA HA! I’MA GONNA REMIX YO FACE! But seriously, spell his name right, it’s Dj Octavio. P.S. get him higher.

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