Best Numbers to Draw in the Royal Rumble Match

When it comes to luck of the draw when you see numbers like these you may wind up near the end, and potentially win the whole thing.

The Top Ten


The odds on favorite to win with the best luck of the draw is usually at 27 Stone cold, Yokozuna, Big John Studd, and Bret Hart. What's odd about this though is there hasn't been any recent winners since 2001 which makes the luck card feel outdated a bit doesn't it? - htoutlaws2012


The last spot in the match, and one that has really become the cornerstone draw as it should be. Taker 07', Cena 08', and of course HHH' 16. many are guaranteed at least a 50 50 shot at winning the whole thing that's how much the big deal number should be. - htoutlaws2012


What's great about this number is the 3 that have won are all arguably top 3 wrestlers in terms of merchandise Steve Austin 98', Rock 00', and Hogan 91' - htoutlaws2012


Awe yes the ultimate survival number that is at times a favorite to even win the whole thing depending on the star themselves which has Benoit, and HBK as the only winners so far, but many others who drew the number made it pretty close than others. - htoutlaws2012


Probably the best draw in terms of middle of the road spots nineteen is not a bad one to have Cena 13', and Regins 15' won at this position, and a lot like #22 - htoutlaws2012


Only 2 men have done it Sheamus 12', and Triple H 02' it even has 5 others who have had good luck who were close to winning it were Cena 11', Kane 03', Boss Man 99', Diesel 96', and Earthquake 91', as you can see there is a good history with this number as long as nothing fores you to withdraw from the number you should be good to go for awhile. - htoutlaws2012


Fifteen lately has become a good number lately with the likes of Rusev, Regins, Miz, Cody Rhodes (when he was with Legacy). It's better than its track record in the past I mean Scotty never made it to the ring, Sandman just went out like nothing, but a jobber, and then a few years later, and beyond its become a spotlight of fortune. Although nobody has yet won from this spot somebody will eventually. - htoutlaws2012


Yeah number 2 is actually a number with great history as Mysterio, and Vince (unfortunately) won at this position. Aside from Vince you had guys like Rey, Jericho (3 times), Backlund, Bulldog, Orton, Benoit, & Rollins have done a good fair at the second spot that is a bit tricky with its history of both great, to poor. - htoutlaws2012


Strange to start with a number you're more likely to win with in the later entrant numbers 29 there were only 2 winners Brock Lesnar in 03, and Edge in 10'. Really the only realistically established studs have a good shot at this spot. - htoutlaws2012


Only Batista has won from the this position twice, and a final four push in 2003. - htoutlaws2012

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