Top Ten Reasons 69 Is the Best Number

The Top Ten
1 It's spawned great memes
2 It's childish

To say the least.

3 Lots of people don't get it, making it better

For my baseball team, everyone wanted #69. However the coaches wouldn't allow it. One guy came up with the bright idea of wearing 96 instead. Guess he figured it was close enough.

That's the thing about numbers just hide it

If you couldn't get 69 then get 68

This number is weird.

4 It reminds you of good times

It reminds you of sex.

5 6 times 9 is 54, 5 take away 4 is 1

Another mathematical fact that makes this number so awesome!

One eye on Illuminati and Coke is illuminati so coke and sex. Not bad?

6 You love referencing it

Well when you turn the page and look at the same spot you will giggle even louder when you see 71

Like when you reach page 69 in a book, you giggle like an obese sheep.

7 It's a guilty pleasure
8 It's immature
9 It's funny
10 Your house address may have 69
The Contenders
11 It looks the same upside down
12 It's a sex position
13 GTA loves it

69 story missions in Grand Theft Auto V, Area 69 inGTA SA, Rockstar know you love it.

14 In android games, 69 is coded as Tee Hee Two
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