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1 49

Not as big as kim jong dong

You all may have expected the number '4' in this place. But I had to do this. In a previous list I related, if you remember, how close a certain number was close to mine soul. But I spoke in haste, and now I regret my ill words. How could I ever have forgotten you, my forty-nine? I sob to think of my cruel thoughtlessness in forgetting the. I beg forgiveness, my precious... [Sobs uncontrollably] The times we had together! The times I took thy square root! The times I added you to lesser numbers! Oh, the bless of this iridescent reminiscence! Oh, how the heck could I have forgotten thy name...
[Sobs and reaches for a fresh packet of Kleenex. ] - HezarioSeth

2 4

Yes, this definitely comes up next. The square of the crazy-cool numeral 'two'! Ah! The bliss... Certainly, certainly. Now, on to the next one. - HezarioSeth

3 40000000004

You may not think much of this at first - but it is a palindrome! VOTE! - HezarioSeth

4 42

The answer to all living organisms in the universe.

Add 40 and 2 - and before you know it, you've got 42! - HezarioSeth

5 43623425636345777567

The numerical form of randomness. - HezarioSeth

6 4711
7 410

Multiply 41 into 10. - HezarioSeth

8 490

Square 7 and draw a puny circle beside the bally chap. - HezarioSeth

9 451

Four equals five minus one. Woah. - HezarioSeth

10 4282

4 x 2 equals 8. I've no idea what the heck that extra '2' is doing there. - HezarioSeth

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11 48
12 4646544765
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