Top Ten NPCs In Splatoon

The Top Ten

1 Judd


Thanks judd for all youve done

Why he's number 1? He's EA cat.

2 Crusty Sean

I love Crusty!


His voice is soothing - FirelordZuko

Looks coll and sells great shoes

3 Agent 2

The Better Squid Sister

He's great and congratulates you

She's actually Marie. I swear!

We all know she's Marie

4 Spikey

He is a great guy hanging out by the alley

His name is Spyke.

5 Callie Callie

Shes cute and better than marie

plus she dances like a BOSS

I like her optimism and how she never makes good jokes but still tries. She reminds me of myself.

I'll admit, the "Stay fresh! " thing she does is adorable - ShyGuySwag

Why do so many people, prefer Marie over her. At least Callie's better at rocking a new hairstyle.

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6 Captian Cuttlefish

He's so great and funny I wish that dj octovain would die in green blue or orange ink before I went to fight him

7 Sheldon
8 Jelonzo

What about the random jellyfish hanging around?

9 DJ Octovan

I sang happily to the heavens when I beat this annoyingly difficult boss with a charger.

His name is DJ Octavio for crying out loud!

His name is DJ Octavio. Hello?

He's is more of a boss I do like him why did he catch captia n cuttelfish

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10 C Q Cumber

He is really cute but is a pest sometimes!

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