Top Ten Most Annoying Numbers

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1 21

Everyone keeps saying it in a weird voice and it annoys me so much! Definitely the most annoying number ever!

When people say whats 9+10 then they say 21 it annoys me

A number that is actually annoying for ya

People are always saying 21 in the most annoying voice. it makes me want to slap them

2 4

Its unlucy in china like the other user said 4 sounds very much like death many buildings in china will go from floor 3 to floor 5

3 69
4 3.141592

Especially annoying since it looks like pi, but isn't pi.

Then after 2 is 65 and it has over two quadrillion decimal places! It has places smaller than a googolth. It has decimal places worth smaller than (10^2,000,000,000,000,000)ths!

5 3

Asian parents discipline their kids by giving them a warning and counting to 3, and by the time they get to 3 they get really mad if the kid is still disobeying them

Too Many times 3, 3, 3. 3 sheets of homework, 3 playtimes, 3 games today

It is obnoxious because it can only leave 3s behind if you divide it into 100

6 13

Well, I don't know if I'd call any of these numbers "annoying" but this one can be called "unlucky".

7 10
8 71

71 is stupid (swear word and number versions r both annoying)

Such a childish Number. If you are trying to swear u are not cool

71 is a lucky number. We can swear

9 666

Guest 666(in roblox) is more scary than annoying. Guest 666 (in roblox) is so scary...(shivers)

Many creepypastas have this number, and its 616.

Don't worship hell people

Easily the worst number

10 5

I HATE five. It is the most ANNOYING number by a LANDSLIDE.

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11 13,192,142,476,971
12 12
13 9
14 100
15 3.1415926

That's the first eight digits of pi

16 55

55 is just as annoying as 5

17 6,213,119,147
18 6
19 4,892,048,966,7.56
20 1,738
21 86

That was a joke. I only added this because someone added a comment that said at least 86 wasn't on the list. >

22 404

What's up with "Error 404. Error 404. Error 404." Errors shouldn't have numbers!

Error 404. Page not found.

23 6,712

14 is blaze th cats number I hate it is stupid and I hate it

The amount of times I swear in a day

24 27
25 42
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