Top 10 Names for Extremely Large Numbers

There are many extremely large numbers, that have a lot more zeroes and as a result have different types of names. Here are the names for the extremely large.

The more known numbers that are below these numbers:

-Hundred(2 zeroes)
-Thousand(3 zeroes)
-Million(6 zeroes)
-Billion(9 zeroes)
-Trillion(12 zeroes)
The Top Ten
1 Quadrillion (15 Zeros)

I like the name though it's weird it's named Quad when it's 15

2 Quintillion (18 Zeros)
3 Sextillion (21 Zeros)
4 Septillion (24 Zeros)
5 Octillion (27 Zeros)

When I was little I thought this was the highest number. But I was wrong-

That is a lot of zeros. p.s. Follow me OR ELSE

6 Nonillion (30 Zeros)
7 Decillion (33 Zeros)
8 Undecillion (36 Zeros)
9 Duodecillion (39 Zeros)
10 Googolplex (Googol Zeros)

I thought this was the highest back in the day

The giant number with too many 0’s

The Contenders
11 Novemdecillion (60 Zeros)

Let me guess what month this named in...

12 Tredecillion (42 Zeros)
13 Centillion (303 Zeros)

A century? Or one cent?

14 Googol (100 Zeros)

Ok google

15 Quattuordecillion (45 Zeros)
16 Quindecillion (48 Zeros)
17 Sexdecillion (51 Zeros)
18 Septendecillion (54 Zeros)
19 Octodecillion (57 Zeros)
20 Vigintillion (63 Zeros)
21 Graham's Number
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