Reasons 1 Is a Better, More Significant Number Than 2, 3, 4 and 5

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1 It is the lowest possible positive number

It is the lowest possible positive INTEGER number. Also, what's with these number lists lately?

Well 2 is easier to do math problems with! But 1 is even easier to use in math problems... I'm sticking to my list though!

I think this is going too far.

Besides all decimals

2 Any number is divisible by 1

Exactly. 20 divided by 1 is 20. 45 divided by 1 is 45.

Yeah even 1

3 It is unique

I love the number one

4 It is able to describe something unique and special
5 It describes loneliness
6 It is the position everyone wants to be
7 It usually describes the best
8 There is 1 world

Yes but... That world is built for 2, don't forget about holy trinity, we have 4 seasons & the biggest planet in Solar system was discovered 5th...

P.S. at least 1 is much better than 6, lol!

9 You get 1 chance at life
10 You serve the one ring

Lord of the Rings.. One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them...

Lord Of The Rings!

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11 It is very cute

How is a number cute?

12 It is the Chosen One
13 It symbolizes unity
14 It is the only positive non-prime and non-composite integer

One is a very special number!

15 It is a title of a great Metallica song
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