Best NR2003 Drivers

NR2003 is the best Nascar Simulation game to be created. It has it's own community and drivers. Today we look at the best ever NR2003 Drivers!

The Top Ten

1 Dillon Poteet

Among the best all around in any NR2003 series

He races well online

Dillion Poteet is a great driver who I personnely think is the best to enter NR2003. He can win championships any time.
YouTube: (Unknown) - KyleCollins

2 Seth Cole

The president of the NNSCRA can win consistantly

He is the official owner/creator of the NNSCRA. He is in fifth mainly because he doesn't race to often but when he does he kicks @$$
YouTube: NNSCRA - KyleCollins

3 Charles Sandifer

Charles Sandfer is amazing too. He is related to Jeanne Sandfer as well.
YouTube: Gordanfan291 - KyleCollins

4 William Duncan

William Duncan is a NR2003 legend in my books. Racing for the NNSCRA and ARCSOA he is the complete package when it comes to racing
YouTube: BlueThunderfanracing - KyleCollins

5 Jessica Shelton

Always a tough customer in any NR2003 series; and takes no crap of everybody.

She is the first female to make the list. She in my opinion is the best female NR2003 Driver
YouTube: Jessica D. Shelton - KyleCollins

6 Noah Hart

Noah Hart owns the ARCSOA Sony Cup Series. He races in the ARCSOA and NNSCRA (Most of the time), he is good most of the time
YouTube: FUEL The Bandicoot - KyleCollins

7 Kyle Collins

Kyle Collins races in many seasons too. Like the DOSCR, ARCSOA, NNSCRA, NNRL, INORL, PCS, and many many more. He is marked sixth because he is good but doesn't always do good!
YouTube: MrSmiley101MC - KyleCollins

8 Charles Jackson

Charles Jackson is an amazing driver and he only races for the NNSCRA. That is why he is ninth
YouTube: Charles Jackson - KyleCollins

9 Ziki Marley

Ziki Marley is the only Jamaican Racer I know of in the NR2003. He races in the NNSCRA and many lesser known series. He is good 1/4 of the time.
YouTube: Detroit Gaming - KyleCollins

10 Hiroshi Kazuyoshi

The Contenders

11 Marshall Ritch

He is a NR2003 Rookie who only races for the DOSCR Samsung Cup Series, but in that series he currently always does good and has first in the points
YouTube: WiiCraftTech - KyleCollins

12 Ben Atkins
13 David Krikorian

not putting him on this list.

14 Josh Batista
15 Joe Branch
16 Clifford Raymond
17 Matt Contey

The best driver ever

18 Pascal Herbig
19 Barton Sandy
20 Dougie Shears

Season one champion of the nnscra snickers cup series, and winner of 2 online races.

Not only a champion in snickers cup also a 2 time online winner


21 Arnold Columbia

"Better than Ryan Sieg"

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