Top Ten Reasons Why 21 Is a Dumb Number

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1 Every time you say it, others repeat it in an annoying manner

I'm not kidding, the kids in my class pronounce twenty-one like "TWAWTY-WHAN! " It's the dumbest thing ever!
"What's 9+10? "
"What's 2+5? "
"What's 7+4? "

People these days and their math skills.

Why I always count 18, 19, 20, 22.

When can people grow up lol

I'm lucky the kids in my school don't use it...

2 It's an odd number

What's so bad about odd numbers,I actually odds cooler then evens

This is a really dumb reason,and look at the percentage,21😏

3 It's the age where you're allowed to drink

Not everywhere. Some countries drink at the age of 18.

That's bad,but not that bad

4 It's just one less than 22, making it even more annoying

What's so bad about that

Who thinks rockfashionetta is stupid,me

5 People mistake it for a prime number

7 * 3 = 21. See? Not prime.

Not really,this is a dumb list

6 It makes you think of weird stuff
7 It's hard and annoying to make a list about

This list only exists because I'm about out of ideas.

8 Because it's half of 42, which is the meaning of life

People who don't get it, look up the meaning of life on google.

42 isn't the meaning of life

Yes. So it's half of life.

Okay, I promise I did not add this.

9 The memes

Everyday at my school I hear 21 at least...well 21 times!

Like 9 + 10 = 21 - Toptenshunter

I like the number in sports(ex. Deion Sanders)but not the meme.

10 It's ridiculously overrated and overused
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11 We are living in the 21st century
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